Gazer Projector Brings Breathtaking 360-degree Experience

A lightweight and handheld projector which gives stylish look to your home.

Gazer Projector Breathtaking Visual Experience 306-degree Projector

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  • Gazer Projector is small and compact 360-degree interactive portable projector which offers immersive cinematic experience with high quality sharp clear projection compatible with 2K and 4K.
  • Gazer Projector has intelligent auto focus system with keystone correction up to 40 degrees and packed with Amlogic chip with Android experience.
  • Gazer Projector can turn your rooms into 240” ultra-wide screen with 800 Lumen bright and 5000:1 color contrast and last longer for 5 hours of continuous playback and can be used as Bluetooth speaker.


There are many projectors available in the market in which some are portable and some are convenient to use to project the screen in any direction, some projectors offers wide screen but bulky to carry with on the go while some are limited to project and not flexible & versatile to watch all content.

Gazer Projector which is the unique deigned 306-degree interactive portable projector which is the new era for the technology. This Gazer is a 360-degree rotatable which can project your screen in any angle you need in the space you have.

Gazer Projector is very small and compact spherical eye design mounted on the spherical stand for rotation and has the speakers on the bottom side which offers the immersive Dolby support for stunning experience.

Gazer Projector has one HDMI port which can be used when you want to project from your devices comes in really handy for presentations and last longer for 5 hours of continuous play back video and can be charged quickly through the USB-C port.

Gazer Projector is powered by the Android TV 9.0 OS so that you can have native android experience and can stream videos through that with full HD 2k or in 4K resolution with built in app downloader.

Gazer Projector offers you ultra-wide screen up to 240” with 800 Lumens brightness with great color contrast to view punchy colors even in the dark light and comes with Auto focus feature.

Problem Solving By This Product


Gazer Projector is smallest rotatable projector which makes your walls as wide angle rotational big screens in 360-degree direction with immersive experience like cinematic screen.

Gazer Projector will always entertain you whether you are in office, outdoor, home, studio or in classroom with the interactive 360-degree projection makes your room wonderland with the keystone correction.

Gazer Projector can project sharp and detailed images with 1920x1080P combined with 800 Lumens which gives you true tone pleasurable projection on the wall for your favorite content. Gazer Projector offers true HD full 1080P display which is 225% better than the usual projectors.

Gazer Projector also supports 2k/4K Ultra HD videos with the industry leading DLP projection technology that has the powerful Amlogic chip for sharp images and the projectors offers to enjoy wide screen up to 240”.

Gazer Projector has the Auto Keystone correction feature that will correct the picture to fit on the wall up to 40-degree and the Auto Focus feature which will enables the screen to be adjusted to the wall automatically.

Gazer Projector will not get heated when using for long term and offers you 5 hours of continuous playback with ultra-long lifespan about 30,000 hours and the 10W speakers on the bottom side of the projectors offers immersive sound and the projector can be used as Bluetooth speaker.

Gazer Projector is eye friendly which reduces the blue light up to 30% and reduces the strain over the eye while watching the projector.

Detailed Specification


Gazer Projector is lightweight and handheld projector which gives stylish look to your home and designed for everyone to use with immersive cinematic 360-degree experience that can actually rotate in all possible directions and project at any angle.

Gazer projector is featured with advanced DLP technology that can offer full HD 1080P widescreen with high quality images that delivers 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and with advance image processing technology that provides 800 ANSI Lumens which display bright and crisp images even in low light.

Gazer Projector allows you to enjoy more fun while playing games and entertainment with the HDMI port to stream your game from pc to widescreen and will be very helpful in giving presentations and places like office, Outdoor, home, Studio and classroom.

Gazer Projector is a 360-degree Interactive projector which can turn any interior into big screen and can rotate in any direction at every angle to turn your room into 360-degree wonderlands. Gazer Projector offers best audio-visual experience for the size with a great physical resolution of 1920x1080P combined with 800 ANSI Lumens that makes the picture sharp and bright images to enjoy the true experience.

Gazer Projector offers you True Full HD display which is 225% more clearer than other projectors and also supports the video formats up to 2k/4k Ultra HD with award winning DLP chip technology for immersive cinematic experience. The Gazer Projector may be small but can turn any home, office or café into immersive cinema up to 240” and built with extensive four-point keystone correction vertically up to 40 degrees with an optimal image with the intelligent Auto Focus highly sensitive camera that quickly focus on the screen.

Gazer Projector is packed with powerful Amlogic chip which has 2Gb RAM and 16GB internal storage with the reliable solid-state illumination that last longer for over 15 years. The Gazer Projector can project 5 hours continuously with single charge and immersive audio experience with 10W built in speakers and can also be used a Bluetooth speaker.

Gazer Projector filters up to 30% of blue light and helps you in protecting the retina and with the Bluetooth the Gazer can stream your content directly from smartphone and also supports screen mirroring, Airplay and USB connection.

The Gazer Projector is available in three different color variants they are Black, Silver and Yellow and priced at $159 for early bird sale.

  • Color selection Black, silver, Yellow
  • Projection Technology DLP
  • Brightness 600 – 800 ANSI lm
  • Standard Resolution 1920 * 1080 [1080P], compatible 2k/4K
  • Projection size 20 – 240 in
  • Operating system Android 9
  • RAM 2 Gb
  • Speaker Two 5W (270-degree)
  • Storage 16 GB
  • Video playtime 5 hours
  • Connectivity HDMI, USB-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Screen mirroring
  • Focus Automatic
  • Keystone correction Auto (Vertical +-40-degree)
  • Lamp life 30,000 hours

Plan For Launch

The idea of the Gazer projector is started in the year 2019 August and the work on industrial design is started in October while the first prototype of the product is made in January 2020 with the product development and then the product is launched in online platforms in May 2020 while the hardware tooling test for the demon product is ready in June 2020. The product validation is done in July 2020 with the mass production in August 2020 and the product will be shipped in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This Gazer Projector for 360-degree visual experience is developed by the company called PuddingTech. They always want to deliver the high-quality products for their customers with the innovative new technology to change their lifestyle and their mission is to create solution to the problems with technology. This product is their first step that introduces new technology to the world. This is an innovative startup company with the headquarters located in China and the other branch of the company is located in US.

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