Eve Spectrum 27” Incredible Monitor

Designed for 4053 gamers, coders and designers and tend to be the competitive gaming monitor.


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  • Eve Spectrum is perfect in size with 27” IPS Panel which has the higher refresh rate from 144Hz to 240Hz with better color reproduction up to UHD with 1ms response rate for incredible gaming.
  • Eve Spectrum Monitor has many ports along with PD 100W port to charge your device and 3.5mm headphone jack to listen audio while gaming and clearly visible even in direct sunlight with 750 nits brightness.
  • Eve Spectrum Monitor is adjustable and rotatable up to 900 for better productivity and can be mounted to the wall or to stand which lifts the monitor up to 13cm.


There are many monitors available in the market though many people struggle to buy them since all the cool features are not packed in once some monitors comes with higher refresh rate while some comes with the high resolution with poor sound quality and way expensive than the others. Eve Spectrum IPS 27” Monitor is Spectacularly designed by 4053 people which has the neutral grey metallic finish with no glaring obnoxious gamer designs which looks really professional and clean without any curves.

Eve Spectrum IPS Monitor is bezel is pretty much border less and thin all around on the front with the IPS panel which has the better color reproduction to cover more of the gamut for accuracy if you are editor or creator.

Eve Spectrum IPS Monitor offers 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rate with Quad HD and in 4K variants with the responsive time of 1ms which is incredibly faster.

Eve Spectrum Monitor has the sound output through the video source and using the 3.5mm headphone jack or the port available on the Monitor backside and they also providing the option to mount the Monitor on the wall or put that on the Spectrum stand which cost some bucks again if you want.

They are also coming with the skin on the backside of the Eve Spectrum IPS Monitor on before pre-ordering the monitor if you want to suit your style.

Problem Solving By This Product


Eve Spectrum Monitor is made from the request of the 4053 gamers, designer and many others fulfilling their requirements with a clean 27” IPS Panel which have no curves and thin bezel’s around the corners for the stunning experience while gaming.

Eve Spectrum Monitor is well balanced between gaming and productivity with the IPS panel that has the higher refresh rate up to 240Hz, this Eve Monitor will increase your productivity to be used as landscape or in portrait mode.

Eve Spectrum has the resolution up to UHD with a very good brightness levels of 750 nits that is clearly visible even in the direct sunlight without full brightness and has the P3 color gamut for great color reproduction.

Eve Spectrum is available in different refresh rates and resolution with all the Monitors having 1ms response rate which is insane and solves the problem of cable mess in your desk as the Monitor has many ports from HDMI to Aux so you can connect all cables to the Monitor.

Eve Spectrum Monitor also has the PD 100W port to charge your things when needed directly from the monitor like gaming laptops, tablets etc.

You can use the Eve Spectrum Monitor stand to lift the Monitor up to 13 cm high or even mount the Monitor to the wall which will save you 100$ when you don’t buy the stand and the Monitor is rotatable and adjustable up to 900 to be used as in Landscape mode or in the portrait mode.

Detailed Specification

Eve Spectrum Monitor is designed by their community following the needs of the 4053 gamers, coders and designers and tend to be the competitive gaming monitor.

Eve Spectrum IPS Monitor is well balanced between gaming and productivity with the IPS Panel that has the better color reproduction with high refresh rate and the Monitor is 27 inches which is perfect size for all things like gaming, watching movies and many stuffs.

Eve Spectrum Monitor can be used as either horizontally or vertically as your wish to increase the productivity of their user and can supports the resolution up to 3840 x 2160 with HDR content with peak brightness of 750 nits along with the p3 color gamut.

Eve Spectrum IPS Monitor has the higher refresh rate of 144hz which is insanely smooth while displaying the content to the Monitor with solid performance for gamers who love the screen and has the response rate of 1ms.

Eve Spectrum also supports 240Hz refresh rate and has the NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatibility and when the Monitor comes to the port that has the two display ports to make sure that all of your devices are connected to one hub with two HDMI ports and DP, USB-B, USB-C and three USB-A ports with AUX cable connection.

Eve Spectrum IPS Monitor also has the power delivery port that can charge your devices on the table up to 100W and the Spectrum stand allows the monitor to be elevated up to 13 cm even if you want you can mount the monitor to the wall with the wall mount stand.

Eve Spectrum Monitor can rotate up to 900 and adjustable in tilting when you want Monitor to be landscape or portrait, even you can customize your Spectrum Monitor with the skins available to suit your style.

This Eve Spectrum IPS Monitor is available in three different variants they are Spectrum QHD 144Hz, QHD 240Hz and 4K 144Hz. They are priced at $399 for QHD 144Hz model, $449 for QHD 240Hz Model and $649 for UHD 144Hz while the stand for the Monitor will cost you additional $100.

Monitor Size 27” 27” 27”
Display Area 577.7mmx335.7mm 577.7mmx335.7mm 577.7mmx335.7mm
Resolution 2560 x 1440 QHD 2560 x 1440 QHD 3840 x 2160 UHD
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9
Brightness 450cd/ m2 750cd/ m2 750cd/ m2
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 1000:1 1000:1
Viewing Angle 1780 Horizontal 1780 vertical 1780 Horizontal 1780 vertical 1780 Horizontal 1780 vertical
Pixel density 109ppi 109ppi 163ppi
Displayable colors 1.07 billion 1.07 billion 1.07 billion
Color Gamut 98% DCI-P3 98% DCI-P3 98% DCI-P3
Color depth 10bit (8 bit +A- FRC) 10bit (8 bit +A- FRC) 10bit (8 bit +A- FRC)
Response time 1ms 1ms 1ms
Frequency range 48Hz-144Hz 48hz-240Hz 48Hz-144Hz

Plan For Launch

This Eve Spectrum 27” Monitor is made available in the market in April 2020 for preordering, the Monitor is getting crowdfunded in the online platforms in the earlier year and will be shipped to the customers home in 3rd Quarter of the year 2020 after completion of funding after the manufacturing process.

Company Details

This Spectrum 27” Monitor is developed by the company called Evedevices the company started after getting tired over the poorly designed under performing smart devices in the market in 2013 and collaborated with the amazing partners to bring the high valued affordable devices with their first product. They started the community with the new project called pyramid flipper like considering the other opinions in the form factor and stand together and making the screen readable even in the sunlight and choosing wisely about the parts which affects the performance like battery and while choosing CPU and many others things that make them the leading company.

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