Hammerhead Karoo Cycling Display With Advanced GPS Navigation, Millitary Grade Built Material

Hammerhead Karoo Cycling display - 2
  • Hammerhead Karoo augments your cycling experience with GPS navigation and give you real time data.
  • Hammerhead Karoo is built with the military grade gorilla glass and aluminium titanium skeleton and impact resistant shell.
  • Hammerhead Karoo has instant ANT+ and Bluetooth sensor parring for power, speed and heart rate monitors, electronic shifting.

The people who loves to cycle, cyclist in the early morning either do it as exercise or for pleasure or planning with the friends for the long rides needed route, no need of mobile to be hold it while you are on ride, what if you just can mount it and see thing in a clear way.  Karoo augments your cycling experience with GPS navigation and give you real time data that you need like the heart rate and the speed at which you are travelling and power output with clear number or with the beautiful graphics with the clean android system that meet your needs.

Detailed Specifications

1. After unboxing the device, it will walk through creating an account first before using it on their platform, so that it allows customers to upload rides to their site.
2. This is the first device for the cycler to have multiple profiles, so that you can sign out in one and can sign in in other, it will take minute or couple to download all the routes you have saved.

3. Once after login and all are done you will be at the main dashboard on Karoo, it’s here that you can access past activities and routes and pages, sensors, settings and videos.
4. If you swipe down from the top edge of the screen you will see the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, as well as any Bluetooth audio sensors you are connect to. You can also adjust the screen brightness as well as enable GPS services and tweak the theme from the dark to light.

5. You can also see any notifications from the system though at this point that’s just system notifications like pending updates or failed uploads.
6. Going through each page will show you the past activities, it’s simply a list of past rides, you can tap any given ride and look at the overall stats about that ride things like max and average speed, power, heart rate and cadence.

7. You can also re-upload ride to Strava as well as change the title of the ride, there isn’t map shown here though, there are not any other metrics for thing like time zone or related.
8. In the activities menu there is power units and the heart rate and cadence with max and average values.
9. Then we have pages this is where you create your data pages you can create different profiles for different activities type that you want different pages for.

10. Once inside the setting you can name it and as well as tweak data screens. The only profile setting right now is Auto-Pause. Everything else is handled at the global device level.
11. You can drag and drop to make routes on the fly, with reliable turn by turn navigation, GPS lock in 5 seconds and rerouting in 3, you will always know where you are headed no matter how many times you changed your plans.

12. This one is built for performance data, Karoo has instant ANT+ and Bluetooth sensor parring for power, speed and heart rate monitors, electronic shifting and Garmin varia Rear-view radar.
13. Karoo powerful user interface is designed to be fast intuitive and constantly evolving with monthly updates, settings and sensors are saved to the cloud, so log into any Karoo and pick up where you left off.

14. The material is built for the toughest time with the military grade gorilla glass and aluminium titanium skeleton and impact resistant shell.



  • Processor –  Quad core ARM cortex A53 MP core 1.3 Ghz
  • Memory –  2 GB DDR3
  • Storage –  16Gb with 8.5 Gb used
  • Operating system  – Karoo OS
  • Software Updates –  Over air via Wi-Fi
  • Dimension – 98x72x28mm
  • Weight – 168 grams
  • Water Proof Rating – IP67
  • Battery Power – 3200mAh Lithium polymer ion
  • Charge time – 3 hours’ time for full charge
  • Cover glass –  1.1mm corning Gorilla glass
  • Display size – 3.5 inches diagonal
  • Display Resolution – 640×480
  • Backlight –  Ambient auto adjustment
  • Recording interval – 1 second
  • Communication – Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Sensors –  Altimeter Barometric, GPS calibrated , Accelerometer , Compass 3-Axis magnetometer, Light Ambient sensor for back light , Temperature internal sensor ,External sensors ANT+ and Bluetooth


The major cons of this device is that this one doesn’t do Strava live segments yet, so many features that there some initial complexity in figuring out some functions the first time, Also there is no sound and This device is little bit heavier than others, still they are providing the old micro USB for this price and there is no fast charging for this one.

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get the micro USB cable, they also give the mount to mount which is actually goof for Garmin device work here too and a sim toolkit pin and sim card tray and two tiny hex wrenches for accessing the internals and the mount and a land yard to hold it, using these tools you can access the innards and swap the sim card or add the lanyard and the display of hammerhead.


The device is priced at 399$ (29,500 Rs) which is price hike for this device.

Plan for Launch

They are also providing the 45 days risk free trail, so that you can ride with Karoo for 45 days, if you don’t love it, well collect it for free and reimburse you, this product is made available in the year 2018 February.

About Company

This display is developed by the company called Hammerhead, they are a team of dedicated engineers, creators and doers with a passion for athletics and cycling. They believe that getting more folks on bikes more often improves lives and the world they share, their mission is to be the best, they are here to build the nest team and there to build the nest product in our category.

They are dedicated to mastering craft and they believe that bring extraordinary at one thing is more valuable than being merely good at many. They will only build products that they believe will be the best in class, they are fully focused on making Karoo the world’s best cycling computer. They are not interested in spreading themselves to produce a wide range of products that won’t push the boundaries of their categories.