Firewalla Gold: Multi-Gigabit Cyber Security For Secure Your Home and Business

Firewalla Gold VPN
  • Firewalla Gold offer varieties of securities to protect your home in all the possible ways
  • Firewalla Gold has threat detection system that can be equipped to any device
  • Firewalla Gold has safe search feature which will filter the offensive search results

The Firewalla Gold is a device that is set to help its user keep up with this technologically growing world, both its advantages and disadvantages. Although the vast variety of usage of technologies are beyond counting, it also leaves this world with the various number of risks it brings with it.

Usage of server based technologies leaves you exposed to any hacker who can simply dig inside your network and gain access to your devices. The problem with this is that you won’t even know that you are under attack or your data had been stolen.

Firewalla Gold

Problem Solving by the Product

Many of us have a lot of devices at our home which are connected to a certain internal network. These devices may include our Mobile Phones, Televisions, Computers, Security Cameras, etc. When we are using a normal network service, it leaves us exposed as a normal network does not have much security capabilities.

Any attacker may easily gain access to the internal network and through that it can access any device connected to it. This leaves you at a very dangerous state. Your privacy, security and digitally everything is exposed. The attacker may watch you through the security camera, access important files from your computer or mobile phone.

To solve this you will need to install a good security network. And with all the inbuilt features, there is no better choice than the Firewalla.


The Firewalla’s sophisticated security services offer various varieties of securities to protect your home in all the possible ways. These services include Firewall, Parental Control, VPN Server and Client, Ad-Block, Intrusion Protection, Network Segmentation and Bandwidth Usage Information. All these security services have been designed with utmost perfection for them to maintain their standard against attacks.

Firewalla Gold

The Firewalla’s powerful hardware includes 4 Routable Gigabit ports capable of routing over 3 Gigabits of performance which can manage all the processes of your internal home network for now and in the near future.

The 4 GB of Primary Memory also enables it very well along with a 32 GB fast processing SSD. For the processing the Firewalla is equipped with an Intel Quad Core CPU inside a fan less, Aluminum and Metallic design.

The Firewalla’s powerful and capable security is powered and managed by the Firewalla Security Stack software which has previously been powering the Firewalla Red and Blue since 2017. The Software with some updates will be ready to manage the powerful Firewalla Gold too.

Firewalla Gold

The threat detection system of the Firewalla Gold can be equipped to any device. From your Phone to your Baby Monitor camera, its intelligent design looks for intrusions or by monitoring all the unwanted abnormal behavior inside the server and then notifies you about the attack and also helps prevent and block such intrusions.

It continuously scans your home for security vulnerabilities and risks and also actively blocks malicious websites in real time.

Its blocker and parental control also enables you to block all the unwanted websites and servers from access. The game blocker also blocks any of the devices on the server to play online games. It also offers a social networking and adult content blocker. You can review all the online activity on the server and receive online activity alerts.

The Bandwidth usage insight feature of the Firewalla also allows you to monitor the strength of your network and manage it. Slow network problems and net usage statistics can all be managed by this feature.

The app provides you an inside look to the Internet Bandwidths used by your server. You can view hourly, daily, or monthly usage statistics and even set limits for each device connected to the server. You can also review the device’s actions and block it from using the server anymore if you want.

Firewalla Gold

You can also enable the safe search feature which will filter the offensive search results from various famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The VPN can connect to any device on the IoT and enables you to browse the internet more securely and privately. You can virtually be on home from anywhere in the world with the VPN service. It can also be used to bypass the Internet Filtering and monitoring.

The Global GEO-IP Filtering service allows you to instantly block entire traffics from any specific country you want to stop the intrusion attacks or any other reason. The Social Block feature blocks all the Social Networking websites to remind everyone in your home to take a break from Social media and spend some Family time as well.

You can also create different segment firewalls within a single network for different purposes and block and manage the segments individually.

With the detailed yet simple interface and the localized language options the Firewalla is easy to use and always puts you in control. From blocking the Porn, Gambling, and other websites you don’t want your children to use to any IP addresses or location based blocking, the Firewalla’s list of capabilities is nearly endless. The Firewalla is very useful and its cutting edge technology provides you full control over your network. Monitoring, Tracking and Blocking all the malicious and unwanted materials, it enables you to spend time on your network in peace.

Plans for Launch

The Firewalla’s initial idea was born in 2015. With the company executing the idea with the initial Red version, it later upgraded to the Blue. The idea to build a network security of the future, the company launched the Firewalla Gold. The Crowdfunding stage started in November 2019 and the early access will be provided by February 2020. The Final shipping has been planned for July 2020 with the Early Bird shipping and Beta shipping planned for June and April 2020 respectively.

Company Details

The Firewalls company was founded by a team of ex Cisco engineers on the dream to provide the world with a powerful yet affordable Network security component which apart from being rich in features should be easy to use. The company had already managed to sell thousands of units of the Red and Blue versions of the device. And they have a good history of fulfilling the demands on or before time as well.

The company’s motive is to create a secure and more private world which should be accessible to any normal person and not just the high class.