FOVE – Eye Tracking VR Headset

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  • FOVE’s VR set combines the human-like interaction with the virtual world.
  • FOVE’s VR set has a wide and detailed 2560 X 1440 5.7-inch display enabling a 100-degree view of the field.
  • FOVE to recreate the world we see around and a complete hands-free virtual reality experience.

The cinematic universe is just glaring up these days. The stories, the direction is all just a piece of art now, with each piece being carved beautifully and with efficiency. The experience that one gets while in a movie theatre is being enhanced with each passing day.

The visuals are just mind-blowing and the immersion of the audience in the scenes of the movie is something that gives chills right to the bones. And this experience is not just limited to the cinema. If one looks up to the astronomical theatres which take you on a journey through the stars, provide a time to cherish.

Problem Solving By This Product

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Till now, these kinds of experiences were limited but not anymore. With the introduction of Virtual Reality, immersive experience comes to one at his/her own comfort zone. There is no need for one to go anywhere or pay any extra costs. Just a VR headset and a VR enabled movie can set you through. But with the innovation and imagination of FOVE, Virtual Reality has become so much more than just an immersive experience.

FOVE’s VR set combines the human-like interaction with the virtual world. With the first eye-tracking technology, FOVE keeps a sensational product in front of the world. Not only can one view the contents of a game or a video, but it can also interact with it in real-time. The eye-tracking technology stresses on what one is seeing and focuses on that. Everything about the product is just interesting and innovative.

Detailed Description

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The build of the device is very sleek and a royal white color gives users the feeling of a premium product. It houses one of a kind eye-tracking technology which is the key feature of FOVE. The set is built with two small infrared eye-tracking system which are used to keep a note of the movement of the user’s eyes. This has a precision of 0.2 degrees. It houses an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 for powering the device up.

The VR set has a wide and detailed 2560 X 1440 5.7-inch display enabling a 100-degree view of the field. As compared to other products that are in the market right now, the FOVE VR set has 42% more pixels. Due to the eye-tracking system, one can naturally move their head which reduces the simulation sickness. Using the built-in head tracking system, position awareness can be gained. It has a frame rate of 70fps (frames per second) whereas the IR eye-tracking systems have one with 120fps.


The device is PC compatible too allowing you to have no separate high-powered gaming specs that are needed for AAA rendering. Have your way with the device. However, there are certain PC requirements that need to be met to make sure that FOVE works smoothly. Some of them are: at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 graphics card, a CPU with at i5 4th generation or more with a minimum RAM of 8 GB. The device is compatible with 64-bit Windows 10 and also Windows 8.1.


There is so much to FOVE than just the concept of virtual reality. The device is powered by numerous applications which makes it stand out in the market right now. The FPS (First Person Shooting) games that can be played on VR sets can be played on FOVE too but with a twist. With the device, one shoot and aim using only their eyes i.e. there is no need for any extra gaming controllers. It also allows the user to interact with the virtual characters in the game by making eye contact. On the basis of that, the characters react (smile and greet) to the interaction. FOVE also announced that it will be releasing a meditation application that will allow one to grow a forest virtually by just focusing on the space provided within the application. This creation was a collective effort of ‘Framestore and Time’ and FOVE itself.

Hands on reviews have been done by some reputed platforms such as Engadget, Yahoo, and the results are staggering with some of the reviews stating FOVE to recreate the world we see around and a complete hands-free virtual reality experience.

Plan For Launch

FOVE with it’s out of the box ideas was a finalist in TechCrunch Battlefield which is an achievement that speaks for itself. It started a kick-starter in mid-2015 raising a massive $480,000 with 1500 backers (approximately). In 2016, the company raised an $11 million investment through a Series A investment. It opened its product for pre-ordering in 2016. There were many delays passing the shipping date promised but the company kept on adding more and more features as a compensation act.

The company kept updating its backers on Kickstarter about what has been done and when will the process of the order deliveries start. Some of the features that FOVE added to its devices were a FOVE Minigame, advanced gaze analysis, and a valve lighthouse; each being added with every $100,000 that the company gathered. The shipping started in early 2017. The early bird price for the product was $500 and the normal price was set to $599. In the box, the customer would find the device itself with a position tracking camera and a face cushion to replace the existing one.

Company Details

Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Tokyo, California, etc. FOVE is a virtual reality-based company started by Yuka Kojima and Lochlainn Wilson. Both men were deeply interested in VR. The former also worked as a game developer in Sony Computer Entertainment. The company’s idea is to provide a platform for a game creator so that he/she can develop content in the virtual world by expressing themselves in a different way. A way that includes full immersive experience. FOVE promises to bring the latest VR technology to its customers. It is assisted by companies like Toshiba and Samsung.

Are you a little bored by the display and controls being to you again and again? Try FOVE 0 for some time and feel the enthralling immersive eye tracking experience that has never been felt before.