Gravel Bag System – Your Multi-bag Solution Ideal For Travel

Gravel Bags System 42L, Sling Bag & 11L Day Bag - 3
  • Gravel Bag System is a combination of 42L Backpack with Sling belt along with the 11L Day Bag all are comes with YKK Zippers offers you great strength and waterproof.
  • The 42L Back is for heavy duty with many racks and hidden pockets with mesh and comes with plastic plate with metal rod to distribute the weight uniformly to relieve your shoulder strain.
  • The 11L Day bag is used to carry daily thing and comes with polyester material which will last long and laptop rack and pockets to carry gadgets along with you.

Gravel Travel Bag this isn’t just a bag, it is a travel system while travelling their hip belt quickly detaches while you are walking down, so once you get your seat by throwing your bag overhead and take your hip belt to your seat and clip your hip belt to the tray and have a great place to store your wallet, passport, air pods and extra battery.

Gravel Bag comes with easy outside pocket to store your day bag so once you get to your hotel and slide out your day bag and put things you need for the day and head out.

You can also unclip your hip belt and transition it into a cross body bag and head out with minimum stuff to a city, they created a frame backpack which is full of plastic plate with a metal rod to redistribute that weight from your shoulders to your hips which has been a technique for the backpacks for years.

They created the Gravel Bag System with the best material including high quality coated polyester and YKK waterproof lockable zippers to keep your stuff safe.

Gravel Bag System 42L, Sling Bag & 11L Day Bag - 1

The 42L Carry on Backpack in the Gravel Bag System is the home base which works great as organized and secure section with Velcro dividers and adjustable compression strap with 14 different loops to decide which way you want your strap with a separate computer sleeve with mesh pockets to easily pull things out during security and a small pocket at the bottom for laundry bag with the G hook so that you can hang it wherever.

The large pockets span the whole front of the bag being grate to stuff jackets with an adjustable pocket for Explorer plus or for slim, the water bottle pocket has three stages closed and half zip for things like a small water bottle or fully unzipped for large water bottle.

Problem Solving By This Product


This Gravel Bag System is an entire kit offering you the luxurious travelling style to carry things along with you in a convenient way with the perfect carrier.

The 42L Backpack can be used for heavy load and there are hidden pockets to place passport and files and there is a separate portion for laptop to carry.

In the 42L Backpack there are dividers to separate the things in your style and there are 14 loops to organize your things along with the laundry bag under the Backpack to carry your yoga towel or shoes or some sports stuff.

The Sling bag is small and hand to carry small thing with perfect look, comes with two compartments that can hold plenty of things like charger, phone, sanitizers and many more.

The 11L Day bag is for regularly changing thing when you are some place to move daily also comes with the waterproof and many pockets to carry things like laptop and keyboard, chargers and all other important docs in hidden pockets.

All the zippers are YKK waterproof in the 42L, Sling Bag as well in the 11L Day bag which don’t allow water to wet your valuable things and the material is made up of the high-quality polyester which makes your bag tough enough to hard situations and last longer.

Detailed Specification


Gravel travelling bag is a system of three bags with a 42L carry on backpack, 11L Day bag and sling bag. The 42L Carry on Backpack comes with the intentional spaces and with sensible pockets to be adaptable to fit all.

The 42L Backpack is made with polyester, water resistant and lightweight, there are 3 main zippers with YKK zippers which are lockable on the top having double zippers that can fold down where the Day Bag is placed and the welded zipper on the front which is fully water proof.

There are mesh pockets on the side of the bag when opened to split the things apart, and the main section can be divided in to 6 pods with dividers below the dividers area, the stack organized line Velcro lined panel divider for modular storage to keep your things safe and compress your stuff down and with the 14 different loops to make your stuff to be seated in its place you want.

Down on the bottom of the 42L Backpack there is a laundry bag pocket, inside the laundry bag there is separate pocket which opens up so that you can put your swimsuit, shoes etc. There are G hook on the outside of the 42L Backpack to hold the Daily Bag, on the side of the Bag the zippers serve three purpose as closed or half opened for small and full unzipped for large water bottles on the opposite side there are handles to carry them as bags.


Below the handles there are three pockets with one long zipper, down at the bottom of the bag there is place for rain fly, on the top of the bag there is hidden pocket for passports. On the backside of the backpack you will get mesh which are wrap and tight to put your chargers, with the lower section to carry keyboard, iPad. On the other side there is pocket to store laptop with the Velcro beneath it there is plastic sheet with metal rod to uniformly distribute the weight to hips.

The Sling bag of the Gravel Bag system is formed by detaching the waist straps and join them together by buckle, can be joined with zippers to not seems like different parts with each compartment is capable of storing more than you carry basic stuff.


The 11L Day bag comes with the YKK waterproof zippers on the front, this is just like mini version of 42L bag which is pretty small and can be used as personal item with the water bottle pocket on the side, on the front there is a waterproof pocket with a pocket that spans the whole front with a strap, when you open the bag which comes with the mesh, with a bottom pocket for keyboard, chargers and the other side there is laptop pocket.

On the top there is big pocket and tech pocket for cable and the big pocket in the middle which is fleece lined with a little hook for general carry, on the back you can hide the straps and take out the straps to use as full handled and you can carry as briefcase with the handle.


The 42L Backpack is priced at $279 and the Sling belt along with the 42L Backpack is priced at $329, whereas the combo of 42L Backpack and 11L Day bag is priced at $389, the Gravel Bag system for 449$.

Plan for launch

This concept of the Gravel Bag system is started with traveling and cardboard prototyping in 2019 and built in small studio with sewing the prototypes and created detailed tech packs, after finding a manufacturer and to finalize the details for second sample with the campaign and start manufacturing in June 2020 and shipping to homes in the later quarter of the year.

Company Details

This Gravel Bag system is designed by Chris met Lance started with the idea concept to design a better toiletry bag for travelling.

This Gravel bag system project is promoted by Jellop and kickbooster supporting their campaign on kickstarter believing that their products are designed in a way to be last longer with lifetime warranty and using premium quality in manufacturing.