FUELL Fluid Long-Range Commuter E-Bike

FUELL Fluid Long-Range Commuter E-Bike
  • FUELL Fluid Ebike allows to experience the absolute premium with all their machines
  • FUELL Fluid Ebike one of the most capable electronic bikes
  • FUELL Fluid Ebike fashion statement of a modern bike

FUELL has always been in bringing the best technology for the people with innovative design which allows them to experience the absolute premium with all their machines. Now it has brought the FUELL Fluid, one of the most capable electronic bikes.

The FUELL Fluid packs 2 capable 48 V battery in its frame which allow it to power the 500 Watt motor it has allowing it to be the perfect companion for the roads of the cities. You can enjoy riding the Fluid in your city and not worry about the pollution as well as the power provided by the bike or the battery backup.

FUELL Fluid Long-Range Commuter E-Bike

Problem Solving by the Product

The FUELL Fluid provides its users with many capable assistance over a lot of different aspects. Being an electronic vehicle, it helps reduce the pollution and climate change. The Fluid can easily be stated as the vehicle of the future being so well and innovative in design and at the same time being power packed and capable.

The Fluid provides its user with the fashion statement of a modern bike along with the power of its capable motor being powered by 2 batteries each capable of dissipating 1008 Watts of power. You would no longer have to worry about the battery drainage in your bike anymore.


Most of the E-Bikes look and feel pretty much the same. The FUELL Fluid on the other hand has a unique futuristic design and a vast variety of specifications which allow it to stand above the rest of the competitors. The company has mainly focused on the improvements over the speed, reliability and styles for their new Fluid E-Bike.

FUELL Fluid Long-Range Commuter E-Bike

The design of the bike mainly focuses on making the Bike more sight suitable for cities and urban outdoors and making it feel adventurous and powerful along with the design to its users so that they do not feel like they are riding anything less than what is around them.

One of the main focus points of the FUELL Fluid bike is its arrangement of two 48 Volt batteries. These batteries individually are capable of providing any bike with a good enough amount of power as their 1008 Watt power dissipation is very high compared to its class of competitors. Each of the battery works well and has a fast charging available in them.

FUELL Fluid Long-Range Commuter E-Bike

The 4 Ampere fast charger charges the batteries. It can charge one battery to 80 percent in 2.5 hours and a full charge in about 5 hours. The Batteries also have an LED charge indicator so that you know when it’s time to get rolling on the streets with your Fluid. The FUELL Fluid is marked at a maximum travelling distance of 125 Miles. This maximum distance also depends on factors like Pedal Assistance, Speed of the Bike and Grade.

The vehicle is operated by a Bofelli 500 Watt Mid-Chassis motor. This motor is developed especially for the FUELL brand. The Shimano Alfine 8-Speed Geared Hub is turned by the Gates Carbon Belt drive used by the motor. The motor dissipated a maximum torque of 100 N.m. This torque can provide the FUELL Fluid E-Bike with a maximum speed of 20 Miles per hour on one of the batteries. When both the batteries are installed and working, the Bike can reach up to 25 Miles per hour.

FUELL Fluid Long-Range Commuter E-Bike

The FUELL Fluid uses 27.5 inch tires. These are Pirelli Cycle-E GT tires and provide the bike with a premium feel in the scope of its tires. The Suntour XCR34 front suspension also provides the user with the premium comfort and absorbs the shocks and oddness of the terrain the Bike is feeling. The 180 mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes make the vehicle suitable for the city provide the smooth braking experience.

The front dashboard of the Bike has a 3.2 inches IPS LCD colored display which allows you to manage the vitals of your bike including Speed, Battery left, RPM of the tires, pedal assistance power level, etc. The Bike also has an inbuilt anti-theft feature. This secures your bike. The Bike also has a 4 digit Pin lock which will make it easy for you to access your Bike in case you forget the key at home or lose it for some reason. The front dashboard also has a USB charging port for your mobile phones to conveniently charge your device while you get to work on the Fluid.

FUELL Fluid Long-Range Commuter E-Bike

The FUELL Fluid packing such great specifications is one of the most durable and convenient E-Bikes currently available in the market. The Fluid requires very little or no maintenance by its user. If you have the battery charged, you’re pretty much good to go.

Plans for Launch

The FUELL Fluid was launched through its Indiegogo campaign in April 2019. It blasted past expectations with backers from all over the world going past the initially set target within a few weeks of being launched. The company also added the bike on preview in New York City as an appreciation to its backers.

Production of the bike began first in May 2019 and the first phase of stocks were shipped in January 2020. The company had launched the second phase production of the bikes to meet the increasing demands of the bike. The company is currently accepting the orders mostly inside the United States but is set to start expanding the shipping to all around the world.

FUELL Fluid Long-Range Commuter E-Bike

Company Details 

The FUELL Brand has been launched way back with the aim and ideology to provide the world with better technologies in daily use vehicles. The innovative minds behind the FUELL have been great people like Erik Buell, as the Chief Technical Officer, Fred Vasseur as the CTO, Franccois-Xavier Terny, as CEO and many more hard working people along with the design team working at their best and creating the best industry designs for the people. All of the people in the FUELL team have been successful in their respective automobile fields and came together with a vision of creating the automobiles of the future for the next generation of riders.