HaierTAB: The Best Tangle Free Robot Mop & Vacuum

  • HaierTAB is the latest robot vacuum that can-do dripping & vacuum at the same time with the customizable cleaning areas and virtual walls to protect valuable things.
  • With the LDS+SLAM technology HaierTAB covers each and every spot in short time, with the Anti-winding blade feature and detachable handheld cleaner.
  • HaierTAB is compatible with Alexa & Google assistant and with 3200Pa Ultra string suction technology, can cover 255 Square meters with single charge and automatically returns to charging station.

Maintaining your home as clean as possible is the difficulty task in the world, because all the food items on the floor and the things that are scattered and the things that stick to the floor and irritate you when walking, many devices like vacuum are tried their best but cannot achieve the goal they are designed for, since they got struck with the hair in the spinner and make the cleaner to stop and sticky things that won’t be cleaned with the vacuum.

HaierTAB which support the smart thing like Alexa, so you can always start by voice command to clean. HaierTAB is not an ordinary robot vacuum cleaner, HaierTAB has a patented hair anti winding cutting technology which cuts the hair as a vacuum to make it doesn’t tangle up anywhere in the cleaner with 3-layer filters to avoid secondary pollution with smooth airtight air flue.


HaierTAB has a super unique built in detachable cleaner, so you can clean the places which are hard to reach by hand, you can also set the cleaning time from the TATA app, the robot uses the advanced LDS and slam navigation radar to ensure every inch of the home get thoroughly cleaned.

You can also set the virtual walls, so that HaierTAB will not go to that places that you wanted to avoid, with the TAB technology there are no unexpected puddles, having an adjustable Mop which provide close contact to the floor and then cleans thoroughly.

HaierTAB can reach under sofa’s and beds and can climb small obstacles and does not fall, also have automatic cleaning and charging.

Problem Solved By This Product

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HaierTAB can clean under the sofa, beds and can climb over obstacles when cleaning the house, also equipped with the cliff sensor to avoid falling from heights.

Anti-winding Blades roller technology in the HaierTAB will give you hassle free tangle clean by cutting the hair with the blades, with the 3200Pa suction power it can suck any particles to clean your floor.

The Electronic control water dripping will never leave any paddle and remove stains, dirt, bacteria with the 230 ml water tank by avoiding leakage, can be mopped by adding sanitizer and cleaning solution in the water tank.

HaierTAB uses the intelligent Y shaped path to mop back and forth multiple time to ensure the floor is clean, with the detachable cleaner in the HaierTAB you can clean the hard areas where your hand cannot go.

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HaierTAB uses the latest technology to clean 3600 degrees with the LDS scan of the room floor for 2D layout data, combined with the SLAM to complete the work in shorter span and energy efficient.

You can create virtual walls with the TATA future app to not letting the HaierTAB to the area where your valuable things are there, you can also clean specific area with the app.

HaierTAB can be recognized and commanded by the Alexa and Google assistant to start cleaning and get to its charging station automatically when running out of battery, with single charge HaierTAB can clean 255 square meters.

Detailed Specification

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The HaierTAB uses the latest technology in the vacuum industry with the anti-winding blade brush roll that cuts the hair for hassle free cleaning, the ultra-strong 3200PA suction power in the HaierTAB is powerful enough to even lift the steel balls.

HaierTAB can easily removes the dirt and deep cleans the carpets to remove hair and get rid of dust, HaierTAB can effectively Mop up and disinfect in one step with the smart electronic water dripping control technology, since vacuum alone will not be enough to clean the dirt on the floor, stains, bacteria and allergens.

The HaierTAB is equipped with the large 230ml water tank which is enough to cover a large area surface. The three levels of electronic control water dripping will avoid leakage while pausing, charging or getting stuck. The ultra-fine microfiber mop pad will hug the floor gently and closely to clean it without effort.

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HaierTAB can mop and vacuum at the same to save lot of time and energy, you can add next level of mopping by adding sanitizers or cleaning solutions to the water tank which can kill the bacteria with the ratios provided.

The HaierTAB is designed in way such that moving intelligently in a Y shaped path to mop back and forth multiple times just like humans to make your floor virus free and fresh every day.

HaierTAB with the modularization innovation design which combines the dust box, exhaust fan and battery together into a detachable module, even though it is not a part of the robot vacuum but can be an individual vacuum cleaner which allows you to clean every corner where your hands cannot reach. Also, you can clean the HaierTAB with the detachable cleaner.

The smart mapping & navigation technology with intelligent routing, advanced route optimizations which make the HaierTAB to clean exactly 3600 surroundings of your house. Tabot adopted by the remote laser scanning technology which makes 2D scans to acquire the data of its environment and creates a map of the house layout as it moves around.

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With the LDS+SLAM is the latest technology in the vacuum robots’ cleaners that precisely constructs the shortest cleaning route within the least time and lowest energy to cover the entire room. You can protect your valuable things by setting a virtual wall with the LDS smart mapping to stop HaierTAB from specific areas.


You can also customize the cleaning area on exactly where you want to clean it by simply pointing on the map of your room, to save a lot of time, HaierTAB can also do bunch of other smart things like gliding under the sofa, beds and climbing over small obstacles with a cliff sensor to avoid falling from heights.


HaierTAB advanced features like coming to the charging station automatically when running out of battery, you can control the HaierTAB with the TATA Future app provided and can receive the cleaning reports onto your mobile, HaierTAB is also compatible with the Alexa and Google assistant to control it over voice. With single charge HaierTAB can cover 255 square meters of cleaning.

How It Works

HaierTAB Price

The HaierTAB is priced at $439 for early bird sale and two for $799.

Plan For Launch

The HaierTAB product concept is formed in December 2012 with the market validation and the project in 2017 June, the product design and development with the 1st generation prototype is built in 2018 May and then the 2nd generation prototype testing along with the manufacturing process in 2019 August with the final product and launched in IGG. Mass production will take place in 2020 June and then shipping in the later quarter of the year.

Company Details

This robotic Mop & vacuum is developed by the company called Haier, which has been a world leading company in providing beautiful solutions to the life, Haier is established in the year 1984. Haier always uphold the principle of prioritizing the people values.

Mr Zhang Ruimin is the CEO and Board Director, always focusing on the user experiences. Haier started as a small factory and then grown up as one of the most valuable global brands in 2018.