Google’s Braid Headphone – Simple Gesture Control Your Music Just Tapping To Wire

Headphones to control the music with touch or swipe or squeeze.

Google Designed Wire to tap control - 1
Source : Google Blog
  • Google experimenting with Braid Headphone.
  • You wire control headphones by launching smart braid.
  • You can pinch it, pat it, squeeze it, and swipe it easily, to control the volume rather than using buttons.
  • It can identify someone’s touch with a 360 degree of visibility.

Since many have moved on to wireless earbuds, Google is experimenting on something new like every time. Google is experimenting with the “Smart Braid” headphones to control the music with touch or swipe or squeeze. For a while Google is introducing a wonderful user interface by trying weirdest experiments. The latest from the Google is “I/O Braid”, this is a user interface that lets the user control the device by pinching, squeezing, swiping the fabric cord. This is not something new Google has introduced touch-sensitive jean jacket and radar control in smartphones before these smart braids. With help of these I/O Braids, headphones can detect someone’s touch with 360 degrees of visibility. Let’s understand more about these amazing braids.

Here is the detailed information about these wonderful I/O Braid headphones and how they work to give complete satisfaction to its user.

Google Designed Wire to tap control

These braids work with the help of a “helical sensing matrix” or HSM to recognize various commands from the user. These braids are woven into capacitive and conducting yarn due to which they can easily detect someone’s touch even from 360 degrees of visibility. And for the visual feedback fiber optic string is also woven into the fabric cord. We know that these braids are something one might research for at this time, but Google is very much expert and can suggest you several ways to integrate into consumer electronics like with these smart braid headphones one can add touch controls to power cord on a Smartphone or you could create a hoodie with touch-sensitive drawstring that connects your phone and control music. How do they do that? For the same, Google collected data from volunteers who were asked to interact with smart braid. Then with the help of the machine learning model they distinguish between different twists, squeeze, swipe, and pinch.

In an experiment, it is found that in comparison with line-to-line headphone controls, these twisted I/O Braids are much faster and easier to use than using a regular button. This is not yet confirmed that this software is ready for the traditional use as because there are ample opportunities for the accidental commands due to integrated technologies used in it.

Launching these I/O Braid headphones for users is still doubtful! Here, Google is just an experimenting research project which may later become an important asset in the lives of people using it. But then again we can predict nothing about Google.

Google said, “this wonderful software can detect different gestures with around 94% accuracy and that is a good start for them in this field.” Currently they are only experimenting with this idea with headphones only, later this can be expanded to controls various electronic devices too.

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