Github’s Arctic Vault will Store Your Open Source Project for 1000 years


hile up-growing awareness against climate change, global warming and next climate change calamity growing worldwide, preservation and restoration also started getting highlighted in our global society. As a part of disaster management, world’s largest open source hosting company Github recently taken a major step to preserve the world’s major Open source software. Wtih collaboration with Microsoft and proper advisors they have taken very big step to store all our open source data safe.

They have announced a new Program called Github Archive Program. Under this program initiative they are developing process to store all large and popular open source projects to survive a long future. They are developing a framework to store all the information. The model of this framework is called as LOCKSS which is acronym for the “Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe”. They are basically going to keep the codes and repositories to multiple geo graphic locations in different formats and conditions. Among this internet archives, Oxford University’s Bodlein Library is mentioned. They even going to keep a vault in Arctic which is powerfully designed to store the information for 1000 years. The data will be coded with QR based system, where every pixel will

This archive in the arctic is famously known as “Arctic World Archive”. Github will take snapshot of every public repository and will go into preservation to their Arctic Vault. They will do this activity on February 2, 2020.

According to Github they will store the data to a 3500 foot film reels. This reels are provided and encoded by Piql. Piql is a Norwegian Company they are specialized in designing long term data storage. They are adding a new polyester technology which will provide the life span of 500 years. In the simulation process they have analyzed that they can get more than 1000 years of life span.

With concerns about climate change, politics and the general state of global affairs you could be justified if you thought end times were fast approaching. While no one knows what the future has in store, GitHub is taking no precautions and has teamed up with a host of organizations to make sure that regardless of what happens its open-source data will be safe.

Called the GitHub Archive Program, the initiative will incorporate a host of technologies and locations to help ensure that GitHub’s open-source code can survive long into the future. Using a method online archivists call “LOCKSS” (an acronym for “Lots Of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe“) the company is putting its code onto multiple locations, including various internet archives, Oxford University’s Bodleian Library and even in a vault in the Arctic that is designed to preserve the data for 1,000 years. The data is encoded in 8.8 million pixels each. They are having proper dictionary method to traverse the all repositories and recover the data.

For more information, Github is also partner with Microsoft for storing their digital data for 10,000 years. They are writing the data “into quartz glass platters using a femtosecond laser”. They already have done a Proof of concept by storing the 1978 Superman movie. Github was taken over by Microsoft last year with a deal of 7.5 billion USD.

This will be really interesting to see the upcoming their work about this Arctic Vault program.