FitAir Portable Air Purifier

  • FitAir air purifier is portable and purifies 97.8% of surrounding air with the powerful H13 HEPA filter and give you full statistics about surrounding air in FitAir app.
  • FitAir can be used as wearable device and also supports baby care with the 130 L/ min fresh air flow around you up to 25 square feet.
  • FitAir comes with Aromatherapy option to give you your favorite essence with long lasting battery of about 6 hours on single charge.

Pollution is everywhere around us, with the emission of pollutants into air which causes many diseases and spread virus in air among one to another rapidly, there are many devices for purifying the air but are many problems with them like portability and usability and purification levels. FitAir is the ultimate portable air purifier that make you free from allergens from air, smoke and viruses with the best ultralight air solution anywhere you go. FitAir will clean your 25 square feet around you at an airflow rate of 3 times faster per hour.

FitAir is designed to give healthier and better life to breathe and live, wherever you go and whatever you do, with the H13 HEPA filter it cleans the virus around you in air to be healthier.


FitAir is smart and wearable device that can be attached to tote, baby stroller or to any car seat, and ultra-portable with long battery life and can be controlled by application and lightweight.

Problem Solving By This Product


FitAir Purifier is portable to anywhere you go that brings you clean air by cleaning within 25 square feet space around you at a rate three times faster than the air flow.

FitAir is lightweight and can be fitted in pocket to carry it anywhere gadget to office/home/outdoor to give you fresh air and protect you from allergens, virus and pollutants in the air.

With the H13 HEPA filter in the FitAir which offers you superior filtering of air of about 97.8% filtration to eliminate PM2.5, smoke and microbes in the air.

FitAir has 290 pores allowing maximum air flow of 130 L/min which is more than sufficient to the average ten adults, with the air flow adjustment.

FitAir Air Purifier-1


FitAir app provides you all the information you need with the air statistics around you like temperature, humidity and speed level, app also calculates the battery life and filter life.

FitAir comes with the long battery life of about 6 hour for single full charge, there is an aromatherapy option for your favorite oil essence to feel and this FitAir can be also used as wristband and connects to your phone using Bluetooth.

Detailed Features


The FitAir is the smallest and most lightweight air purifier that has ever made with only 5.6 oz in weight. FitAir is portable to anywhere with its lightweight design and easy to use.

FitAir offers you fresh breeze around you no matter where you are, FitAir is needed in many places like car/office/rooms/café or other outdoor activities, spice the air in your car which protects you from allergens, virus and bacteria on air around you.

FitAir is best for those who suffocate with the pollutant air, when you might be travelling or in office, you can relax yourself and loved ones while the FitAir do it job by cleaning air.

The superior Air Filter H13 HEPA which provides the superior filtering efficiency of about 97.8% to providing the pure air, that cleans the air in near you to free it from allergens, smoke, microbes, PM2.5 and pollution, with eliminating all these in air FitAir will protect you blood & heart, lungs etc and reduces the microbes down to 0.3 micrometer.


For High Volume air flow the FitAir has 290 ports allowing maximum air flow of 130 L/min which is more enough for even 10 adults near it, with the three level air flow adjustment that allows you to customize air flow based on your needs.

FitAir is a smart device that instantly pairs to your phone using Bluetooth, with the FitAir app keeps you up to date about the air quality around you with the temperature, humidity and wind speed levels, FitAir app also calculate the HEPA filter life and as well as the battery life of the FitAir, so you don’t need to worry about checking them either.

The filter life of the FitAir depends up on the pollution level of the area you live and you carry, Filter will last longer for 1-2 months in the polluted area and about 2-4 months in non-polluted area, with the easy modular level design you can easily change the filter in it.

FitAir portable air purifier offers you a long battery life of about to 6 hours with continuous operation, the LED colored lights will indicate the remaining battery level in the FitAir, you can charge easily with the help of the any USB ports that don’t interrupt your daily routine.

The red light on the FitAir indicates that only 1 hour of battery is remaining and yellow shows that 1-3 hours battery left, while the green shows that 3 to 6 hours of battery life.

FitAir Air Purifier-1

The FitAir is also capable to add essential oils with the aromatherapy option, by dropping your favorite oil on the cotton pad to enjoy the essence in fresh air, FitAir can be also used as a wrist band to offer you hand free experience, that easy attached to your arm or backpack and can be easily detachable, using it as an baby stroller will protect your baby with fresh air and gives good health.


  • Dimensions 72x72x66mm
  • Dimensions with stand 146x73x44.5mm
  • Battery life 2 to 6 hours
  • Battery capacity 1600mAh
  • Weight 7.8 oz.
  • Support App mode Android 4.3 and above, IOS 8.0 and above
  • Purification efficiency 97.8%

The FitAir portable air purifier is priced at $79 for the early bird sale and the FitAir wearable solution is priced at $99 whereas the FitAir full solution is priced at $109.

Plan For Launch

FitAir purifier project is launched in the year 2016 October and the prototype is built in the year November 2016, design validation is completed in December 2016, second prototype is built in January 2017 along with the validation in February and the product internal test in March 2017 with the production test and tooling for manufacturing and campaign preparation in July 2017. Manufacturing is done in October 2017.

Company Details

This FitAir Portable Air Purifier is developed by the company called Air Experts Inc which is a family owned and operated heating, air conditioning and dust cleaning company. Air Experts is founded in the year 1994, they have been helping customers to enjoy the healthier life and air with the products they have developed.

Their goal is to provide customers with the highest quality of service, by using the highest standards of installation to satisfy the customers, Yan Zhang is the CEO of the company and Ali Yang as the marketing manager and all other people like graphic designer, IOS developers and technical advisory.