Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug – Easy to Carry Coffee Mug

  • Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug is ceramic coated on the secure Top lid with leak proof which make it odor free from inside.
  • Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug has the Aromatic wide mouth which make you feel the smell of coffee more and Drinkable Thin Lip which gives comfort in drinking.
  • Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug has Brew and Go Compatibility with double wall vacuum insulation, easy to carry.

Coffee & Brew lovers are everywhere around the world, who always loves to take a coffee break when they are at work and outside to refresh their minds. Carrying coffer now no longer a big problem like thinking about the taste of it over time and the hotness will remain over time or not, not even in a big flask and old traditional way, give a new style to coffee and to it test.

Carter Everywhere Mug seems very little in size, little items feel super luxurious, it looks great on your desk, while you are drinking coffee from Mug as well as in hands.


There is a lid protecting the Carter Mug on the top which makes it super secure from leak proof entirely even the Everywhere Mug is full of liquid hotter or colder ones.

Even when the Carter Everywhere Mug is full of coffee which is boiling it doesn’t leak even you shake it off. The ceramic coating makes it to hold the odor inside so that the coffee taste exactly how you want it to taste.

This Carter Everywhere Mug keeps the hot liquids to be hotter enough and cold liquids to be colder for more time.

Problem solving by this product

Carter Everywhere Mug help to keep hot things hotter in it for 12 hours and cold thing to be colder for 24 hours.

Carter Everywhere Mug is leak Proof and 270 degrees twist locking system can hold anything up in it without any leakage.

Everywhere Mug has the Aromatic wide mouth which helps for uniform taste and smell of coffee when you drink, rather than the old tiny hole that burns the tongue at one spot, designed to amplify your senses.

Fellow Carter Mug is easy to carry everywhere you go, simple to use with safe & secure protection with luxurious look. The drinkable thin lip on the top helps you drink the liquid you carry in it without wastage of single drop from it.

The ceramic coating on the Carter Everywhere Mug holds the true taste of the coffee and doesn’t allows the odor outside from it, so coffee lovers truly enjoys the taste of the coffee even for longer time.

Carter Everywhere Mug is also compatible with the Brew and Go gadgets for the perfect coffee with the double wall vacuum insulation that helps the things to stay in their state for longer period.

Easy to take with you look like a little capsule with luxurious looks and fits great in hand for great experience.

Detailed specification

The carter Everywhere Mug is designed to bring it everywhere and user it anywhere, with the Aromatic Wide Mouth design of the Mug let the full aroma of the coffee make pleasure over the coffee again and again.

The Drinkable Thin Lip design makes the Carter Everywhere Mug to fit perfectly on your mouth and to deliver the coffee or any liquid directly to your taste buds, the ceramic coating on the Mug ensures that your coffee should taste that how you intended to drink it ant time, Carter Everywhere Mug is not unlike the others its ceramic interior keeps the brew free from inside odors like old penny.


Well this Carter Mug is Brew and Go compatible, so you can skip a step with a 69mm diameter rim designed to fit the most popular manual brewing devices.

Heat-lock Double wall vacuum helps the Carter Mug with 304 18/8 insulated stainless steel which can retain the hot liquids which are maintained at hot temperature only for 12 hours, and the cold liquids to be stayed at cold temperature for complete one day, so you can enjoy every sip after every break you take again.

There is a protective very tight leak proof seal as the opener of the Carter Everywhere Mug with a quick 270 degrees twist locks make the lid to sit on the liquids that eliminates the liquid misshapes, which prevents leakages and all.


The Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug is available in three colors with the gorgeous looks and luxurious in use they are Matte Black, Matte White and Matte Grey.

It is available in two different capacities with 12OZ which can hold up to 354ml and 16OZ which can hold up to 473ml in it.

The Carter Everywhere Mug is available in two different sizes one with the 12OZ which is priced at $30 (Rs 2,220) and another one with the 16OZ which is priced at $35 (Rs 2,590).

Technical Specifications

  • Material : 18/8 Stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and steel lid, inner ceramic coating
  • Variants : 120Z and 160Z
  • Dimensions : 120Z: 127mmx121mm and 160Z: 157mmz152mm
  • Body Diameter : 86mm
  • Mouth diameter : 69mm
  • Available Colors : Matte Black, Matte White, Matte grey
  • Compatibility : Fits all standard drippers and the Aero press coffee makers along with Brew and Go.

Plan for launch

Fellow carter Everywhere Mug is made available to the users in the year 2019 September in the market, after its modifications in design prototype and launch.

Company details

This carter Everywhere Mug is designed and developed by the company called Fellow. The Fellow Store with the Playground is their flagship retail location which is in San Francisco’s Mission District, this will be interactive space to brew a cup, to share a trip, take a class, or just a talk shop.

They are a handful of nerds in love with coffee and obsessed with product design, there are here because users should never have to choose between aesthetic and functionality. Whether they are a coffee aficionado or a beginner, they believe that everyone should have fun with the craft of brewing.

They are also proving the Fellow Wholesale & Customs always looking for a great partner to introduce products to customers around the world, they are also accepting the sponsorship from other members who wanted to be part of their journey.