Gruv Gear Club Bag Ideal For Your International Travel

Gruv Gear Club Bag - 2
  • Gruv Gear got shock reducing panels and water resistant which protects your valuable tech gear all time. Compartment with glove box and zippered pocket for thinner items.
  • Gruv Gear have adjustable multiple Zipper pockets on the side, Hidden compartments under the side zippers along with the zipper pouches.
  • ScanFly system for laptops with Gruv Gear laptop sleeve no need of opening the gear out of bag to scan.

Today most of the people are getting tedious to carry after their stuff not able to pack their thing in an organized manner and making mess out of the bag when they want to take out what they need from the bag and all other things like the hidden racks and the quality. Gruv Gear is here for the users, it is the perfect tech backpack for the ones who are traveling with gear. It comes in three different models Club bag classic, Club bag stuff and finally Club bag elite.

The bag having water resistant also featuring dual side pockets with overhead clip for small things to be carried away with the large zippered back pocket to be converted to a handle that can be attached to rolling bags.

Problem solving by this product

Gruv Gear Club Bag - 1

Since it got fully leathered and waterproof even hard weather conditions can’t shuffle the bag you can stay secure with your thing you carry.

This bag got the locker door side access compartments for organizing your quickly and easily, separate them if needed. This bag is also adjustable with removable shelves so you can take over the complete bag if you need more space.

Scan fly system with TSA friendly which is perfect going out for airport security you don’t need to take the laptop out, you can just simply take over the shelves, scan the thing and put it back.

More compartments to carry more things in an organized manner don’t need to hassle you can pick what you want.

The backpack zippered pocket can be converted to a luggage handle insert for attaching to other rolling bags, removable interior shelves can be positioned or removed to fir your specific needed equipment.

The main problem solved for the gear lover when they drop the bag accidentally ended with broken gear, this bag got its unique hybrid construction with shock reducing panels to protect the users precious tech.

Detailed Features


For the Club bag elite with the perter green outside and the crimson red inside, the entire bag is made up of leather, there is large compartment on the front side with mesh pockets inside and a zippered slot for smaller items to carry, there are also other mesh pockets on the sides to fit more smaller items. There is a clip on the top to put your sunglasses and headphones as well.

There is webbing in the rear to fit smaller items like cables, there is hidden pocket under the front main compartment which can perfectly fit for travel documents and passports, From the both sides of the bag there are dual locker door side access for organizing your stuff greatly with removable shelves if seeking more volume.

There is also removable shelve on the front compartment also to get full access over the bag, Large cargo pockets on each side.

The back main compartment is for the laptops that come with the scan fly system, so no need of worry to take out the laptop from bag you can simply scan them from the shelve, there is pocket available for the sheet music, documents and a spot for business cards.

There is also another pocket on the side you wear it for documents from the bottom also you can access for additional carry.

Club bag classic which is black exterior and orange interior, constructed with the nylon 1680D, the top front pocket is designed with the ScanFly tethered laptop system compatible for any laptop size.


The backpack strap can be used to mount directly onto cars making it handle-style or you could use the air mesh shoulder strap to carry like a conventional backpack.

This backpack is waterproof and shock absorbent to protect your things from accidental as well as keep them dry with its outer shell.

The club bag stuff comes with the black exterior as well as black interior. This club bag takes the travel convenience to a new level and give you the first-class experience storage for all your everyday carry essentials.


The price of the bag is $175 (Rs.12,950) which seems pretty high to be spent on the gear carry bags. The bag capacity is 20L so that you need not to worry about the packed things for your travel, with such capacity you can pack all daily gear.

There is also hidden pocket for passport on the front, they are also proving the warranty of two years for the bag.


  • Weight 6 Pounds
  • Dimensions 16X9X20 inches
  • Capacity 20 Liter
  • Interior dimensions 18×11.75×8 inches
  • Two inner shelves Height 4.5 and 4 inches
  • Glove box height 8.25 inches
  • Side pockets 4.5x8inches
  • Material 1680D nylon
  • Warranty 2 Years

Plan for launch

This gear club bags are made available to users with its listing in the markets on the year 2017 February.

Company details

These bags are created by the company called gruvgear, it is started from the personal project for Jay Baldemor. He has many things to do on his way carried out by different works like web design, company, clubs and bars, wanted to find a way to make life easier instead of carrying heavy gear from palace to place, so that’s the company was born in the year 2007.

For the design of this bag, they gathered engineers and friends went on the project, after two years of R&D, the first prototype was made, later with all concerns about weight handling and compartments, foldability and some security they have modified it. Now they have become the premier transport gear of choice in several industries.

Till today world-class performers, producers and many more travelers using the Gruv Gear for their everyday tech carrying essential needs.