FitTrack Dara – Smart Body BMI Scale – Track and Keep Yourself Fit

  • FitTrack Dara can help you maintain fitness.
  • FitTrack Dara can do 17 different types of body measurements.
  • FitTrack Dara is available in just 85$ or 6000 Rs.


his product will help you maintain the fitness that you wanted to be, by providing motivational at each and every detailed level with its 17 different body measurements. It works on basis of the resistance which is measured when passing the low and safer electrical signals through the electrodes which are placed around the corners in the Dara. You can have the accurate results which are very nearer to the actual ones. It is also made for all the body types of the people even it also have the infant mode, you can monitor your workout tracking on a basis like daily, monthly, or daily and change diet according to that to maintain the fitness.

Fittrack SMart BMI Scale

FitTrack Dara – Features

1. Detailed measurement of the body to maintain the fitness and which part you can work out on.
2. You can have the infant mode monitor their health of the child while growing.
3. Accurate measurements of the body like fat mass, muscle mass, Bone mass…etc.
4. Easy and convenient to use.
5. You can also restrict the device to be used by many of the people up to 8 private users.
6. You can have the live monitoring the details into your device directly when connected to the Bluetooth.
7. You have the references so that you can have a view of how much you are and how much you have to do for you fitness.
8. This one offers you an athlete mode than anyone does.

FitTrack Dara – Specifications

1. This Dara Smart BMI Scale will have a digital display which shows your weight onto the screen of your phone when connected.
2. This Dara Scale has four electrodes which will send the safe electrical signal into the body when they hits the fat tissue they will have the resistance which is also known as the impedance and this will be given as input to the Fitness Tracker equation so they will calculate body composition measurements. They will be provided less than 20 seconds.
3. Underneath it has four rubber textured plates with molding around to hold it against ground tight with help of the friction.
4. It allows you to measure 17 different health indicators including the body fat % BMI, Muscle mass, hydration and many more like BFR, Muscle Rate, Body Water, Bone Mass, BMR, Protein Rate, Metabolic Age, Visceral fat Index…etc.
5. It has an athlete mode which is great for trainer, bodybuilders or anybody they like to monitor more specific metrics in their body.
6. In the bottom centre it has the drag and pull down plate to replace the batteries which uses the four triple-a batteries.
7. Near the drag and pull down plate there is a button which change the display of the weight form pounds to kg’s and vice versa. You can also do the same thing using app
8. Pairing it is very simple like the other Bluetooth devices all you need to download and install the app and register in that by proving the details.
9. You will have a history for your workouts daily, monthly, weekly.
10. You also have an additional functionality to weigh your baby infant and you can monitor them while they are growing.
11. You can also change the units in the app itself not only by the button provided.
12. It has the accurate results that with your details it will show you are over or under you goals like you are underweight or overweight.
13. Each and every measurement of the seventeen have the scale to show that you are low, standard, high, and very high.
14. It also has the metabolic age calculation specifies the age accordingly to the metabolism
Happening in your body it will be pretty interesting to know and change that by changing your diet and workout so that you will have a healthier life.
15. It also has the visceral fat index which will help you to get rid of the chronic diseases when you have the low index value.
16. You cannot even so have a phone for the results you can sink these results in the apple health care or In the Fitbit or any smart bands.

Fittrack Smart BMI Scale

Technical Specifications

  • Measurements : 17 different measurements
  • No of Users : 8 per device
  • Integrated App : For IOS and android
  • Precision : More accurate
  • Batteries : Four Triple AAA
  • Dimensions : 12.6×12.6×1 inches
  • Weight : 1.5 kg’s

Plan for launch

This product was launched before May of 2019 to give a best experience and well imaginative things that one should be focused on while involved to obtain the fitness through vigorous exercises.


This Fit track Dara is priced at $85(6,000 RS Approx.) which is excellent price for this device to be paid since these functionalities will might not be there even for the fitness band or any other at this price range.


Inside the box

You will have the Fit Track Dara and paper work regarding the usage of the Dara and warranty details all other stuff you will be provided a barcode to download the app form the manual to sync your measurements all around the time.

Editor’s Pick

The major disadvantage that every BMI scale will face is also with Dara was, The results will varies when you change the location like when you measure in living room will be differ when you measure on the some other room. Even they will vary based in the standing posture on the Dara between the feet and the electrodes.
Even the app provided with this Dara has lot of bugs accordingly though it can be solved through update eventually.
The weight it can bear was 186kg’s when the person weigh’s more than that it might get damaged or may not work properly.

About Company

The Fit Track is a health focused company bringing the new health technology to explore your own body by deeply understanding it while measure the weight of the body which indirectly says that understanding own body lead to success for this, They started by creating health and fitness devices which are easy to use and app based for their consumers by providing the all of the data that they would need to make real life change.