GOMI Potable Charger Handmade, Made From Waste Plastic 12000mAh Battery

Gomi Power bank made from recyclable products


  • GOMI portable charger is purely made from waste plastic and batteries and handmade product of unique design offers 12,000 mAh battery capacity.
  • GOMI has two USB ports that can charge two devices simultaneously and the 4 LED lights that indicates the battery level.
  • GOMI can charge your device more than 5 times in single charge with the sleek and minimal design to fit in pockets for travelling.

GOMI Portable charger which is perfect when you are at work or enjoying nature charging while charging your devices, with the massive monster sized lithium batteries which offers a power house of 12,000 mAh with enough power to charge a smartphone more than 5 times.

GOMI has two USB ports to charge two devices at a time and has four LED lights to show the battery juice left in the tank and with the universal micro USB port to charge it anywhere and anytime.

With the sleek and elegant design GOMI can perfectly fit in your pockets, with each one is made by handmade by brighton made using the locally sourced plastic waste with the repurposed waste batteries by collecting the plastic waste from people, business and beach waste community helping to clean the planet and making it beautiful.

Problem Solving By This Product


GOMI Portable charger offers you massive 12,000 mAh to charge your devices more than 5 times with single charge.

GOMI power bank is a handcrafted product from the plastic waste and repurposed batteries which gives you unique and lovable colorful marble design on each of it to reduce the plastic waste in the plant and make it beautiful.

GOMI Portable charge is small and lightweight to carry and capable of charging two devices at a time with the USB ports and has LED lights for indicating the battery status in the powerbank.

Detailed Features


GOMI Portable charger is purely made from the recycled batteries with 12,000 mAh battery capacity, a handmade product and non-recyclable plastic material. Which can charge your smartphone up to 5 times on a single charge.

GOMI is lightweight and sleek in design with the fine and sleek texture on the surface, GOMI can charge two devices at a time, GOMI portable charger can help in cleaning up the waste and make out planet beautiful which changes the mind of using the recycled products.

GOMI is an eco-friendly environmental product of made with 100% non-recyclable plastic which will affect the planet and of no use further and the power delivered by the charger is coming from the repurposed batteries by saving the planet.

They are also offering the free return policy for the GOMI Portable charger, ensuring that the chargers are fully recycled at the end of the life. GOMI is the coolest looking device in your backpack to be carried and makes more convenience to life with its great battery life and be parted in cleaning the world.


GOMI Portable charger is highly efficient and compact and perfect for long journeys and the marbled pattern makes you love it with each charger is unique in style and super convenient for travelling, since the recycled design is more beautiful than it ever been.

You can charge your iPhone X 4.4 times and 6 times for iPhone 7 whereas 3 times you can charge your Samsung galaxy s20 and 4 times your Samsung S8, charging your two devices simultaneously make you more comfort for you and your friend in travelling.

GOMI Portable charger has the power on/off button and 4 LED lights indicating the battery level of the charger at each 25%, GOMI comes with the 2 USB slots to charge two phones at a time and one micro-USB slot for charging the power bank which is the standard port to charge it.


The GOMI power bank is light in weight to be carried easily and can be fully charged over night by plugging your charger in to wall and fill the battery, GOMI portable charger will have its own unique color and pattern with each one being its own work of art because due to hand making each product using different plastic water streams.

GOMI portable power bank comes in three different color variants they are grey, reds, blues, they take the battery cells from the local manufactures stores in which they are no longer using the batteries due to irregularities or misprints, they test the battery cells whether they are giving high performance, safe and durable enough to last longer for more time.


GOMI sees that the battery waste is growing bigger& bigger in each year because increase in the electronic vehicles and gadgets and there is no real way to recycle or reuse them as commercial products, they are turning these waste stream and transform them into high-powered portable chargers for daily use.

The GOMI Portable charge is priced at £35 for early bird sale and two of GOMI Portable charger are priced at £68 whereas five of portable charger are priced at £170.

  • Dimensions 12x8x2.5cm
  • Weight 280 grams
  • USB ports 2 USB ports
  • Charging Port Micro USB port
  • Capacity 12,000mAHh
  • Power level indicator 4 LED lights
  • Power button Yes

Plan For Launch

The GOMI portable charger idea started in 2017 July which is about to turn the plastic waster into consumer electronic products is born with the official start in 2019 June for making Bluetooth speakers and collaborating with other brands, whereas the first prototype charger is built in February 2020, started with the campaign in multiple platforms with the source waste with components and product design begins in May 2020 and the shipping of the products along with the delivery in the later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This Portable power charger is developed by the company called GOMI, they use the plastic waste materials that are not widely recyclable and convert them into a raw material for products they design.

Started with the Bluetooth speaker as their first product from the plastic trash and helping the planet to be more beautiful without pollution. GOMI is located in Brighton, United Kingdom, they always working with the plastic waste that would be filled up in landfills and oceans.

They deal with the different type of plastic such as PE derivatives such as LDPE & HDPE includes paper bags, bubble and pallet wrap.