HNF Heisenberg MD1 Men Electric Touring Bike can Run 25Km/h

Electric eBike which is minimalistic and elegant in design.

HNF Heisenberg MD1 Men Electric Touring Bike -1
  • HNF Heisenberg MD1 has the powerful Bosch performance CX motor Hub which powers the eBike with 75Nm and runs the bike with maximum speed of 25 km/h.
  • HNF MD1 has the Bosch Purion display which shows you the statistics like speed, battery level and assist levels. The Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes which offers precision breaking effect while riding the bike.
  • HNF MD1 has the 500Wh battery which is great for long rides and Supernova head lights integrated which illuminates the road for night rides.

HNG Heisenberg MD1 is astatic and elegant design make this eBike powerful and agile which really attract the people in the city with a glimpse of eye, the Bosch performance CX motor in the Heisenberg MD1 will make the eBike more powerful with the pedaling power multiplied up to 300% with a maximum torque of 75 Nm with a sports action start. HNG Heisenberg MD1 supports cadence up to 120 U / m with the improved optimal support for any terrain with the pedal assist the motor will automatically supports depending up on the pedal rate with the compact Bosch Purion display which shows the speed of the eBike is traveling in real time such as kilometers, range and distance with the two buttons which are plus and minus.

HNG Heisenberg MD1 packed with the Magura MT4 brakes which ensures the riding performance to be safe with the improved precision with the adjustable two-finger brake lever to have a reliable control in any situation. With the powerback 500 from the Bosch with the lithium ion batteries of 500W energy which can be easily installed or removed from the eBike.

ENVIOLO TR from the Fallbrook Technologies for the HNF Heisenberg MD1 which shifts the gears of your eBike while offering comfort in any driving situation like in terrains with the gear ration of 380% which is completely maintenance free which can be switched at any time conventional gear hub.

The ROCKSHOX PARAGON technology suspension in the HNF Heisenberg offers great suspension for traveling with excellent adjustable performance, with the Gates Carbon Drive chain which is maintenance free and 20% lighter and ten times last longer than the other steel chain drives.

Supernova e3 head lights in the HNF Heisenberg offers a bright light in front of you illuminating the road for safer journey with completely CNC-Aluminum housing making the headlight waterproof and tough for everyday usage.

Problem Solving By This Product

HNF Heisenberg MD1 Men Electric Touring Bike -2

HNF Heisenberg MD1 Men Electric eBike which is minimalistic and elegant in design attracts the eyes of the people while driving and designed for long rides.

The Bosch Performance cx which deliver great power and multiplies pedaling power 300% which has the maximum power of 75 Nm by automatically adapts to the driving style of the rider.

The Bosch Purion display in the HNF MD1 will show the statistics like speed, distance and battery level with the pedal assistant with the two plus and minus buttons, Magura MT4 hydraulic brakes in the MD1 will ensure safety with the improved precise braking effect.

The battery in the MD1 is 500Wh energy which offers powerful performance for longer rides even up hilling the terrains easily with the NuVinci gear shifter with the gear ratio of 380%.
The Gates carbon drive belt which need no maintenance and durable with 20% lighter and the suspension offers great comfort, the Supernova E3 which illuminates the road for safer journey and the integrated back-light will lightens up when the brakes is applied. The pannier holders in the MD1 supports to carry heavy loads like luggage.

Detailed Specification


HNF Heisenberg MD1 Men Electric Touring eBike will attract eyes in the city while you are riding the eBike which is designed with unique and stunning design with offering all comforts for fast riders.

The handlebar in the MD1 is very straight so that the heel of the hand could rest steadily offering full support and control when we are travelling with the high speed and going for long journey, you can easily handle the gear shift, bell and brake with three fingers.

The Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes which are especially designed for eBikes with the strong breaking effect to ensure the safe riding performance with the increased in brake effect with the adjustable lever width which can be pulled at any time which is ergonomically placed in coordinating with two fingers to take control over the eBike in any situation.

There are pannier holders on the side of the HNF Heisenberg MD1 if you want to carry additional luggage with you with the mudguard which re made with matt lacquered aluminum, they have used belt instead of chain in the MD1 models they are Gate Carbon belts which are more durable and needs low maintenance than chain with the guide groove which ensures that the belt didn’t come off.

The NuVinci gear shift which has gear ratio of 380% offering the right cadence to be set at any time even when you are standing combined with the BOSCH Performance CX which optimally powers the eBike in any situations to uphill the terrain easily. HNF MD1 comes with the 500W battery capacity which is good for long ranges no need to worry even if you are climbing a hill, the MD1 is designed to be ride in off road with the minimalistic and elegant design.


The Paragon suspension from the ROCKSHOX which offers great comfort in keeping the eBike steady even if there are heavy bumps on the road. In the S-Pedelec version of the MD1 which can go up to 35 KM / h with the motor and with the pedal assistant to move with a greater speed of 45 Km/h packed with the Supernova E3 head lamp will offers safety while you are riding in night times.

The back-light in the HNF Heisenberg MD1 are integrated with the brake system so that the lights will turn on when you break the eBike.


This HNF Heisenberg MD1 Men electric Bike is priced at $4235.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame S and M (up to 175cm) or L and XL (from 175 cm)
  • Motor Pedelec / S- Pedelec Bosch performance cx
  • Fork RockShox Paragon Suspension fork
  • Battery Bosch powerpack 500Wh
  • Display Bosch Intuvia on board display
  • Drive Gates Carbon Drive
  • Front Pulley Gates CDX 24T for Bosch
  • BELT Gates Carbon Drive Belt
  • Rear Pulley Magura MT4 front 180mm, rear 180mm
  • Circuit Enviolo TR, optional Enviolo Automatic, Rohloff E14
  • Gear Lever Enviolo
  • Stem Satori
  • Saddle Selle Royal Shadow
  • Seat post Satori Camber 31.6mm
  • Pedals VP sandpaper
  • Fender Wingee Fender
  • Pedelec lighting / S-Pedalec Supernova E3
  • Tires Continental Contact
  • Max speed Up to 25 Km/h
  • Color Silver matt/ blue
  • Weight 25kg

Plan For Launch

This HNF Heisenberg MD1 Men Electric Touring eBike is made available to the market in the year 2017 after the changes in the prototype and design in the previous years, then the manufacturing has started in the ware house and shipped in later quarters of the year.

Company Details

This Heisenberg MD1 Electric eBike is developed by the company called HNF NICOLAI, they are the vehicle manufactures with the value added chain products to produce eBike by managing all the processes in the house from engineering to developing from the prototypes and then constructing the sample frames and then fitting the suspensions with the handmade. HNF NICOLAI follows the direct marketing strategy by using the modern production lines in Europe by delivering the high quality attractive eBikes, they love developing new concept and excited everyday by inventing new bikes again and again.