Facebook Portal+ Video Calling Device Comes With Alexa Control

Enjoy good quality video and audio through the immersive screen and speakers.

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  • The Facebook Portal+ provides a rich video calling experience with a high camera quality and a 15.6 inch HD screen.
  • The Facebook Portal+ has a rich sound system to provide and transmit rich, clear and loud sound to the user and listener.
  • The Facebook Portal+ also has a built-in Alexa assistant feature which could help you with all your small tasks at hand.

Facebook has been a leading name in connecting people through their online social media platform. But now, they have brought their new smart and innovative video calling platform which would be very helpful in bringing people all over the world another step closer. This new video calling platform Facebook Portal+ provides its users with a new level of advanced video calling. The smart camera adjusts its field of view and zoom to fit all the people in the room and provide the viewer with a rich and realistic video calling experience. The device also has an Alexa built-in speaker system providing loud and immersive sound to help you feel like the people you’re talking to are sitting right next to you. Apart from all these, it also allows you to access videos, music, images, news, games and a lot more social activities.

Problem Solving By The Product

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Many people use Facebook to connect to their loved ones in many ways. The use messaging, audio calling or video calling too. Although you can access these on your mobile phones, the scope of all these are limited. The Facebook Portal+ provides an experience which can never be experienced through a mobile phone. The vastness of features provided by the camera, speaker and the device itself allow you to feel like you are connecting to the people a lot more conveniently. The smart software also allows you to view your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram while you are on a video call. Also, the front facing audio speakers and the microphone system allows you to listen to the other person carefully and also transmit your voice clearly and loudly to the other person with ease.

Detailed Specifications


The Facebook Portal+ is a new and advanced video calling device developed by the Facebook Inc. The device has numerous features to help the people develop more integrity and proximity with the people they like to connect. This device is capable of helping you connect to anyone and anytime while you may be cooking, eating, or doing any of these activities. You can enjoy good quality video and audio through the immersive screen and speakers provided in the device. The speakers also have a built-in Alexa feature which also helps the users further to use the device with a lot of ease.

The Video Calling feature on the Facebook Portal+ is like no other. The device has a capable 12.5 MP camera on the front top. The camera is not an ordinary camera and is full with advanced software features. The camera is designed to quickly and automatically focus on the live target, or the person who is a part of the video call. The camera is also designed to be able to follow you while you move around your room. The camera has a 140 degree field of view and can also zoom in and out to fit you perfectly in the frame so that you can connect with the person as if they were sitting right next to you.


The Audio output for the device is covered by the immersive speaker system. The speaker system on the Facebook Portal+ includes 2 inch tweeters for sound detail and a 4 inch woofer the deepness and immenseness of the sound. The Facebook Portal+ speaker system is situated on the front side of the support frame. When the video frame is in portrait mode, the speaker acts behind the screen as well as below it facing the user to provide rich and clear sound that comes directly from the centre to feel like the person on the other side is directly talking to you.

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For the audio input, the device has an active 4-Mic array which records the audio from you in high quality. This ensures the richness in conversation with clear and audible audios from both the sides. Audio can be a major factor in video calling devices and with the help of all these systems and arrays, the Facebook Portal+ stands to accomplish all those things.

The device has an integrated 32 GB of storage space for applications and media. It operates on a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with 1 GB of RAM to operate on the android platform. The Facebook Portal+ allows you access to Alexa assistant so that you can manage your tasks easily.


The Facebook Portal+ also takes care of your privacy essentials. All the video calls are encrypted on an end to end basis. The Company claims to not storing any data from the video or the audio transmitted during the call. Moreover, it provides you with an additional camera cover to cover your camera when you’re not using it so that you can relax well no worrying about someone gaining access of the device and spying on you.

Plan For Launch

Facebook have been constantly trying to provide the world with a more and more improved system which would help them connect better with each other. They are providing it now with the new Portal+ device. The Company launched this device on October 8, 2018. They made this new device available for sale and shipment through a number of online platforms including Amazon. The device was instantly available on Amazon on the same day for the people all over the world to be able to buy it.

Company Details

The Facebook Portal+ is brought to you by the Facebook Inc. The Facebook Inc. is currently one of world’s largest social media platforms available. With entities working under them like Instagram and WhatsApp, the Company has a very wide field of work all around the globe. The Company was founded on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg alongside his college companions from Harvard College Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Located in Menlo Park, California, United States, Facebook is currently one of the world’s top 5 technological companies with an estimated employee count being 44,942 employees as of December 31, 2019.