FOUND GPS: World’s Longest Lasting Global Tracker Perfect For Commercial and Domestic Uses

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  • FOUND GPS can be paired with the special Homing Button and Collar Attachment for pets.
  • Fleet tracking can be very beneficial to keep an eye on employees when they are using a company’s car.
  • FOUND GPS enables users to incorporate security features into their cars to prevent unwanted incidents.

Pebblebee is the developer of innovative position trackers like Finder 2.0 and BlackCard. They release pre-order and early bird sale for Found-GPS, the very first actual-time position detector that only unlocks when users search for it. FOUND GPS is elegantly crafted and uses the latest minimal-energy bandwidth that stretches battery capacity from 1 month in operating track configuration to 12 months in passive track configuration and it is also USB-C rechargeable.

It only triggers when anything highly important is lost, which needs to be found immediately such as a car, bicycle, luggage, drone, golf clubs, dog and many more. This is also a great way to keep track of nearest and dearest, elders and children, or while hiking alone.

Problem Solving By This Product

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FOUND GPS can be paired with the special Homing Button and Collar Attachment for pets. It monitors the last known status of the pet and sends a phone alert every few minutes. The Homing Button is pressed in the situation of a missing pet that is identified, and a Smartphone notification is sent with the dog’s position.

Found GPS

Keeping control of user assets: GPS tracking lets users retain control of their belongings, which are essential for carrying goods or assisting customers. Also, it helps users to map a precise position of their belongings that effectively lends a hand in keeping control of them. Whenever it comes to investing, any owner of a business wants to avoid lost or misplaced properties. Nevertheless, if it occurs, then a GPS navigation system will help you locate the asset and then get it back in hours.

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Completely eradicate concern: The simplicity behind the idea of GPS navigation is that it helps users to alleviate some of their fear, worry, frustration with loved ones and valuable possessions. When parents are not home, they can find out the location of their children. Besides, users can find out how far their driver has moved the car after leaving home or office. Furthermore, GPS servers help business owners track their staff members if they are responsible for a company’s vehicle. Fleet tracking can be very beneficial to keep an eye on employees when they are using a company’s car.

User friendly: Indeed, several assertions proposing the complexity of the automobile tracking system have kept many people away from its advantages. The truth is quite the contrary, however, as current GPS tracking devices are smartly built and deliver the convenience of use.

With a commitment to security: Even if cars of users are miles away from them, now they have enhanced their power with GPS navigation devices to secure their car from being robbed. FOUND GPS enables users to incorporate security features into their cars to prevent unwanted incidents.

Reduce the price of fuel: Cost of fuel is among the highest cost when it comes to inventory management but GPS navigation apps will help to reduce this cost and save users precious time. GPS navigation systems enable users to minimize the work-time their service vehicles expend sitting in traffic or not in use by supplying service drivers with the most effective route to take when they’re on the lane.

Monitor the actions of your teenagers driving: Young people are most likely to have an accident while driving. With GPS navigation technology, parents can check how fast their children drive. This will motivate adolescents to drive more carefully, realizing parents may test their driving speed. They can hopefully prevent an accident, using a more vigilant teen driver.


FOUND GPS tracker in the backpack of the kid: Small kids always wander a lot, so the solution to make sure their safety is through a small GPS tracker. Nothing could be more worrying than losing your child. Whether it is at the supermarket, the park, or somewhere in the city center, it’s very frightening to miss a kid and can alleviate the fear with a child tracking device i.e. FOUND GPS.

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Receive email & SMS notification whenever your child is on an erratic route home: The monitoring device’s good feature is to set up geo-fences to be informed if a child is following an unusual route home. Geo-fences are generally regions users can create online. The very simple function to configure helps you to provide warning by either SMS or email anytime your child takes an unexpected route home. For example, if a child goes away the fixed ground fence, they either go home incorrectly or they don’t come home when they are meant to. The user will then get a message informing about this, and then you can user can contact them or discuss what else to do. Another concept could be to establish a geo-fence around the school area. Thereby, users will be notified of when children leave school and head home.

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Tracking hardware on a dog’s collar: Our pets are like our kin and finding where a dog is when it runs away is very tough. Having a pet GPS tracker on their neck would be a simple solution to that. Also putting the FOUND GPS tracking device on a dog’s collar will set up a geo-fence warning that enables users to act quickly if their dog escapes the home yard.

Detailed Specifications


It can works anywhere with cell service and also have a motion tracking sensor that helps to detect movement. It is water resistant and can remember last known location with left behind notifications. It comes with a homing button and also has a loud ringer with volume control. It enables Alexa and Google Assistant with crowd GPS and True GPS.

The most amazing thing of the device is its battery life which can survive up to 12 months on single charge. It has a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 350 mAh. It also has on-device LED with the notification system. There are no subscriptions required for basic service and also upgrades are available.

The connectivity range of the FOUND GPS is
1) Bluetooth Trackers which has only 100 feet of range.
2) Actual Bluetooth range of the device is approx. 1000 feet.
3) The network range is the Global tracking on a secure, low-power network (5G LTE-M).
The dimension of the device is 1.4” x 2.3” x 0.6” (35 x 59 x 15 mm) and the weight is 1 oz (28g).

It is compatible with the following systems:
1) iOS
2) Android
3) Safari
4) Chrome
5) Explorer browsers

The FOUND GPS is made up of a strong ABS and polycarbonate with anodized aluminum frame.

Company Details

Pebblebee is a Seattle-based technology company and creates location trackers for a wide range of businesses and consumers. Pebblebee provides popular and innovative solutions for connecting people with their loved ones, pets, valuables and also helping companies better manage their money and inventory.