Google AutoDraw uses A.I. for Fast Painting Tool to Everyone

AI can guess your hand touch and convert it into drawing

autodraw can design fast drawing from scribble

utoDraw is a new generation of painting tool. It uses advanced machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help everyone create anything design, fast. The tool is powered by Free tool model like google search engine we use. You dont have to install or download anything. you can just browse and use it anywhere from smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.


When we try out the tool ourselves, we understand that AutoDraw is basically a intelligent suggestion tool. Their core technology is derived or we can say motivated by the same like QuickDraw. The main intelligence of this tool is to keep guessing as per the hand draw movement on the screen. You can use mouse or touch pencil for doing so. You start to try anything to draw and it will ask you suggestion what may be real world item you are trying to imagine. You can see hundreds of options are coming visible in each stroke of brush on the top of the screen. You can imagine that how much powerful can this grown up after some years of time. We hope Google team will keep adding more drawing items in the future. This can be revolutionary in the area of industrial or engineering drawing, which we believe. It can be very powerful for the interior designers also in future. If you are an engineering designer you can imagine how much faster you can draw a car in future in any mobile or computer.



About QuickDraw

QuickDraw is basically a Google Engineer’s brain child to make revolution the way play games. It may look simple in outside but it uses very complex neural network models to predict free hand drawing. Also Quickdraw grows it intelligence with your strokes of design and actions. So that it can give better guessing in future use. You can think this like Pictionary with Computer. You can imagine guessing and drawing tree, cycle within 10-25 seconds. This game engine is part of the Google’s “A.I. Experiments”.

QuickDraw like Game

Main Designers

This tool AutoDraw is designed and created by Kyle Phillips,Dan Motzenbecker along with their colleagues at Google’s Creative Lab.