• Hasselback Portrait can be mounted on the Hasselblad with one click and can produce instant images and develop on your hands.
  • Hasselback Portrait made with the high military graded aluminum and with leather with fully mechanical to prevent from breaking.
  • Hasselback Portrait is also compatible with the many of the models in the Hasselblad V-Systems that are designed in the duration of the year 1957 to 2005.

Every moment is great for the photography lovers to capture the beauty in the shot, they always strive to be the best in class while capturing the moment sometimes like an instant photo out of the camera to satisfy the strive and to see the photo instantly to not miss the moment.

The Escura Hasselback Portrait for Hasselblad allows us to shoot Fuji Instax Mini instant formats of the shots we click over and the pic has complete control over exposure and framing allowed by the system Hasselblad.


Hasselback Portrait is a professional tool made up of metal and manufactured with the highest quality in japan. Which is light, and portable with highest precision.

The Hasselback is a fully mechanical tool nothing can be break like your Hasselblad. With one click to mount the Hasselback Portrait to the Hasselblad with the functionalities as the normal camera except choosing the aperture before pressing the shutter with a knob, Hasselback Portrait produces the images and will be developed in your hands.

Problem solving by this product

The Hasselback is light and easy to carry and most durable not unlike the other cameras it is delicate to be handled.

Made with the military-grade aluminum with the highest precision CNC technologies which is a fully mechanical tool, so nothing can be break.

Escura is the sub brand of the company Carbon since 1996 made for what a professional photographer need, with the matte black painting on the side which keeps the film of the camera safe all the time.


The Hasselback Portrait give the images and falls in your hands immediately to be developed after clicking the photo, it can be attached to the Hasselblad with one click mount that slide in the viewfinder adapter.

For the incredible image quality and Portrait shots with great sharpness in the final photo, the Escura Hasselback Portrait takes the advantage of the high-quality Carl Zeiss optics.

The Hasselback Portrait is also compatible with the many of the models in the Hasselblad V-Systems that are designed in the duration of the year 1957 to 2005.

Detailed specification

The Hasselback brings the Photography to next level with instant images with the combination of the classic on modern.

The Hasselblad system allows to take the images with complete exposure control and framing which creates a Fuji Instax Mini instant formats by the Escura Hasselback Portrait.
The Hasselback Portrait is the classic camera which is fully compatible with instant film back for Hasselblad V-System camera, made with metal with highest standard manufacturing in Japan. The Hasselback is all about the quality from the native land very light in weight and durable, can be carried to anywhere and made up of military-grade aluminum with highest precision CNC technologies.


The weather sealing protect internal parts of the camera form the foam, moist and dust due to external influences with fine artificial leather gives you feeling like your normal camera, since it is a sub-brand of the CARBON made with the requirements according to the needs of the professional photographer, The Hasselback Portrait is a fully mechanical tool meant to be safe even if we drop it many times, no need of worry about breaking.

The film inside the Hasselback will be safe on the side due to the matte black painting and durable light sealing, to power up the gear with one click the Hasselblad will be mounted on the Hasselback Portrait, slide in the viewfinder adapter with the functions of framing and focusing as same in the normal camera, having an function to choose the aperture with the rotation of the knob before pressing the shutter.

For the shots that need incredible image quality and great sharpness or any Portrait shots with the advantage of the high-quality Carl Zeiss optics lens that allows you to do all the things for the Hasselback Portrait. The creative possibilities are endless with the Hasselblad V-System form the 500mm tele-lens to the 30mm Ultra wide lens using it as the tilt-converter or to take the super close with macro.


You can also take the exposure shots as easy as with the Original Polaroid back with the Escura Hasselback Portrait also whips with a focusing table or if you want to use the viewfinder adapter for faster workflow. A darkslide makes it possible to swap the backs at any time is included.

The Escura Hasselback Portrait is designed to compatible with the most of the Hasselblad V-System cameras those are made from the year 1957 to 2005.
• 500 C, 500 C/M, 500 Classic, 501 C, 501 CM, 503 CX, 503 CXi, 503 CW models.
• SWA, SW, SWC, SWC/M, 903 SWC, 905 SWC.

The Hasselback Portrait is available in available in two variant one is the chrome and other is the back for the metal edges.

Plan for launch

The idea of the Hasselback Portrait is born in the September 2019, mechanical design is done in October, comes with the outlook design in November and Prototype testing in December. Kickstarter campaign begin in March 2020 while the Mass production and shipments are followed by the next quarters in 2020.

Company details

The Hasselback Portrait is developed by the company called Escura, which is about passion for analogue photography. They launched their first Kickstarter campaign in 2018 to manufacture the first 60s style instant camera to the market, called the Escura Instant60s.
By 2019 they have shipped this camera to more than 1200 backers all around the world, this year they want to bring instant photography to next level.

Their vision is to combine the two most iconic brands in the camera history. The company which is famous for classic medium format cameras Hasselblad, they represent quality, professional and high end in material. Instax which is a modern instant photography style and the most effective instant film still in production.