Hela Bio Instant Blood Sugar tracker & Smartwatch

Non-invasive Glucose tracker.

Hela Bio Smartwatch

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  • Hela Bio Smartwatch will measure your blood sugar level within seconds and lactic acid levels in your body with a single drop of sweat.
  • Hela Bio can also be used as a smartwatch that will monitor your heart rate, fitness and sleep monitoring offering all the features the same as a fitness tracker.
  • Hela Bio has 7 days of battery life and can be charged both wired & wirelessly and crafted with beautiful design to be advanced.


Still, many people are afraid to prick their fingers for the glucose test that annoys you. That is all over, have you ever thought that you can test your sugar with a small sweat.

This Hela Bio is the world’s first smartwatch that tests your blood sugar, a sleek watch that can test your blood sugar and lactic acid with a drop of sweat to the bio nano-sensor on the smartwatch.

The Hela Bio watch will immediately detect the glucose and lactic acid levels and more, while regular diabetics have to endure painful and regular fingerprints, that only gives little useful data.

But with the Hela Bio app you watch the data on the Hela app on your smartphone, the Hela bio smartwatch is masterfully designed with a sleek look, mathematical formulas for every curve and design.

Problem Solved By the Product


With the traditional blood sugar tester, you need to prick always when you want results, but with the Hela you don’t need to sweat hard just one single drop of sweat is enough to get blood sugar and lactic acid data.

Hela Bio is the world’s first Non-invasive Glucose tracker that track both glucose & fitness to the user including blood pressure, heart rate and sleep analysis.

Today many of the people suffer from diabetes and which will be the factor that leads to many diseases, Helpfully Hela Bio smartwatch one tap measure will help you to know you Glucose levels and lactic acid levels.

This Hela Bio data can be viewed on their Hela app which is available for both Android & iOS and it will also give the reports in graphs, you can also test lactic acid accumulation during your workouts with a single sweat drop.

This Hela Bio Smartwatch also monitors your heart rate, blood pressure and sleep data reports to make sure you are completely healthy, while the built-in GPS will track your number of steps during workouts.

Hela Bio also has additional features like call reminder, drink water reminder and sedentary reminder and pill reminder, you can charge the watch either using the wire or using a case. This case can also charge your phone wirelessly.

Detailed specification


Hela is the world’s first wearable noninvasive glucose tracker which can work either like a fitness tracker or a glucose tester since diabetes is a common & major problem among us.

Diabetes will be a factor for heart stroke & attacks and also can lead to kidney failure and nerve damage. Checking diabetes regularly and adjusting your medication is even more difficult.

With the Hela which is a 100% non-invasive wearable devices crafted with engineering mathematical design for every curve and runs with powerful algorithms with high accuracy sensors.

Hela can measure your sugar glucose levels with a single drop of sweat, you don’t need to prick yourself every time you want to test, Hela will measure very accurate and the values will be very close to the actual readings when you consider.

Using Hela you can measure your glucose level with a single & quick one tap and this will be the most convenient solution to the problem of pricking.

Hela Bio uses a unique patented algorithm that reads your blood sugar level within three seconds by analyzing your sweat, giving you the results of glucose and lactic acid levels in your body.

Whether you are doing exercise or what it might be, just a single drop of sweat will give your results instantaneously on the display of the smartwatch. Indicating in two different circles green one shows your condition is good and the red circle shows your blood sugars are very high.

When compared to the traditional sugar testing kit. Hela has convenience in terms of portability, data volume and size along with monitoring frequency & painless.

You can keep track of your condition anywhere with the Hela app so that you can set up customized notifications through the app that will notify you when there is a sudden drop in blood sugar levels to manage your health.

Their smart cloud technology will log everything, analyze those and gives your through results in a graph to help you to understand the situation. Hela smartwatch is powerful & versatile.

Same as the earlier another drop of sweat calculates you the lactic acid in your body that will let you know how intensively you are doing your exercise. A red circle indicates too much lactic acid is getting accumulated in your body and warn you to stop your exercise.

This Hela Bio also works as a smartwatch & monitors your heart-rate which combines your dynamic heart rate and resting heart rate. Hela also offers real-time blood pressure tracking.

Hela helps you in recovery by monitoring tracking the sleep data & heart rate while sleeping along with the length of the sleep as sleep is very important to everyone. For outdoor runners, the main requirements are a pedometer and distance tracker.

Hela also fulfills the needs of the runners and with the built-in GPS will track the number of steps and tell you how far you have run, in-addition to that Hela also provide call reminder, drink water reminder, sedentary reminder and pill reminder.

Hela can be charged with either using magnetic wire or included wireless power bank that can charge both Hela & your phone wirelessly and simultaneously.

Weight 31.24 grams
Size 43.1 x 20.4 x 12.0 mm
Display Amoled 0.95 inch
Display resolution 120 x 240
Touch Screen Capacitive Touch Screen
Screen Material Corning Gorilla Glass
Buttons Touch buttons with Force-sensing sensor
Material Polycarbonate
Battery Lithium Polymer battery
Battery life Typically 7 hours
Waterproof IP67
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Sensors Sweat Sensor Testing Glucose and Lactic Acid Low power 6 axis IMU
Accelerometer and gyroscope
Sweat Glucose test Yes
Blood Pressure Trend Blood Pressure
Barometer Yes
Vibrating Motor Yes
Step Counting Yes
Charging Magnetic 2 Pogo pin to USB-A charging Cord
Charging Time Less than 1 hour
Vibration Motor Yes
Smart Remind Yes
Sleep Monitoring Yes

This Hela Bio Smartwatch is priced at $225.

Plan for launch

This Hela Bio Smartwatch is launched in the year 2020 and their production started going as per schedule. This watch will be made available to the customers in the later quarters of the year 2020. After the completion of the manufacturing process.

Company details

This Hela Bio Smartwatch is developed by a company called HELA WEARABLE INC, which is one of the leading Bio-Wearable technology. The company is located in Silicon Valley and its team has three core cultural elements.

David Tao is the Co-founder & CEO of the company, Victor Alexander working as CEE, Jack Wilson is CME and Frank Liu is AME along with many other members who are vibrant, passionate, innovative and creative.

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