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Robot Tracks are made up of high-quality plastic.


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  • GeniusLinks® puts a rest to one’s chaos that comes with changing and marking lines again and again so that the Ozobots can read it.
  • GeniusLinks® named their product just as it is working.
  • GeniusLinks® is a very interesting way to keep kids engaged.


Technology is thriving these days. And with it thriving, the usage of it is also increasing with each passing day. If we think about it, the uses of technology are being done in places where we couldn’t even imagine. That is, in fact, the whole point of technology: ‘Beyond the imagination thinking and out of the box implementation.’ There is very much to look at when we see what technology has given us; the Internet! Which is being used by more than 40% population of the world. Our daily drivers, computers are far most the most significant contribution technology has made in our lives. However, there is another creation of technology, whose growth is increasing at quite a rate – Robots!

Who doesn’t like the concept of a machine that can-do things like we do? Robots are deemed to be the next biggest creation in the world of technology. Although many people fear the potential danger of robots overtaking humans, these masterpieces can be used in many places to assist us and increase our efficiency. However, the industry is still young and growing. So far, the existing robots are used for production purposes and some basic household chores. Robots are also used in teaching too. Ozobots® is a robot that can follow lines that are made via the help of a magic marker. Indeed, this is a very interesting way to keep kids engaged, there is one problem that comes with it and that is, it gets stuck sometimes.

Users have reported that the Ozobots® sometimes get confused or don’t recognize a line that has been drawn over and over again. This becomes frustrating when it happens too frequently because changing markers and code stickers are not an easy task to do. So, with this problem in mind, GeniusLinks® have come up with Robot Tracks.

These Robot Tracks are a mixture of magnets, tiles, and codes. Each of the line on the tile has some type of permanently printed code which the Ozobots can read. This is an alternative to the lines that are made and make it unbelievably easy for the users to use. Furthermore, they are cheap with extremely superior quality.

Problem solving by the product


The Robot Tracks by GeniusLinks® puts a rest to one’s chaos that comes with changing and marking lines again and again so that the Ozobots can read it. With the magic markers, one has to write code for the bot to read whereas the tiles of the Robot Tracks are featured with lines or some code that is permanently printed onto them. The Robot Tracks remove the hassle of drawing the whole track again if the bot has to be run again on the track with some different instruction. In short, the tracks furthermore increase the easiness to control the Ozobots.

Detailed specifications


A little background on Ozobots®: it is a little toy robot that can be used for both fun activities and learning. These bots can identify lines, codes, and colors on surfaces like paper, iPad, etc. It is suggested that these bots can be very useful to teach coding to children. These can be guided by the lines made by a magic marker and also, there are some code stickers for the bots to read. GeniusLinks® named their product just as it is working. The Robot Tracks guide these bots wits much easiness than the conventional methods like markers etc.

The Robot Tracks are made up of high-quality plastic inserts that fit right into the Playmags® magnetic tiles. The plastic is tough and doesn’t break under pressure. The tiles don’t have any sharp edges, making it child-friendly. As for the working of the tracks, it is very smooth no matter your robot is in motion or not. The tracks settle on Playmags® on the foundation of magnetism. With the tiles being magnetic, one doesn’t have to worry about the lines being joined in a non-alignment way. Also, the tracks can be changed while the robot is in motion i.e., they can be cut from the track, can be rotated, etc. as per your choice.

The creators at GeniusLinks® want that the users must focus on what is essential; traits like creativity and teamwork rather than spending time on building tracks. Three types of Robot Tracks are being offered by GeniusLinks namely starter, advanced and expert. Each of the sets has a different number and types of tracks. This is done for the customers to choose how they want to accumulate the process of learning. For instance, the expert set includes six ramps that can be included in the tracks to allow the Ozobots to move in 3-Dimensional space.

Some other key features of the Robot Tracks are that they are very user-friendly. As for children, sometimes they tend to step on their toys and hurt them. But that is not the case with these tracks i.e. even if you step on them, they won’t hurt. Another small but significant feature is that at the end of every track, there is a finger grip allowing you to separate the track from the magnetic tile easily. These tracks are also compatible with the Lego® Blocks. The Lego tiles can be joined magnetically as a maximum set of 4. With this, it is a playing paradise for children as it combines two of the most loved toys, opening uncountable possibilities.

Plan for launch

Robot Tracks by GeniusLinks® is currently on the campaign on Kickstarter. It was posted on 23rd March 2020 and will go for a month. The initial goal of $1000 has already been passed and the current backers have pledged more than $3000 on the project. There are different rewards based on the money that you pledge. The ongoing pandemic ‘COVID-19’ might have some delayed delivery issues but all will be done as soon as possible given when the production resumes.

Company details

GeniusLinks® has been listed as a Kickstarter campaign via Genius Gems. The company focuses on learning playfully and hence offers multiple courses to students of all kinds starting from ages 2 onward. Genius Gems also offer summer camps and they also offer to host birthdays and parties. They are located in Millburn, New Jersey and are open all day for play.

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