FYTA BEAM- The Smart Plant Sensor

Fyta beam
  • FYTA Beam is an inventive, intuitive and cool products for a new generation of indoor gardeners.
  • FYTA Beam System has of the FYTA Beam, the FYTA App and the optional FYTA Base.
  • FYTA Beam can identify your plant easily with the app.

When the people lost their loved plant and don’t know what’s happening to them, whether they died due to lot of water or due to lack of nutrients , you might not get the correct reason of its lost and they goes on dying.

Just like humans plants are also able to feel things, It’s very difficult to understand what they convey to us, The Key to their survival and to make us understand what they say is the FYTA Beam which tells you what plant feels, by pushing you the notification on to your mobile what they want, So that you come to know when they need more water, fertilizer, or light intensity etc.

This device works based up on keep tracking on the soil moisture, nutrition level, light intensity and temperature of the plant.

Detailed Specifications


  1. This device work on the basis of the Bluetooth connectivity for notifications to feed you plant what is want.
  2. This device detects the soil moisture in the habitat where it’s been planted.
  3. According to the moisture level it will ask you to feed the plant with water up to the level it need. So, you cannot lost your loved plant after thirsty.
  4. This device is also capable to measure the nutrition level’s in the soil of the plant for its healthy growth, generally we feed them with the artificial fertilizers that we are not supposed to do, we even don’t know that it is affecting the plant or not but using this device we can know the health of the plant with what you fed.
  5. Some plants are also depend on the light intensity to grow healthy, the location of the plant is matter for the rays of sunlight we may not much aware about the light which help the plant to grow.
  6. Some plants are only found in some areas that’s why they are temperature dependent, this device will also measure the temperature of the device along other.
  7. FYTA beam is quite easy to install just insert that into soil next to your plant and install the FYTA App in your device.
  8. Then insight alerts will be sent to your device using the Bluetooth.
  9. If you have several plants also don’t need to bother, you can connect multiple beams via Bluetooth with each other to create a network across the plant garden to monitor this will work up to the range of 100m transmission range with the beams to base.
  10. The FYTA beam is small and invisible when you insert into your planter.
  11. This device is Eco-Friendly which uses the solar cell that extends the life of the CR battery every day.
  12. Each and every component is detachable so they each of them are replaceable and can be recycled easily.
  13. If the Plant size is bigger since, the parts are detachable you can have the variable length size of the probes. It will fit for any plant.
  14. It is also available in many colours and design that will available soon.
  15. The battery used in this device is the lithium coin battery; Device is coated with the reflexive casing.
  16. The FYTA app is more than a conveyer and will help you to have a total care about your plants.
  17. If you don’t even know about the plant you have, don’t need to be afraid about that the app will help you to identify the plant which it is, with the help of the FYTA plant library.
  18. There is an option available to create a virtual garden, there is a customized notification which help you to change the notifications how would to like to hear form your plants.
  19. The app also has tutorials to learn how to take better care of your plants. You will learn how to maintain plants healthier and better.




Dimensions 90×34 mm
Weight 80grams
Wireless Bluetooth range 25m for single beam

Range 100m for multiple beams

Power Solar Cell & Lithium Coin Battery
Platforms IOS & Android
Soil moisture & nutrition Detection Available
Light Intensity Available
Ambient Temperature Detection Available


Plan for Launch

The design of the product is completed on September 2018, the first-prototype was built on November 2018, and then the first demo was started in December and second one in January 2019, Verified production and pricing is done in February 2019, the delivery of the product is December 2019 throughout the timeline of their product.


The price of the product is 38$ which is Rs.2,800 for a single beam, you can have triple beams 94$ which is Rs.6700, for more plants like gardens and any you need a base for that you have to pick M pack which has 3 FYTA beams and one base to connect them. There is an Large pack also available for 240$ for which you got 5 FYTA beams and 1 base, Last but not least there is an extra-large pack consist of 10 beams and one base available for 394$.

Editor’s Pick

There aren’t many disadvantages over this to be speaking about this product, for plant lovers this is a very good device to protect and take care after their loved ones. One major con is that you should be in the range to get the notifications unless if you went out of range there is no purpose of having the device without base, They also mentioned that this device is cheap but not the one with base, if their device cannot had the exact plant details about the plant you have planted then it might be an issue even though it give you notifications.

About Company

This product is created by FYTA which is a berlin based company; they always try to develop inventive, intuitive and cool products for next generation gardeners to make them love it. By considering the motto that “if you want to know what the world is

You need to ask plants because they create the world”. It provides you a better platform to care your loved plants to feel their feelings with their technology.      



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