Finn Scooter Golf Cart Kickstart eBike

Golf scooter which is lightweight and built with high quality aluminum.


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  • Finn Scooter are the new electric golf scooter which will speed up your game pace with the great comfort and fun while riding the eBike that last long for 36 holes.
  • Finn Scooter gear hub that produce 130 Nm torque that consumes less battery and powerful 100W battery with 78 premium cells in the battery along with the unique cable pull hydraulic brakes in both front and back with heavy duty suspension.
  • Finn Scooter is lightweight and built with aluminum frame with golf club kickstand and turf friendly tires which can go with maximum speed up to 16 mph.



Playing Golf will be hobby to everyone and going after the ball after getting hit with the bat is tedious process of sharing the buggy with someone where one person want to go one side while the other want to go other side hard to find the ball. Finn Scooter Golf cart eBikes for the carry bags and the cart bags which sit between your legs like the body of the motorbike and can speed up to 15.5 miles per hour which speed up the pace of play.

Finn Scooter are the eBikes so they don’t make so much noise as compared to buggy and the tyre of the Finn Scooters eBike are the ones used by greenkeepers so that the tyre don’t damage the turf.

Finn Scooter has stylish and solid complete with the golf club kickstand while the golf club sits along the center-line of the cycle offering easy accessibility. Finn electric Scooter will quietly go down the fairway with the smooth electric motor and hydraulic brakes.

Finn Scooter will start slowly instead of jerk start and offer comfort and easy to operate enjoyable to ride and make sure your enjoyment of the sport no matter what your age. Finn Scooter makes the golf fun and allows you to complete the game in under 2 hours rather than eating all the time by going towards the ball.

Problem Solving By This Product


Finn Scooter is the new golf scooter which is lightweight and built with high quality aluminum to make the bike well balanced personal golf machine.

Finn Scooter is two wheeled single rider eBike which solves the slowness in the golf game pace by sharing the buggy between others to reach your ball hole. The Finn Scooter will speed up the pace and quickly takes you to the hole with maximum speed of 16 mph.

Finn Scooter will start slowly while your legs are still on the ground no start like jerking unlike the other scooter which offers comfort and steady ride and helps you to play faster with an average time of 7.5 minutes per hole.

Finn Scooter engine is located on the back wheel which creates a sleek design and no need to carry the golf bags with you the centerline of the Finn Scooter allows your bag to sit between your legs and handle.

Finn Scooter gear hub produces 130 Nm torque which allows you to even uphill the eBike and the cable pull hydraulic brakes on front as well on back offers quick stop at the spot and the club kickstand allows you to hold the eBike in standstill position.

Finn Scooter also has front and back suspension and has the turf friendly tyres and the eBike will remain quite while you are riding and can last longer for 36 holes for single charge with the 100W battery.

Detailed Specification


Finn Scooter is the new eBike golf scooter which will speed up the pace of your golf course when you are playing and developed by the Sun Mountains owner. Finn Scooter is a two wheeled one rider electric motor bike.

Finn Scooter comes with the lithium ion battery that offers a comfortable & stable ride and can be used by the person of any age. The Finn Scooter design is unique and sleek from the inspiration to play the game faster.

Finn Scooter is made in such a way that the golf bag of you will sit along the center line of the Finn cycle offering you easy golf club access and stability while riding the bike.

Finn Scooter has the front and rear suspension for comfortable ride and has handle operated disc brakes which are easy to access for all people while the electric motor is placed in the rear wheel offering the sleek design.

The lithium ion battery in the Finn Scooter can charges up to 36 holes with single charge and the golf scooter will travel with the same speed of the golf buggy with 16 mph which drives to the ball quickly and speed up the pace of the game.

Finn Scooter is made with the cutting-edge technology with evert feature as personal golf machine with an average 7.5 minutes per hole to have more fun in the golf game.

Finn Scooter patented gear hub will produce a 130 Nm torque with low power consumption and allows you to even climb the hill with the specialized design battery pack that uses 78 premium lithium cells from Panasonic or LG providing 100W hours of capacity and last longer for 600 to 1000 charge cycles.

Finn Scooter is lightweight and built with the aluminum frame makes the eBike a well-balanced scooter with low center of gravity and has a golf club stand for the Scooter when you stop the eBike to play the game and has the true turf friendly tyres with the asymmetric for best performance.

These Finn Scooter golf eBikes are available in six different color options they are red, green, yellow, black, grey and white and they are priced at 3,699$.

Plan For Launch

The Finn Scooter is made available to the market in the year May 2019 after the launch of the product in the year 2019 February and made rental for payments in the golf game through the app after many changes in the prototype and design and will be shipped in later quarter of the year 2019 after the manufacturing process.

Company Details

This Finn golf scooter is developed by the company called Sun Mountain which has over 30 years of experience and started in the year 1981. Rick Reimers is the founder and investor for the company and introduced Front9 which is non collapsible light weight carry bags.

They have been developing the innovative products regarding the golf game and they have introduced many products like Eclipse in 1986 and many backpacks along with the golf accessories carry bag including shirts to play golf game.

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