Gingko Analogue Click Clock

Gingko Analogue Click Clock - 2
  • Gingko Analogue Click Clock is something worth a shot at your bedside
  • Gingko Analogue Click Clock packs both the traditional looks and the modern minimalism
  • Gingko Analogue Click Clock display the time whenever you clap

There is something we do that either makes our day perfect or makes it dull and that is how we start our mornings. Let’s look at a general morning routine. One wakes up with the sound of their alarm or sometimes even before it, then there comes grooming oneself which includes brushing and bathing and then comes the dressing part where we make ourselves up to present to the world.

This is a general routine and despite all the specializations everyone has according to their lifestyle, there is just one thing that is common between our routines. It is not the grooming part but rather the ‘alarm’ part.


Alarm Clocks are a key aspect to anyone. No matter what an individual does, alarm clocks are used everywhere. Even if someone does not use it for the early morning, they can come in real handy for people with busy and tight schedules all day. And besides, having an alarm clock is just a nice accessory on the bedside. But with the technological advances and the human habit of making everything compact, alarm clock are now just mere applications on our phone.

Started with big chunks of metal and wood and mechanical artistry, big alarm clocks were replaced by smaller ones over time. Having compactness in life might benefit you but it will always lack one thing and that is the feeling of owning something separate.


Having a separate device just for an alarm clock might seem a bit old-style but all those who have one know the benefits. Therefore, a mixture of minimalism, compactness and an alarm clock is presented to you by Gingko with some intriguing features. Who knows? Maybe this alarm clock can become your bedside favorite given its characteristics.

Problem solving by this product

The Gingko Analogue Click Clock is something worth a shot at your bedside. With a range of color options to choose from, the clock is rather very cheap as compared to the features of it. The Click Clock is not just limited to your table and has possibilities beyond that. It packs both the traditional looks and the modern minimalism which makes it a real contender for a stylish and efficient watch.

If one might ask the advantages that owning a separate clock might be, then there are many answers to it. First and the foremost is that it is a clock and shows time. That is what clock is meant to do, right? The second answer is again that it is stylish and will signify the looks of your home no matter where it is kept. The third is its features that’ll come to in just some time. In Short, there is no harm in keeping a piece of art by your side.

Detailed Features


The build quality of the clock is really fine. It is made up of wood which provides it a robust look to boast. When it comes to display, there are white dots that appear on the wood body. The dots display the hour dots, the hour hand, and the minute hand. To give the clock a more analog look, the second-hand moves inside the clock like it is dancing which is a fun scene to look at.

The Click Clock is powered by a rechargeable battery. The adapter of the clock is rated 5V, 0.5-1.5A. There are two options within the clock to mold the display. The permanent one displays the time (the white dots) all the time and the temporary display is sound activated. That is that it’ll display the time whenever you clap. In the former setting, the battery lasts for two days and on the latter one, 2 weeks.


The clock weighs approximately 1.2kgs and packs some extra features such as setting an alarm. Not only it can rest on your bedside, but it can also be used as a hanging one. A 2 in 1 device certainly!

Price and Models

The price of the Gingko Analogue Click Clock is $150 (approximately) and is available across many e-commerce platforms all around the world. It comes in three different colors namely: Black, Ash and the Aluminum build of the clock.

Company details

Started in Oxford, England 2010, Gingko has since made products that can give your home a better look. The company has three ethics: Time, Design and Quality. The founder of the company, Paul Sun says that every product gets a minimalistic and a simple design because sometimes technology can be too complicated and intrusive. The products are made to escape the boring and provide a fresh look to your home.

A Clock with a minimalistic design and a bag full features sounds like an interesting item to add to your designer home. Check out the Gingko Analogue Click Clock and turn your time-seeing routine into an experience.