GoTouch Beam Master Whiteboard Projector

Share your work seamlessly with the single share tap button.

GoTouch Beam Master Whiteboard Projector

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  • GoTouch Beam has the world’s first interactive stylus pen with 350 ANSI Lumen brightness with the portable and lightweight design with 4K Support.
  • GoTouch Beam has the Auto focus feature with keystone correction and can project the screen up to 120” which will give immersive cinematic experience with Built in speakers.
  • GoTouch Beam has the invisible touch-pad, Android OS and has the multiple device connectivity through the ports and last longer for 3 hours of continuous playback and 20000 hours lifespan for LED lamp.


There are many projectors available in the market which also have capability to project things on the screen but they are limited with the functionalities like sharing and connect to every device directly and don’t tend to be interactive. GoTouch Beam you can project on anything up to 120 inches and watch them in big screen with an interactive projection screen where you can write and draw on any surface. GoTouch Beam projection will be really helpful in the interactive session like in office with the world’s first fully interactive stylus to join in interactive presentations from anywhere.

GoTouch Beam offers 350 ANSI lumen Brightness which make the projection clearly visible and has the invisible touch-pad where you can remotely operate your projection.

GoTouch Beam projector has the battery life up to 3 hours with the smart focus feature that will automatically adjust the screen of projection and you can share your work seamlessly with the single share tap button.

GoTouch Beam projector will help the children to educate in a new way as you can share the screen from any device and share them to anyone, GoTouch Beam is powered by the Android OS which allows you to entertain with their apps like Netflix and act as your Smart TV.

Problem Solving By This Product


GoTouch Beam projector has the auto focus system which will make the projection sharp with keystone correction to clearly visible the, you can write & draw on any surface and make the session more interactive with the Stylus Pen.

You can share and collaborate with the other ideas to others with the whiteboard, so that you can increase your productivity in the visual communication, presentations from anywhere.

With GoTouch Beam you can make your presentation and you can cast & write directly on the screen and can create inspiring classes with the whiteboard for true interaction through their app.

When you writing on the whiteboard with Stylus of GoTouch Beam, GoTouch Buddy will track the Infrared light from the Stylus pen. GoTouch Beam has the 350 ANSI Lumens brightness which makes the picture clearly visible for the enhanced experience.

GoTouch Beam supports 4K 720P Image quality and has the multi-layer film for the optical lenses which ensure to retain the true tone of the color and the 3D Cinematic effect will give you real 3D experience when you watching the movie.

GoTouch Beam can project the screen up to 120” for full cinematic experience and protect your eyes with the new diffuse imaging technology rather than direction projection and has the invisible touch-pad on the top to control the apps and games directly.

GoTouch Beam offers premium sounds with high quality speakers and the projector is lightweight and portable to be used anywhere you want and even supports casting. GoTouch Beam comes with the Android OS and long-life LED lamp with a life span of 20000 hours and can connect to multiple devices though the ports.

Detailed Specification


GoTouch Beam Projection allows you to draw and write on any surface with limit on your imaginations after creation of whiteboard by GoTouch Beam which offers the world’s first interactive stylus that increases your productivity by enhancing the visual communication during presentation, meetings or any other technical communication.

GoTouch Beam projector not only allows you to write but also to share your ideas to others when you invite them to collaborate with the whiteboard and share them instantaneously though their GoTouch APP.

GoTouch Beam makes your work impressive with the interactive session rather than to be simple presentation and with the GoTouch Beam you can cast your media onto any surface whether the content is in your phone, computer, tablet or any device.

GoTouch Beam will create an affordable smart class without any overwhelmed technology, you can simply invite the students to the whiteboard for interaction. GoTouch Beam has the GoTouch Buddy which will track the stylus Pen with the help of Infrared light.

GoTouch Beam has 350 Lumen ANSI Brightness which ensure the stunning clarity with sharp details over the projection and offers the 4K HD 720P image quality on projection and the Optical lens has multi-layer which ensures the quality is true as original.

With the GoTouch Beam you can enjoy the 3D cinema effects anywhere anytime with full immersive viewing experience from 20” to 120” that create a true cinematic experience and the auto focus & keystone feature will make the picture very clear and at perfect angle when they are projected.

This GoTouch Beam projection will not harm your eyes as the projector uses the diffuse imaging technology which make the light source to be softer and has the invisible touch-pad on the top of the projector so you can easily control the apps and games.

GoTouch Beam is packed with premium sounds with the built-in speaker and designed to be portable with lightweight and runs for 3 hours with continuous playback and you can direct cast your app in your smartphone to enjoy the content with higher resolution.

GoTouch Beam comes with the built in Android to enjoy the streaming experience from the apps like Amazon Prime, You Tube and many more and the LED Lamp in the projector has lamp life of 20,000 hours.

GoTouch Beam supports multiple interface device with multiple connectivity options
This GoTouch Beam is priced at $425.

Projection Type DLP
Brightness 350 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Resolution 1920 x 1080, Support 4K
Screen size 20” to 120”
OS Android 6.0
Bluetooth BT 4.0
Wireless projection Support Airplay / DLNA / Mirroring
3D 3D & Blu-ray 3D
Battery 3.7 V 800mA
Focusing / Keystone Auto
Speaker 2.2W x 1
Lamp type /lifespan RGB LED, Lifespan over 20000 hrs
CPU / GPU Quad core cortex-A7 1.2G / Mali 450 MP2
WiFi 2.4G + 5G dual band
Dimensions 198 x 122 x 48 mm
Weight 650 grams

Plan For Launch

The Anyractvie is founded in the year 2012 September whereas the idea of the GoTouch Beam Projector is started in the year November 2018 with the first prototype launched in the year April 2019 and then the product is launched in online platforms like in Kickstarter in March 2020 whereas launched in Indiegogo on April 2020. The product will be shipped to the customer in July 2020 after the manufacturing process is completed.

Company Details

This Beam Whiteboard Projector is developed by the company called GoTouch which is the Smart Communication solution for the everyday visual interaction after finding the problem of channeling the technical information is hard to communicate in words by the CEO with their first product which enhances the display by turning that to touch. Their mission is to build a more interactive world after sharing the Motion Capture Technology with their products to develop a very interactive environment between humans and devices.

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