GoFindMe : Free Real Time GPS Tracker For Your Next Hiking Camp

Real-time GPS tracker that works even you don’t have a mobile service.

  • GoFindMe can not only be used during travel. The use of it can be implemented in daily life too.
  • GoFindMe can be attached to pets collars or outfits so that they do not get lost while wandering.
  • GoFindMe can connect up to 32 members at a single time.


IBLUE’s GoFindMe is a real-time GPS tracker that works even when you don’t have even a mobile service. It has an induced offline messaging system and real-time tracking technology that helps people to know each other’s location. It also includes offline maps to guide the way to each other in case someone gets off-track during a trip. GoFindMe packs LoRA (Long Range Radio) technology in combination with GPS which has a range of 5 miles (8 Kilometres)! And when one goes out of range for a short time as 10 minutes, the device sends a ‘Lost’ Alarm to the other devices connected to it. GoFindMe gives you the surety that it requires no further subscriptions or no monthly fees. It is all just a one-time payment for the device.

Why GoFindMe

Are you planning for your next hiking camp or Planning to take children and pets to travel in forest somewhere? Or going to next Metallica Concert upcoming? Whenever I plan something like this, the main point comes in mind is not to lost someone while the trip and losing track of someone. What if the network is not available there to call ? This actually destroys the fun of everything. But, travelling is something exquisite and charm the likes of everyone. It is an adventure hobby that helps to relax the senses and give the heart to do something exciting. During travel somehow, it is both frustrating and frightening when one loses mobile service signals. Losing mobile signals means no internet and that is a frustration in itself. Alongside that, it makes it difficult to communicate and locate the ones you are with and also it generates a fear of being lost in an unknown place. However, now that the technology is rising to the rescue with each dawn, there is no need to be worried if you don’t have an internet connection or even a mobile service with yourself in order to remain connected to your loved ones.

Key Features

GoFindMe Key Featurs
Source : GoFindMe Indiegogo Campaign

Features And Specifications

GoFindMe can not only be used during travel. The use of it can be implemented in daily life too. For instance, children are little adventurers of their own. They have a curiosity of going out and exploring what’s out there. One can keep track of his/her child by attaching a GoFindMe with them. That will keep them updated with their child’s location and through this, they can make sure they go nowhere near any danger. Another use of the device can be made with pets. Pets are the same as children, running around and searching for new things to do. A GoFindMe can be attached to their collars or outfits so that they do not get lost while wandering. It can also be used during abroad travels or events with crowds so that there is no chance of being lost by the loss of communication.

The real-time GPS tracker has a very minimalist and sleek design along with a smooth working. The device can easily be attached to your backpack, your outfits or even can be carried in your hand due to its lightweight construction. It comes in only a single colour i.e. blue. It can connect up to 32 members at a single time. A member can set up a safe zone for other members. If anyone goes beyond the zone, he/she will be alerted by the device immediately. The device allows you to see where other members are, with their track records all on your mobile.

Technical  Specifications

It has an offline chat feature which supports both text messaging and communication through automated voice messages without using any kind of network services. It also comprises of a special SOS feature which alerts your companions if you are in a situation of emergency by alarming and sharing your location to them. GoFindMe has a 72-hour battery which charges up in 2-3 hours and it has a feature to keep working while it is charging. It is developed to be in the rough conditions so it has an IP67 waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof design. It can work at jaw-dropping temperatures as much as -60 degrees. Through its mobile app you can download maps and can view them in three different options. Satellite, terrain and default. The device can work even without a phone but one member has to make sure that every GoFindMe device is connected to their phone via Bluetooth.

Price And Availability

AIBLUE launched GoFindMe on Indiegogo on October 29, 2019 for the funding process. The prospect and the innovation behind the product were so great that it has gained more than 500% funding from all around the world. The excitement for the product is in each and every employee of the company. Bing Wong, the Product Manager of GoFindMe quoted, “It has always been a challenge to find and connect with our family or friends when the cellular services and the networks are down. We have encountered so in the mountains, woods or on the music festival, so we want to make a more effective and off-grid device to find our people in any circumstances. It should be easy-to-use and even our kids know how to use it. Then we designed GoFindMe.” The product is in the later stages of the production process and is set to start shipping at the beginning of January 2020. GoFindMe is available on Indiegogo in the sets of two, three, four up to ten. The price of a set of two is $179.

Company Details

AIBLUE is a company of Smart View International Limited which has been in the field of innovation for a while now. It has released other successful products like Smartta Slider Mini which is an easy-to-use motorized mini slider etc. The company’s vision and imagination has been accepted and glorified by the consumers as their products have been well received. For the Smartta Slider Mini, the firm won an iF Design Award in 2019. It promises quality and passion for providing the best to its customers. AIBLUE focuses on what is the need in the market and works with imagination on that need ensuring that they lead on their principles of product quality and world-leading technology.

Editor’s Pick

Don’t miss out on a tracker that keeps you updated and well versed on where your companions are. Go ahead and try the exquisite GoFindMe, the GPS tracker that works even without a cell service.