GE healthcare wins FDA approval for AI based Disease prediction.

GE Healthcare is doing promising work in recent time in developing the Artificial Intelligence enabled healthcare diagnosis system. In a first time, they have won the FDA approval for developing a holistic tool to diagnosis diseases from lungs x-rays. This type of analysis will reduce the time of diagnosis from several hours to minutes.

The device by name Critical Care Suite uses AI based Algorithms to analyze X-Ray images and detect diseases like Pneumothorax. This pneumothorax is known for collapsed lungs which makes 74000 Americans suffer every year.

H/O: GE Healthcare's Optima XR240amx system with Critical Care Suite
Source GE Healthcare

Healthcare industry is already looking for incorporating the Data Science, Machine Learning into the main stream. The overall healthcare industry generates huge data everyday basis. The data source can be from images to reports in many formats. GE healthcare is already a major player in the healthcare devices, this win can be very big step for them to win over the emerging technologies advantages.

How the Algorithm works

The field staffs captures the X-Ray image from the patients. They send the image to lab for initial analysis. The AI algorithm tries to search and predict the appearance of Pneumothorax. If the prediction is more than a threshold level this sends the notifications to healthcare specialists for doing further review. Then the patients also sends for further checkups. This process can reduce the time from several hours to several minutes through this.