Hitch: Environment Friendly and Convenient Bottle-Cup Combination

The convenience of using the bottle and the cup.

Hitch: Environment Friendly and Convenient Bottle-Cap

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  • The Hitch Water Bottle is made of high quality recyclable materials giving it a premium design and feel alongside saving the environment.
  • The Hitch Water Bottle gives the users with an attached cup which can be used with the bottle conveniently whenever the users need it.
  • The Hitch Water Bottle gives the users the choice to choose from 4 premium colors and pick the product that suits them the best.


Hitch is a new and innovative way of carrying your water which allows you to be more convenient towards the way you drink it and also enables you to do your part for the environment. The Hitch water bottle is a high quality premium design water bottle which can keep your water or any other drink without the loss of temperature efficiency of the drink. But that is not the best part. The Water Bottle also provides you with an attached cup which comes out from the bottom of the Water Bottle almost as if it wasn’t even there. The cup is innovatively designed to fit in the bottom of the bottle and slides out when the user needs it. This allows the users to effectively enjoy their drink anytime or anywhere they want. The cup can also be attached at the top allowing you to carry the bottle and the cup, both filled at the same time, conveniently.

Problem Solving by The Product


Many people have the need to carry around a bottle for their work. They might have water, coffee or any other drink. Drinking straight from the bottle sometimes doesn’t feel right. So people use one time use cups. But, made of plastic, these cups add up to the already harmed environment. Apart from that, carrying an extra cup around is also not convenient because of the spillage and space management. Hitch allows the users to overcome all of these problems. The Hitch Water Bottle not only provides the users with a premium design and quality water bottle, but also has a cup attached inside which can be slid out as per convenience. The Cup can be used and slid back under or if it still has a drink in it, it can be attached on the top and covered with the lid provided along with the lid of the bottle. This enables the users to carry their drinks in the bottle and the cup both at the same time.

Detailed Specifications


The Hitch water bottle provides the users with the convenience of using the bottle and the cup both separately or storing the cup inside the bottle for using later when needed. The bottle can carry 18 ounces of coffee while the cup has a capacity of 12 ounces. Both of them combined give you a total capacity of 30 ounces which is pretty good. The convenient design almost feels like the cup isn’t even there. Only, when you need it, the cup can be slid out by turning the crossbar a little and the bottle releases the cup from the bottom. The design from the company still has a pending patent but being such an innovative design, it won’t take long for the company to have it patented.

Apart from the convenience, you can also count on the quality and performance of the bottle. The Bottle has been dual walled from all the sides to provide the best temperature efficiency. It can simply keep a cold drink cold for 12 hours and a hot drink for almost 6 hours. The 2 walls have been vacuum insulated to provide better results with this. The Bottle is made up of food grade 18/8 stainless steel so that it provides a premium feel when the user uses it. The lids used in the bottle prevent any leaks. The Hitch Water Bottle is completely BPA free and is also very easy to clean without any difficulties of added efforts.

The main focus of the Hitch Water Bottle is the level of convenience and design the product has. The capability of the product to hold the extra cup inside allows the users to experience a lot of convenience. The Cup can be used whenever the user needs. They also have an extra lid for the cup attached with the lid of the bottle to avoid any spillage in either of the containers. The Cup if filled, can easily be attached on the top of the Water Bottle making all of it a single unit and be carries conveniently. All of these have been designed very well to meet the needs of the users completely.

The Hitch Water Bottle comes in 4 premium colors. These are Natural White, Pale Blush, Charcoal Gray and Forest Green. The Water Bottle has the dimensions of 9.5 x 3 inches while the cup is 5.3 x 2.8 inches in size. The main material for the Water Bottle as well as the Cup is 18/8 Stainless steel alongside Bamboo Fiber Base in both of them and a Recyclable HDPE Lid. All of these materials have been chosen to fulfil their functions completely providing a premium design and feel while not harming the environment at any extent.

Plans For Launch


The development of the Hitch Water Bottle has been going on for almost a year. The initial concept was developed in March 2019. The company prepared the first 3D printed prototype in May 2019 and the first working prototype in July 2019. After certain refinements, the company started designing and engineering the product finally in October 2019 and came up with the final finished product in January 2020. They launched their Kickstarter campaign in April/May 2020. After another couple of months allotted for Final Testing, Tooling and Production, the company plans to ship the finished product by October 2020 to the backers from around the world.

Company Details

The Hitch Water Bottle is developed in the Remaker Labs. Founded by Sky Gilbar and David Silverander, the main motive of the Remaker Labs has always been to provide the people with the best products to carry their foods and drinks conveniently. Their products help the people to avoid using the disposable cutlery and contribute towards a new zero cutlery waste producing world. They call this idea, “Conscious Carry.” They run several campaigns around the world to clean public places and make the world a better place.

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