Fat Iron Helps To Get Rid Off Belly Fats, Stretch Marks

  • Fat Iron uses the 3 in 1 technology includes to give the same clinical results at home by using just 15 minutes per day, helps in removing fat at the targeted areas.
  • Fat Iron is simple to use like the normal Iron device used for clothes, the electro muscle stimulation to firm and tone the skin gives you full workout experience without any effort.
  • Fat Iron is the first FDA approved device that uses the photon red light therapy that uses the specific wavelengths helps to renewal cells to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Fat Iron will irons off your fat takes only 15 minutes a day also iron those stretch marks and saggy which remains even after exercise and diet which is FDA cleared and you can see the results with your eyes from the very first use.Fat Iron works just like the iron which removes the wrinkles from your clothes, Fat Iron is also created with the same concept, the burning heat works to strengthen and tone muscles while smoothing and firming the deeper layers of the skin which gives you beautiful, young and sculpted look.

During the clinical test the Fat Iron results are undeniable with 90% fat dimples removal, 88% firmer looking and smoother skin. Fat Iron uses the same clinical technology and designed in a minimal, affordable and comfortable device for home use.


Fat Iron is the only device that combines the radio frequency electro muscle stimulation and photon radio therapy, with these powerful clinical proven technologies which helps to eliminate stubborn fat and remove pesky stretch marks with the radio frequency heats up and destroys targeted fat cell reducing fat levels.

Electro muscle stimulation then sends the gentle pulses to firm and tone the muscles while tightening your skin with the added fitness mode which gives the muscles full fitness workout without effort. Fat Iron will automatically change from warm up to toning and cooling for similar results line in gym.

Fat Iron uses the photon red light therapy technology used by NASA uses specific wavelength helps to increase cell renewal to remove stretch marks and body wrinkles.

Problem Solving By This Product


Fat Iron is very simple to use and portable to anywhere no need to spend huge money to clinical centers to remove the stubborn fat, use Fat Iron for just 15 minutes per day to see the results.

Fat Iron will help you to get smoother skin and works effectively on the specific target areas, removes the skin dimpling and uneven texture caused by cellulite and gives you even skin all over the body by removing wrinkles and lines.

Fat Iron will help you to sculpt your body in a desired way like you want with the powerful 3 in 1 technology which removes the stubborn fat.

Bi-Polar radio frequency which releases the heat waves and gradually destroys the targeted fat cells reduce fat levels and also stimulate collagen, electro muscle stimulation with the fitness function in the Fat Iron will work out your muscles without any effort like exercise in gym to give your firm and strengthens muscles.

The Photon red light technology which is used by NASA earlier, Fat Iron will help in cell renewal to remove the fine line marks and wrinkles and stretch marks.

Fat Iron is recommended to be used on many areas of the body like thighs, underarms, belly, legs, love handles and glutes.

Detailed Features


Fat Iron is the world’s first fat Ironing device that is designed to be used at home, the only device that is approved by the FDA so that you can sculpt your body in the way you want.

Fat Iron is powered by the three clinically approved powerful fat reducing and skin tightening technologies embedded in the device that works fine for stubborn fat, stretch marks, saggy and wrinkled skinny areas to tighten them and shape all your muscles by using the Fat Iron only 15 minutes per day.


Fat iron gives noticeable results from the first day of usage itself, you skin will become completely smooth and Fat iron will remove the stretch marks around most of body parts. In the clinical study of 50 participants in the course of 45 days which proven to make skin smoother and allows you to effectively workout on the target spots and Fat Iron will remove the appearance of skim dimpling.


Fat Iron reduces the appearance of the uneven skin texture caused by cellulite and helps in reducing the lines caused by the wrinkled skin to make your skin feels firmer. Fat Iron uses the same technology that is used in the clinics in a compact size and affordable price and portable to anywhere.

Fat Iron is very effective in clearing the stubborn fat which will grow irrespective of the sport and diet you do, at belly, at under arms and at Thighs. The technology used in the Fat Iron is sufficient enough to remove the stubborn fat cells from the body parts easily and safely.

Generally these stubborn cells will be accumulated on the thighs, lower belly and suffer from saggy, uneven skin with the unappealing stretch marks, Fat Iron will give you the results where exercise can’t, because the stubborn fat cells are get resisted to the diet and exercise, Fat Iron is designed to the target the specific areas and remove the fat content in the cells which will eliminate cellulite, stretch marks and stubborn fat.

Fat Iron works similarly to the normal Iron box which fixes the clothes, while Fat Iron gives you the smooth and healthy-looking body you always wanted.

Powered with the 3 in 1 clinically proven technologies, Fat Iron will always give the optimal results, the Bi-Polar Radio frequency technology in the Fat Iron will destroy the fat cells at the targeted spots which results in slim and tight look by reducing fat levels, the energy from the Radio frequency will stimulate the collagen which is present in the skin tissue.


The EMS (Electro Muscle stimulation) technology used in the Fat Iron will send wave impulses to the muscles of the body that makes the skin even all over and the fitness function which mimics the fitness workout will strengthen your muscles to sculpt the way you need, repair the skin texture. The ESM also stimulates the collagen and elastin which makes the skin tight and gives you younger look.

Fat Iron is capable of stimulating the targeted muscles and EMS waves acts as full work out without any effort, the device will change functions on by own from warm-up to toning and then cool down to stop by itself after 10 minutes.

The Photo Red light therapy technology used in the Fat Iron will help in renewal of cells to fade the fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks from the skin which has been used by NASA.


The Fat Iron device is priced at 199$ USD for the super early bird sale and a pack of two Fat Iron combo is priced at 395$ USD.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions Device Size: 223×155.5×59 mm
  • Base Size: 160.6×52.3×27.1 mm
  • Material : ABS+ Metal
  • Power Supply : AC220/50HZ
  • Output Voltage/Current : 5V/1A
  • Battery capacity : 3.7V/2200mAh
  • Accessories : 1 Adaptor, 1USB cable, 1 Clean cloth, 1 manual, 1 bottle of GEL model

Plan For Launch

The idea for the Fat iron started in October 2018 and the modeling for the product is done in February and the utility design and the application is patented in March 2019 with the first working prototype in April 2019. The Application for FDA clearance is made in May and Mold test is done in July.

The Pilot production is started in August 2019 with the clinical studies in October 2019 and the campaign started in April 2020 with mass production along with the shipping is done in August 2020.

Company Details

This Fat Iron device is developed by the company called Lumina NRG which is a non-surgical anti-aging solution that makes your skin younger and beautiful with the facial and body tools, which are developed by the team of experts with a thought of safe and effective results.

Their mission to transform their customer skin beautifully by cleansing or infusing skin by devices better than hands alone by using the different approved technologies like micro-current therapy, LED light therapy and uses FDA cleared smart patented unique techniques.