GOOVIS Young Experience Cinematic Camera for Smartphones

Escape any world you want no matter where you are.

  • GOOVIS Young offers 800” cinematic screen immersive experience with the OLED screens which is perfect for games, movies, browsing and drones with the simple plug & play functionality.
  • GOOVIS Young offers 42 PPD for ultra-clear and sharp content with the adjustable diopter to focus the screen if you have eyesight and compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • GOOVIS Young is very comfortable with the split suspension and with the large angle flip, also has heat dissipation chamber and lightweight.

GOOVIS Young helps you to escape any world you want no matter where you are by making your Phone as Cinema with GOOVIS, which is a like a pocket size movie tether delivering big screen immersion in a form factor not bigger than headphones. GOOVIS Young gives the immersive experience like watching an 800” screen from 20 meters ahead and pretty simple to use, just plug and play functionality without any third- party apps and power requirement with the USB-C powerful port.

You can watch your content in the GOOVIS while standing or wile relaxing you can even adjust the GOOVIS has the Myopia and Hyperopia adjustments to make the screen clearer.
GOOVIS has the two OLED Screen made by the Sony which can really create extremely sharp images, GOOVIS can be connected to both IOS and Android as well with the Type-C port and special adapter for the iPhones. The little Sony screens has the 1920×1080 P resolution on each of them which delivers 3147 ppi colors.

The thick membrane like foam padding on the GOOVIS with the stretchy headband along with the forehead pad which is lightweight and made up of plastic body, their adjustable diopters which allows you to focus the screen according to your eyesight on the left side of the GOOVIS there is an auxiliary port that allows you to attach your headphones but they connect directly to your device when you are using Bluetooth headphones.

Problem Solving By This Product

GOOVIS Young is the new era of cinematic experience with the 800” screen immersive screen to enjoy your content and stay out of the home with the head mounted display.

GOOVIS offers you watching 800” screen from the Sony made M-OLED Screens with the sharp and clear content with a twin resolution of 1980x1020P with 3147 PPI. GOOVIS Young is very simple to use with the plug & play functionality without the need of using any third-party app.

GOOVIS Young is very convenient, made with the plastic and has thick foam like membrane with the headband along with the forehead pad that offers comfort of viewing the content throughout the day.

GOOVIS Young emits less blue light with the OLED Screen which causes less strain for the eyes and perfect for gaming, watching movies, you can also use this GOOVIS Young for the Drone FPV view.

GOOVIS Young connect to Android with the USB-C port, iOS devices using the adapter and using the HDMI converter you can connect to gaming console, drone, setup box or Blu-ray player.

With the new video scaling algorithm GOOVIS Young have access to the multiple video formats in various resolutions, images and audio as well. GOOVIS Young has the adjustable diopters to focus the screen if you have eyesight and adjustable interpupillary distance as well.

The lens of the GOOVIS Young are hydrophobic Nano coated which has Anti-Fog ventilation for clear view and a delicate micro cavity heat dissipation chamber design which keeps the GOOVIS to stay cool all the time.

Detailed Features


GOOVIS Young brings the new level of the cinematography which takes you completely out of the world from your present view with the immersive 800-inch cinematic screen experience.

GOOVIS Young is your personal mobile cinema anywhere you want with just simple plug & play functionality for your smartphone, computer, gaming console or can be used for any video output device which are designed with the ergonomic design and most comfortable to use for more hours.

GOOVIS Young is perfect for watching movies, playing games, monitoring, browsing, drone FPV viewing and EVF to maintain the social distance, with the universal connectivity with USB-C port and start the experience, this GOOVIS can also connected to iOS devices with an extra adapter to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, games and more without any third party app.

GOOVIS Young is compatible with Type-C devices, HDMI devices and iOS, which offers an immersive experience of 800” screen watching from 20 meters with pixel per degree of 42.
GOOVIS Young has the two OLED screens on the either side with a resolution of 1920×1080 P resolution to ensure that you enjoy the content while standing or watching them relaxed while sitting in sofa with the head mounted display that goes wherever you go.

With the GOOVIS young it is easy to access the multiple online video content, their new improved video scaling algorithm supports many video formats with various resolutions along with the audio and image files.

GOOVIS Young has the diopter which allows you to focus the screen for clear visibility when you have eyesight to watch the content without glasses and they are adjustable with interpupillary distance between 56 mm- 72 mm.

GOOVIS are light in weight and comfortable to wear for the long time with the thick foam like membrane and the forehead pad along with the headband with the split suspension and distance sensor to power off the GOOVIS when not in use.

GOOVIS has the Anti-fog ventilation by the hydrophobic Nano coating on the lens, there is a micro-cavity head dissipation chamber.


The GOOVIS Young Cinematic personal camera for smartphone is priced at $499 for the VIP super early bird sale and $599 for early bird sale. The GOOVIS Young with the mechanical headband is priced at $629 or with the video adapter is priced at $639.


  • Color options Black and white
  • Display AMOLED : 2×0.71 “
  • Resolution: 1920×1080*2
  • Optical Module 12 optical lenses
  • Screen size 800 inches diagonal screen from 20 meters away
  • Sensor Proximity
  • Ports Video: Type-C
  • Audio: 3.5mm Jack
  • Dimensions 7.2 x 4.3 x 2.2 in, 185 x 109 x 56 mm
  • Weight 200 grams

Plan For Launch

This GOOVIS Young prototype design is started in the year 2019 January while the development of the prototype is completed in August on the same year. The GOOVIS young is introduced in the CES 2020 January with the online campaign in March on the same year with the super early shipping is planned on May with the mass production and will be shipped to the backer’s home in June which is later quarter of the year 2020.

Company Details

This GOOVIS Young personal camera for smartphone is developed by the company called Shenzhen Ned optics which is tech innovative company started in the year January 2015. They focused on the visual optics and AR/VR/MR headsets with the well experienced R&D team with industrial experience. Jonny Peng is the CEO of the company and Albert Chang as the Vice President, Paddy Cao as the R&D director and Jeff Chen as the product director.

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