HASHWallet: The First Hardware Wallet For Your Cryptocurrencies

The first non-programmable hardware smart card.

  • HASHWallet is the first non-programmable hardware wallet which provides security to your assets while transaction and from frauds and supports many cryptocurrencies.
  • The e-Ink display will show you the detail of the transaction while processing with the fingerprint authentication for secure payment.
  • HASHWallet is always secure with the two key recovery system will keep your assets safe even you lost the HASHWallet Smart card.

Everyone is shifting to the cryptocurrencies in today world and they cannot maintain their assets without powerful secured devices losing all of their cryptocurrencies by the hacker’s attacks.

HASHWallet is the new hardware wallet in the shape of smart card that provides the highest security level to safeguard your crypto assets and your identity, HASHWallet is the first non-programmable hard wallet. So, nobody can access HASHWallet and change the contents.

The wide electronic Ink display in the HASHWallet will control the any operation in control, so in this way what you see is what you sign. The advanced biometric reader which allows only you to manage your device and confirm transactions.


Don’t be worried if you lost your HASHWallet card, your crypto’s will still safe with the innovative recovery system in the HASHWallet based on two elements generated by the card crypto processor in a random way keeping the security key in the vault service or under your control and recovery seed that you store on the recovery card, so that you can recover them anytime.

Problem Solving By This Product


HASHWallet will keep your all assets safe & secure, since HASHWallet is the first non-programmable hardware smart card which cannot be accessed by anyone.

No more hacker or middle ware attacks HASHWallet uses the authentication factor with Biometric scanner that authenticates your identity to process the transaction, no more space for frauds.

The large e-Ink display in the HASHWallet will help you to display the details of the transactions to keep you safe all the time and log them on the app and eSignus Vault service.

Even if you lost the HASHWallet smart card no need to worry, the two-element recovery system in the HASHWallet which will be keep the keys in recovery card and eSignus Vault service initiated with the HASHWallet smart card before using them, will keep all your cryptocurrencies safe all the time.

HASHWallet supports all cryptocurrencies no more multiple cards for distinct currencies and comes with the waterproof, no tension of spilling water might damage the HASHWallet ever.

Detailed Features


HASHWallet comes with the new innovative technology that is being deployed into a smart card that only the authorized users to authenticate their card and proceed for transaction in a secure environment without any risks and frauds.

HASHWallet is equipped with the large e-Ink display and an advanced biometric reader combined with the new recovery system, HASHWallet accepts all crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple and any ERC-20 tokens.

HASHWallet is the first non-programmable hardware wallet that provide stronger level of security when comes to cryptocurrency transactions with ease of use. Through the e-Ink display that visualize the transaction details to avoid impersonation and frauds.

No need to afraid of losing the HASHWallet card, the HASHWallet card comes with an innovative improved recovery system process which involves in the generation of public and private key using the asymmetric encryption as recovery key and recovery seed which are generated during the device initialization and stored separately, the recovery of your HASHWallet is very simple with the eSignus Vault service and with recovery card.


The biometric security is the most trusted security now day is in the HASHWallet to keep your crypto assets and identity safe in your hands, the fingerprint reader allows you to verify your identity before processing a transaction which keep the fraud transactions away.

HASHWallet hardware card also includes the special features like the fingerprint reader for the biometric authentication from the FPC1321 T-Shape and snap switch with automatic power off system with the CardLab patented technology, the Led lights white diffused SMD- Everlight electronics. The recovery card also comes with the same dimensions as the HASHWallet card.

The HASHWallet Manager app is designed to maintain your portfolio easily and you can add as many wallets you need with easy transaction setup, which is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and Linux.


The HASHWallet is priced at Rs 12,718 , HASHWallet Backup pack that includes the recovery card is priced at Rs 24,774  and the Retail pack which consist of 10 HASHWallet is priced at Rs 118,917.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions – 85.6×52 mm
  • E-Ink Display Size – 2.5 inches
  • Currencies Supported – Major currencies include (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple and any ERC-20 token.)
  • Waterproof Standards  – IP 67
  • Wireless Charging –  Yes
  • SapSwitch Power On System – Yes
  • Fingerprint Reader  – Yes
  • Secure Cryptoprocessor – Yes
  • Certification – EAL 6+
  • Communication – Bluetooth and NFC Available

Plan For Launch

The idea of the HASHWallet is started in September 2018 with the poof of their concept leads to building of the first prototype in November 2018. After the design validations and verification process idea, when the second prototype was built in the year May 2018. The design and validation of the recovery system is done in September 2019.

The Arrow certification is done in November 2019, with the start alpha prototype and end product, the beta board testing and beta version software for the product and the crowdfunding begins in May 2020, with the first batch of alpha version followed by final testing in September 2020 and manufacturing in October 2020 with the shipment of final batch in November 2020.

Company Details

The HASHWallet is developed a designed by the company called eSignus which always strive to provide truly secured user experience that enables the mass adoption by keeping everything transparent to maintain a good relationship between companies and users.

They always believe that your assets should be controlled by yourself other should not access your data, a next level solution that giving access to new generation of financial secured application based on the block chain technology. Daniel Hernandez Rodriguez and Ramon Sendra are the co-founder of the company eSignus with Alvaro Libran as the security advisor for the products and many expertized team members with lot of industrial experience over 10 years.