Flexsee Magnetic Universal Glasses

Most durable and indestructible glasses.

Flexsee Magnetic

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  • Flexsee glasses are indestructible and crafted to all the need & fit to all faces and has five different optical power options.
  • Flexsee Magnetic offers great reading experience with UV 400 protection and anti-scratch coating.
  • Blue-block technology on the Flexsee makes screen time easier on your eyes & has a unique magnetic neodymium case compatible with all magnetic phone holders.


Every individual wear glasses either for the look or for protecting their eyes from dust or other particles while driving, some of the glasses are as flexible as others. While some others don’t offer features.

Flexsee Magnetic are almost indestructible glasses which are designed to meet the daily needs of the dynamic urban individual, Flexsee’s are light and easy to carry.

Their unique case design embedded with the neodymium m52 magnets, they are compatible with all magnetic phone holders and their patented design created by an experienced team of experts come to life.

They worked seamlessly to find the perfect pair between the ergonomic and functionality, creating the best match for all faces, the five optical power options they are mono-focal, bifocal, anti-reflective coated blue block sun reader and sunglasses.

Problem Solved By The Product


Flexsee is indestructible while the other glasses will be broken on some activities, but the Flexsee is as flexible as butter and they have adjustable temple tips that suit any face.

There is no worry about the screws getting loosed because this Flexsee uses a magnetic hinge design and they also offer a smart case that sticks to your glasses magnetically and to your phone as well.

Flexsee glasses are most durable and they are guaranteed for up to 10 years of everyday usage, UV 400 protection on the Flexsee will block the UV light and protect your eyes from strain.

Flexsee comes in different frames and colors as normal glasses and there are also five optical power options in which you can change the lenses according to your eye power and comes in 4 different lenses.

Detailed Specification


Flexsee glasses are made with high-quality premium robust material to bring smart solutions put a break to common problems, Flexsee comes with the flexible frame that can be bended as you like.

They have designed a magnetic power technology with neodymium m52, they are also using the same for the case which protects your frame and makes your life easy.

Flexsee smart cases enable you to use the phone’s camera and navigational holder without detaching the case from your phone, these are most durable with guaranteed up to 10 year of usage.

They have implanted Magnetic Hinge design which will make sure that there will be no-screws and snaps the frame into a very thin shape and they have opted for adjustable temple tips to make sure that a single frame will fit to everyone.

These Flexsee Magnetic glasses have UV 400 Protection that blocks the UV light along with the top quality lens that is anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and blue-block to fulfill your needs.

The optical power of Flexsee Magnetic Monofocal lenses are the most common ones to maximize your angle of vision and if your eyes have different power you can change the lens by yourself.

Bifocal lenses is designed to correct your near vision while the upper parts are designed to not to disturb your far vision when you are looking up with the glasses, while the Blue Block lenses boost attention during daytime while during night time they have adverse effects to the sleep as well.

Flexsee Magnetic glasses come with 5 optical power and 4 different lenses.

Flexsee Magnetic glasses come with two different models and 6 different colors, they are the red, black, navy blue, green, brown tortoise and marble texture options.

These Flexsee Magnetic glasses, which are mono-focal reading glasses are priced at $20 for early bird sale and $25 for normal days, whereas the Magnetic sunglasses are priced at $28 likewise depending on the optical power and style pricing will vary.

Plan For Launch

These Flexsee Magnetic glasses are launched in the year 2020 Sep and will be made available to the market in later quarters of the year 2020 after completion of the manufacturing process, when they have enough stock, then shipping will begin to backers home.

Company Details

These Magnetic flexible glasses are developed by a company called Flexsee which is founded in Istanbul, they started their carrier by offering glasses and sunglasses with long-lasting quality & unique packing.

They have been selling their products to over 45 countries since 2014 with the distribution hubs in Barcelona & Atlanta, they can ship to anywhere if we are willing to pay.

Energetic & experienced team with a futuristic design with a dynamic spirit to fulfill all the needs that one expects from glasses.

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