EYESY – Simple Yet Powerful Video Synthesizer Designed With Raspberry Pi

EYESY Video Synthesizer-1
  • The EYESY Video Synthesizer provides you with a clean and easy interface to help you synthesize the videos easily.
  • The EYESY Video Synthesizer is very much customizable to meet all your needs with an open source code to increase the level of customization.
  • The EYESY Video Synthesizer also takes input as MIDI Messages from different Video Performance Software.

EYESY is a next generation latest Video Synthesizer from Critter and Guitari. The EYESY provides its users with the latest and the most advanced video synthesizing tools they need in one of the simplest interfaces. On the first look, the EYESY Video Synthesizer may seem too normal to be a professional tool in the field. But, the easy and simple exterior interface of the device are just the starting and they hide in themselves the vast and varied features hidden inside the EYESY Video Synthesizer to meet most of the needs at an industrial level.

Problem Solving By The Product

There are many Video Synthesizers in the market. Most of them do provide numerous features and animations to the user but their interface either confuses the user or is too hard to understand. The EYESY Video Synthesizer overcomes most of these problems with the easy to use interface. Providing the easy and simple interface does not mean that the device compromises with the number of features or animations and customization it offers. The device still offers numerous animations and lets you customize them in detail to obtain the perfect video you desire.

Detailed Specifications


The EYESY Video Synthesizer performs all the Video Synthesizing tasks you can throw at it. From all the simple to the most complex tasks, it can do them all with ease. You can select the interface and customize it according to your own needs. In the start the interface is made easy for you to be able to easily understand all the features of the device. But with the wide options for customization of various modes and features, the device allows you to make it as simple or as complex as it would suit you and meet all your needs.

The EYESY Video Synthesizer operates on a Raspberry Pi Computer Module 3 as an operating system. This gives the user a clean and easy interface rich in features to help them concentrate only on the task at hand. The Video Synthesizing tasks are processed by the 1.2 GHz Processor along with a 1 GB RAM for the smooth and functional processing of the videos you’ll need. The device holds the slot for an 8 GB Micro SD Card meant to be able to hold all your modes and operating system to allow you customize the Videos from anywhere you want and take the customization along with you to all the places you want.


The EYESY Video Synthesizer allows you with a wide level of customization to its video effects and pattern generators. The Video Synthesizer provides you with a vast number of pattern generators which it calls modes. Each and every mode provided to the people by default has an open source code to allow the user to customize it on the basis of the needs of the user with the Python coding interface. The Modes can be easily managed through the Web Browser based interface provided to the device. Users can turn On/Off different modes to match with their needs and save space for the new modes which are useful to them. This feature also enables the users to be able to customize the interface of the device making it simple or complex according to their needs and convenience.


The EYESY Video Synthesizer allows its users to gain a video output in the forms of NTSC or PAL (Composite Video Output), 720p or 1080p (HDMI Output). The Audio Format includes a Stereo Line Input. All these video and audio formats ensure the quality and the level of customization of all the Videos synthesized by the EYESY Video Synthesizer.

The EYESY Video Synthesizer allows you to control it with MIDI Inputs along with the easy interface to provide you with another level of customization you can add to the videos without much effort. You can simply send MIDI controller messages from various Video performance software. The device provides the users with a 1/8 inch Mini MIDI jack for this purpose (TRS Type A connection). In Class Compliant devices, the Synthesizer also supports USB MIDI connection.

Along with the above specifications, the device comes with a lot of hidden features. Some of them are features like, Screen Grab allowing you to easily grab a still from you moving video. Moreover, it also provides with a Scene feature which allows you to save a setting you like easily to be used in the future on a different occasion without much effort.


The EYESY Video Synthesizer has dimensions of 6.0 x 3.5 x 2.2 inches. The device uses Powder Coated Aluminium material for the classy and durable design. It also has rubber feet to provide it a better grip at the surface it is put on. The device has an orange colour with yellow coloured buttons and black knobs. The Company also provides you with a USB Wi-Fi adaptor and a Power Supply which takes Input as 100-240 V AC at 50/60 Hz and gives Output as 9 V DC, 1.3 A centre positive polarity.

Plans For Launch

The Company had been in the business providing best in class music and video instruments to the people all over the world since 2010. The Company introduced their latest device, the EYESY Video Synthesizer in March 2020 through its crowdfunding campaigns. The Company launched the device over many platforms including Kickstarter. The Kickstarter Campaign had been active from 31st March 2020 to 21st April 2020. The Company is now in the production stage for the EYESY and plan on shipping the Video Synthesizer by June 2020 to the world.

Company Details

The EYESY Video Synthesizer is developed by Critter and Guitari. The Company is well known for the manufacturing of new and innovative musical instruments. One of the most famous being the Organelle by them. The Company hopes to top their current Video Synthesizers like Video Scope, Rhythm Scope, etc. with EYESY. The Critter and Guitari currently operate throughout the world with many dealerships all around the globe. Currently, the Company aims at fulfilling the needs of their customers by providing them with the best instruments and devices all over the world.