Elago Silicone AirPods Stand: the charger which keeps the AirPods upright

silicon airpod stand
  • Silicon AirPods Stand is brought to you by Elago.
  • Silicon AirPods Stand provides a steady base for the AirPod Charging.
  • Silicon AirPods provides shock proof cover for the AirPods.


ilicone AirPods Stand is going to solve major problem with Charging the Airpods. Charging the AirPods has always been a hassle some process with cables and charging ports involved. Well, not anymore. Elago is in the market with a unique charging station for the AirPods making all us music lovers’ life a little easier. A compatible, cable free charging experience through which you can charge your AirPods overnight for a hassle-free use the next day.



As mentioned, it provides an easy and reliable charging experience but also protects the AirPods from moisture, dust and other harmful materials within a silicone case. Once the Lightning cable is fixed inside the case all you need to do is slide the AirPods case into the charging case until a “snap” is heard and it will charge the AirPods without any problem. The silicone material stands up to the wear and tear of your everyday so your AirPods always have a place to call home.


This AirPods Charging case is a very useful product with the following salient features:

  • Modern Charging Station:

This AirPods case fits exactly into the designed groove and charge the AirPods seamlessly once a lighting cable is involved. A very similar experience of D stand, one of the most famous products from the house of Elago.

  • Material Used:

Silicone based stand, is made for the perfect fit and is made of non-toxic materials that protect the AirPods case. The simple design makes the product long lasting and reliable at all times.

  • Compatibility:

It is compatible with the AirPods 1 and 2 making it versatile for both the product versions. It won’t fit a case with cover inside.

The charging case is available in three colours: White, Dark Grey and Black. It comes in the dimension of 2.3 x 1.4 x 2.1 inches and weighs at 2.88 ounces which makes it a small yet reliable buy. It upholds the Lightning cable in the upright position for the perfect fit.


Priced at a very reasonable price of $13.99, it was first listed for sale in the year 2017 with the launch of AirPods.


Elago based in San Diego, California has been designing and developing products since 2002. Recipients of the Spark Design and Red Dot awards, their products have always been best in class serving the needs of the people. They have been in the markets with various accessories for the AirPods and Smart Speakers and have been the market leaders in delivering utility at user door.