• EcoFlow River Power Bank is the Red Dot winner in 2019
  • EcoFlow River Power Bank versatility of both modules allows to create a portable workstation
  • EcoFlow River Power Bank has the fast charging capability

There are many travelers around the world, to spend their time in nature or click the photos of nature, travel to the places that people have never experienced before in the effort to capturing the moment that they enjoy. When it’s all about the charging of the things you carry, adding riverbank will enables to go further off any situation.

This is the first module portable power solution of its kind. The main module has two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports which also has the surface for wireless charging, there are also many things like the LED screen to show how much battery you have left, there is an AC module and can be connected to main module overall power capacity it allows to create a portable work station.


Detailed Specifications

    1. This has been the one and only stackable portable power station in the current market, it doesn’t look like a typical battery it can charge up to four devices simultaneously or it can act as a three port USB hub while charging your laptop.
    2. There are two modules one is the main module which is 94Wh with the capacity of 25,600 mAh battery which is insane you can charge your mobile any time.
    3. The secondary module is 44Wh with capacity of 12000 mAh booster module to make the battery capacity even bigger when it is attached to the main module.
    4. The main module of 94Wh is more than enough for most of the people, since it features two fast charging 60W USB-C ports and two 24W USB-A ports and on the top of it there is a 10W wireless Qi charging pad.
    5. This power bank is the Red Dot winner in 2019 for its ultra-minimalistic masterpiece design for a power station like this with innovative battery technology.
    6. This is the customizable power station ever designed, you can either take the main module on its own or you can stack it with another river module.
    7. River power bank has the fast charging capability along with the bidirectional input and output ports, so that you can recharge it in no time.
    8. With the help of the 45W wall charger you can fill the juice up to 90% in less than with using the 2 45W charges you take it in less time of 1.5 hours.
    9. The car Booster module that adds a sixth charging port of 60W USB-C and a place to plug in the bundled jumper cables, this module holds enough power to jump start gasoline engines up to 4.0L or 3.5L diesel engines pulling a maximum of 350A at 12V, it can jump start the car 10 times.
    10. The versatility of both modules allows to create a portable workstation wherever, So you can charge your laptops four times, camera batteries 18 to 20 times and phone 18 to 30 times.
    11. When you are out of ports in your laptop you can use river bank as a USB and transfer data from the SD card to your laptop, all the three modules are less than 100Wh each this make the river bank as the largest capacity power station.
    12. This could be used to power the whole team during the meeting, it charges your laptops in even the shops where wall outlets are not accessible.
    13. The extra adapter tips make riverbank compatible with most laptop models and you can also use the Eco-flow portable solar panel’s when you are outside with it.
    14. This is the only portable power station that is allowed on board, there will be no low battery anxiety for your phones and laptops is gone for good, this is always the best choice.
    15. There is thermal management features that monitor and control algorithm, There is only one button that turns on/off the power bank.
    16. The screen display in this is the biggest display for a power bank, it capable of showing battery percentage and remaining charging time and high/low temperature indicator & port usage indicator along with the current drawing indicator.



    • Weight :  0.85 Kg
    • Dimensions : 5.28×3.45×1.02 inches
    • Operating Temperature : 32F to 1130 F (00 to 450 c)
    • Wireless charging : 9W Qi standard Device
    • USB Ports : 
      • Type-C 2ports max 60W each
      • 2 USB ports QC:3.0 18W each
    • Cell type : 18650 Li-ion LG battery
    • Capacity : 25600mAh,94Wh,3.7V,8cell
    • Lifecycle : 500 times
    • USB HUB : 1 USB-C Port works as USB Hub host.

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get the rivers main module and the rivers booster module along with the zippered carrying case in it with quick start guide to let the users know, how to use it.

Editor’s Pick

The major cons to be speak about this thing is that it is expensive and the LED display which they are provided is not visible in the daylight, This thing cannot handle the laptops which draws more than 60 W output from it. Though it has the 2 charging ports to charge it, it comes with only 1 wall charger included. They will not provide any USB cables along with it except charger.


Plan for Launch

This product is launched in the year 2018 after the development and made available to the customers in the later year 2019.


The price of the River power bank is $249(Rs 18,426) which is costly though, you won’t get the AC module with this, you have to purchase it additionally to stack it. The price will jumps to $369(Rs 27,300 ) that included the Car Booster module.

About Company

This power bank is developed by the company called EcoFlow, which is actually founded in the year 2017 as an entrepreneur from the leading drone developer where they had worked for the drone batteries to lightweight, long-lasting and most importantly, powerful. Now they leverage the knowledge and their experience to build the products that are thoughtful in design, creating industry and powerful energy storage devices, they always strive to reinvent the designs of the product to deliver the efficient way they can do.



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