Elgato Wave 3 A Perfect Microphone for Streamers

The Best Mic for streaming.

Elgato Wave 3

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  • Elgato Wave 3 is an artifact & Brilliant Mic crafted for Quality content creators with a simple USB-C setup and headphone jack on the back.
  • Elgato Wave 3 has a superior circuitry for broadcast-grade detail and clarity along with a multi-layered noise shield and premium condenser capsule.
  • Wave Link paired with Elgato Wave 3 offering tons of features at your fingertips, has a multi-functional dial on the front.


Streamers always have to choose the perfect Microphone, since they need free movement while doing stream and should be clearer with the finest details even in the audio.

Elgato Wave 3 which is a condenser mic, which is more sensitive generally than a dynamic mic that can pic more detail even the background while you are streaming allowing to move freely.

Elgato Wave 3 Mic is built with a solid factor that feels very light and plastic and has the threaded quarter-inch stand for the mic to rest and also include a 5/8 inch adapter as well for mounting to common mic stands.

There is a USB-C port on the backside of the body of Elgato Wave 3 and also a 3.5mm plug for your headphones which is for direct monitoring on the top with capacitive mute and a dial on the bottom to do triple duty.

Problem Solved by this product


Elgato Wave 3 will the best Mic for streaming since it is paired with the superior circuity which offers broadcast-grade clarity while streaming and has a multi-functional dial on the front to tweak between features.

Elgato Wave 3 has a multi-layered noise shield that will keep the plosive noise at bay along with a premium condenser capsule and cardioid polar pattern for fine speech.

This Mic is simple to connect using the USB-C port provided on the backside and also has a 3.5mm headphone jack along with that for crystal clear and zero-latency monitoring.

There is a capacitive mute that silently disengages the mic input when you want, while there is also a different add-on for this mic such as are pop filter which is a dual-layer mesh.

A shock mount that will hold the Elgato Wave 3 Mic to isolate the microphone from mechanically transferred noise and the Wave Link which is the backbone of the entire setup with loads of features.

Wave Link that supports nine channels from game audio to multiple mics and mixing mastery to create independent mics for the audience and you as well, effortless control and smart processing that will consume less CPU to run this software.

Detailed specification


Elgato Wave 3 is the best streaming microphone for the streamers, which is a dynamic mic that allows you to more freedom while doing stream and captures more detailed & surrounds volume.

There is a dialer on the front side of the Elgato Wave 3 that pulls triple duty between mic gain, output monitor level and balance between PC and direct monitoring.

When coming to the features we have a bit-rate of 24 bit along with the internal pop filter and can capture really loud sound with the help of the algorithm, while the mic also supports the external shock mount.

Elgato Wave 3 comes with wavelike software which is the backbone of the Wave 3 mic, which is a digital mixer software that provides virtual devices, this provides you 8 virtual channels for stuff like game audio, discord chat, music.

You also get different profile support, you can switch between different mixes on the fly, you also have access to both your monitor mix what you are hearing and the output to stream mix which feeds OBS in a single input.

Direct monitoring feature in the Elgato Wave 3 allows you to monitor your mic back over to your headphones directly without any delay in real-time.

This is an absolute mic that is tailored for creators those who are making very quality content that requires excellent sound, where Elgato Wave 3 will be your complete solution all from direct USB setup to blending the audio source.

Elgato Wave 3 is a beast with brilliant design with the robust and tactile controls, smooth steel grills on the front for smooth sound diffusion for ultimate capsule protection and can do heavy duty.

Protected with a Multi-layer noise shield that keeps plosive noise at bay, packed with a premium condenser capsule with a cardioid polar pattern which tunes the sound, while the superior circuitry will maintain broadcast-grade details and clarity while you are streaming.

Elgato Wave 3 also supports pop filter which is a dual-layer mesh and offers maximum protection from the plosive noise and, the wavelike software has tons of features.

Features like effortless control which helps you in muting the copyright music in your stream mix and avoid violation and it is a master audio source in OBS studio which will give complete control of your audio workflow.

Smart processing is the best feature in the Wave Link that takes less than 1% of your CPU offering all those features so that it can run smoothly even in any system.

If you are intended using physical controls over your Elgato Wave 3 there is an option is that Stream Deck that works seamlessly with Wave Link to give complete studio control with keys to mute sources, adjust levels and skip tracks.

Dimensions 1.57 x 2.6 x 6.02 inches
Wireless No
Maximum Frequency Response 20 kilohertz
Minimum Frequency Response 70 hertz
Output Wireless
Microphone Type Condenser microphone
Mute Function Yes
Polar Pattern Cardioid

This Elgato Wave 3 is priced at $242.

Plan for launch

This Elgato Wave 3 is made available to the market in the year 2020 Jun after the launch and will reach to the customer’s home in later quarters of the year.

Company details

This Wave 3 is developed by a company called Elgato, which is the leading provider of hardware & software for content creators and their employees with decades of experience in developing widely accessible and innovative products.

Elgato has marketed over many countries to sell their products by major retailers in over eighty countries in the world. While the company called CORSAIR acquired Elgato in July 2018.

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