Facebook Lite rollsout Dark Mode, not in the main app yet

facebook Lite rolls out Dark Mode

ll major social media apps are making move to implement the dark mode in their applications. Recently Instagram launched their dark mode in the application. After that now o parent company Facebook also launched the dark mode. But the dark mode is currently available in the Facebook Lite version only. The main application is not yet uodated with Dark Mode theme yet.

Though while testing out this scenarios we have not found this feature in some phones yet. But some users find that the toggle button at the Settings Button of the Facebook app.

Facebook Lite, for many this may be unknown, this is basically highly optimized version of the main facebook app. This app is meant for the users who are trying to access Facebook with limited network speed. For many 2G network users this is better as user experience also. The main application is optimized well for the first time users also. Like the main Facebook application is size about 39MB but while the Facebook Lite is just about 2MB. While installed the main application may take 400MB to 1GB in the device. But the facebook lite version just take 9MB in the device.

In the recent note, Android Police mentioned that the dark mode feature started appearing in the January. But in recent time it seems Facebook rolled out properly in the facebook like edition. Also 91Mobiles reported that Facebook already started to rollout the Dark Mode theme to the desktop users to India. So, there may be very soon the main app also will get the Dark mode theme.