FIDO Smart Lock – Simple and Safe Lock For Your AirBnB

  • FIDO Smart lock is a product of the future and is designed to keep you safe and secure.
  • FIDO smart lock has been designed to provide a hi-tech solution to this fundamental problem.
  • FIDO is lightweight and super easy to install, which hardly takes more than 5 minutes.

Are you worried that your house might get robbed while you’re not at home? Well, who isn’t? Of course, you must be too. Keeping our belongings and loved ones safe from unwanted visitors is everyone’s priority. We tend to do our best, but still, there is an underlying fear that someone might break into our homes. There have been tremendous improvements in locks and safekeeping technologies over the years. Today we’ll be talking about a revolutionary product that convenient, affordable and highly secure at the same time. This product is the FIDO Smart Lock.


FIDO Smart Lock is indeed a smart lock and something straight out of a sci-fi movie. It is the safest and most minimalist smart lock in the market. Like most of us, you must have lost keys at some point in your life. Everyone has been through that, that frustration of waiting for a locksmith to break it open. With FIDO Smart Lock, you don’t need to carry keys. It has a fingerprint sensor that will unlock for you and other permitted users. Installing it is a piece of cake and barely takes 5 minutes. Keep reading to know more about this terrific product.



FIDO Smart lock is a product of the future and is designed to keep you safe and secure. A product of Sweden, it is unlike any other smart lock that you may have come across. FIDO is lightweight and super easy to install, which hardly takes more than 5 minutes. You can download an app that allows you to monitor the smart lock’s activity and double-check if the door is locked. Loaded with multiple features like fingerprint sensor, alarm system and auto-lock, FIDO will keep you safe under all circumstances. FIDO smart lock also won the Red Dot prize for its minimalist design in Germany. FIDO is unbreakable and un-hackable.

It uses an encryption method that is used by many governments and security agencies around the world. With a total of 3.4*10^38 possible combinations, it is impossible to hack into FIDO. It is made from Galvanised steel, zinc alloy and aluminium alloy, which make it very sturdy and robust, virtually unbreakable by force.

Problem Solving By The Product


People all over the world are concerned about their security. There has always been a need for a reliable way to keep our belongings safe. FIDO smart lock has been designed to provide a hi-tech solution to this fundamental problem. This lock gives you complete control over the comings and goings of your premises. You can add up to 100 users, and only they will be granted access. The lock can be unlocked via 4 methods including fingerprint, Bluetooth, mobile app or a card. The app also allows you to track the activity of the smart lock. This is very beneficial for Airbnb and landlords as they can grant temporary access to their guests. If you have kids at home, then you can monitor the activity of the nanny or other caretakers. The lock eliminates the need for carrying keys, which is a boon as many of us have a habit of losing them. Also, it works on 2 AAA batteries which can last for almost 1 year or 30000 times access. Overall, FIDO smart lock is a brilliant product and has massive potential.

Detailed Specifications

FIDO: The Safest and Most Minimalist Smart Lock | Indiegogo

Here are the detailed specifications for you. Have a look.

Identification mode – fingerprint, Bluetooth, badge, app
• Unlocking speed with fingerprint, badge – 0.6 seconds
• Fingerprint sensor – 360 degrees live capacitive sensor
• Fingerprint capacity – 100 (including fingerprints and cards)
• Compatible smartphone – iOS and Android
• Material – Galvanised steel plain sheet, zinc alloy, aluminium alloy
• Finish – stoving varnish
• Working voltage – 3.3 V (2 * Alkaline AAA batteries)
• Battery life – up to 1 year (30000 times access)
• Working temperature – -20 degrees C to 65 degrees C
• Hardware type – Latch
• LED indicator colour – RGB Colour mode (Red, Green, Blue)
• Door thickness compatibility – 1-5/16” to 2-3/16” (33 mm to 56 mm)
• Dimension – Front handle 152.5 x 60 x 74mm, Back handle 152.5 x 60 x 75.5 mm
• Weight – Front handle 366 g, back handle 275 g
• Working humidity – 40%RH~85%RH
• Backset – Adjustable to 60 mm or 70 mm
• Battery cover material – PC + ABS Fireproof material

Plan For Launch

FIDO has been developed by a company named UJIA. It is currently on a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The company has managed to raise more than $600,000 from over 3800 backers. You can also back this product and be one of the early recipients. You can pledge as little as $200, and the company will deliver the product to you in a few months. The company has completed the pilot production and are gearing up to get the mass production lines up and running. FIDO can be delivered worldwide and has already been shipped to 2000 backers as of now. There are not many smart locks in the market currently, and those which exist are no match for the quality of FIDO. The company should perform marketing activities to create awareness about the product before a full-scale launch.

Company Details

UJIA is a Swedish Company based in Stockholm, and they are responsible for creating this fantastic product. They aim to provide solutions for the next generation of smart home adopters. They are a team of engineers and designers from 3 continents, each of them bring a unique set of skills and experience with them. By combining their expertise, they were able to conceive such a brilliant and innovative product.

The design of the smart lock has been one of the most recognized features of it, landing it the Red Dot Prize in 2019. UJIA has been well received by the public and critics alike, that is why they were able to fund their campaign successfully. They are now far ahead in the production stage, and if everything goes well, 2020 could turn out to be a fruitful year for them.