GyroPalm – the all in one multi device controller in your hand

GyroPalm - Next-Generation Smartwatch

ue to day-to-day advancement in the technology. The people want to do the things with an ease and simplify the life, enhances the quality of life, they want to reduce the time and effort in doing things in their busy schedule. On considering this GyroPalm invented a smart watch which is named after next generation smart watch (GyroPalm). This device is not just like smart watch which track the workouts, heart beat pushing up notification. It’s all about controlling the devices near you without going to them and touching them and even you need not to have a controlling device for a particular product. What we say that you can control all the devices near you with one technology, you will be amazed. That’s what the GyroPalm is all about. This was invented by Dominick who did graduation in Purdue University which is top university in technology.



GyroPalm aims to enhance the lifestyle of users in different ways.


Everyone in their houses dream of automation technology, always thought of controlling the home appliances like Bulb, TV and Fans. So on general enhancement requires the sensors in them like light and fans when the triggered target encounters they perform the actions like  turning on or off. With this device you can control the every IOT and electronic devices like Door Unlocking, washing machines, fans, Tube lights, Bed lamps etc. with your own customized gestures with this device.


Every one bliss to have entertainment in their free time, when they are vexed with work. If you are tired and want some music you need go to the music player just you can turn it on and play some music and control the playlist with your hand. What if you broke the joystick of your game? It will be fascinating to have your arm as a controller. This device will help you to so.


When you are in a meeting and your phone is on the table and its ringing, with your gesture you can cancel the call easily which will provide you an uninterrupted event. Many of the people will unable to receive calls while they are driving, you can answer your call with a gesture even still the hands are in steering itself. You can even control a drone with you hand and show a way to them to which direction it should go. Like this the device have in numerous advantages in your life.




For this they have adapted a technology that will differentiate between the intentional and unintentional gesture. An intentional motion by the hand will be recognized as the gesture by the smart watch. They are Activation, Navigation, Customization, Performing gestures.


An activation gesture will tell the gesture engine that the user wants to perform the action intentionally, after the activation gesture you can perform the inbuilt gestures or any customized one. There are two activation gestures.

  • Pull back Gesture
  • Snap Back Gesture.


These navigation gestures are only for the GyroPalm wearable devices. You cannot use them to control all the devices the devices which are compatible with the gyropalm will be used such as scrolling on screen and selecting an icon or an app etc.

 For this there are two gestures.

  • Double-Snap gesture.
  • Side-Tap gesture


You can create your own gesture rather than using the predefined one.  No need of Technical Knowledge to make a customized gesture. Depending upon the configurations of the devices it can have 3 to 6 max gestures for a device. For example, a speaker needs play/pause and forward increase/decrease Volume for these 5 gestures are enough. These gesture patterns will be stored in the cloud (GyroPalm Cloud).

Gyropalm Gestures Pic


The GyroPalm can control the three type of devices.

  • Performing On and Off operation on static Devices. (like Switch)
  • Performing multilevel static devices.(like Fans)
  • Performing continuous control appliances  (like TV, Computer etc.)

Infrared is the common mechanism used in controlling the remote control devices. Generally smart watches are not infrared controlled devices except GyroPalm. These infrared support will help you to control the devices like

  •  DSLR CAMERAS –You can take the pictures in the DSLR Cams with in a range of 10-30ft you can switch to the tripod mode in DSLR and click the photos with the gestures.
  • TV/AC DEVICES You can control the TV’s and Ac’s and all other IR (Infrared) compactible devices.
  • DRONE This device is compactible to control the drone with drone app that has to be installed in the device. There are gestures in the app to control the drone with the smart watch. They are under development.
  • AUTOMATION ROBOTS  You can even control the Robot’s with the gryopalm.Those gestures are available with the app.
  • BLUETOOTH AND WIFI DEVICES This device seamlessly offers many more features. You can even control the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices with the gadget.
  • MULTI PROTOCOL WIRELESS SYSTEM This is the only devices (wrist-wearable) in the market that is offering the multi connectivity between the devices. This device use the combination of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/RF (Radio Frequency) to control the devices with in the range of 3000ft. you can control the appliances which are located in long range with simple gestures.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES It not only for controlling devices it have the features which are in a regular smart watch.
    • Watch – It has watch faces features to be as a regular watch. You will have customized watch faces either analog or digital, and some built in watch faces.
    • Alarms – You can set alarms in the smart watch.
    • Smart Phone Notification – When you are connected with the Mobile phone you can push the mobile notifications to the smart watch like messages and notification like remainders. Which are important to you.
    • Pedometer – This device is packed with the pedometer which is very useful in the workout time to track the step count to show your steps and calories burned for your diet and the total distance you travelled.
    • Weather – Only some of the smart watches include this feature to show the current weather in your location. It a handy feature that helps you when you’re going out or in the outside.
    • Developer Option – They also provide an additional feature to configure your device and anyone one can modify the features and the code in the Os with the development tools.

drone control gyropalm



  • Body Material – Durable Polycarbonate-ABS
  • Weight – 35gms Without
  • Case Dimensions – 42mm x 38mm x 12.8mm
  • Processor – Dual Core
  • Flash Storage – 16Gb (External)
  • Operating Temperature – -10degree to 50 degree temperature
  • Top Screen – Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Display – 1.5” inches OLED
  • Screen area – 28mm x 28mm
  • Operating System – GyroPalm OS
  • Watch Bands – Interchangeable 22mm premium silicon
  • Charging Port – Micro USB
  • Vibration – On Board High Precision Micro Motor
  • Gestures – 3-6 Saved. Unlimited cloud.
  • Wireless Compatibility – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE, RF Long Range, IR Blaster
  • Water Resistance – IP55 Splash Proof
  • Maximum Battery Life – Up to 8 hours intensive use
  • Stand By – Up to 3 days
  • Device Compatibility – IOS, Android, windows.
  • Developer Compatibility – GyroPalm central API, IR SDK, DJI SDK, Roomba SDK and more.
  • Charging time – 3-5 hours


The essential package comes with $348 includes 1 Wearable, Smart Bulb, 2 smart Outlet. And the packages varies $398 and the contents varies in the box. But the developers pack $998 dollars. The basic package is great for the users since the features it offers.


This device comes with IP 55 water resistant which is very odd but not bad. The Cost for the developer’s kit is too much expensive. It is only for the devices that are compatible with it. The charging time is too high, not provided USB type C. It is not suggestible to the people who are living in the hot temperatures. 50o degrees is the maximum temp it can bear which is quite low. Even in the normal is about 45o in general places.  They didn’t mention the processor and protection on the screen they just labelled their brand. Installing the appliance that support this devices are expensive. They didn’t mention the Bluetooth version in the specification for better connectivity.


Very nice innovation. Indeed, GyroPalm has brought the features which are not available in any other current smartwatches in market. Also this brings actually the true sense of the smart device in 2020.