Echelon Row Smart Rowing Machine Perfect For Fitness For Rowing Experts

  • Echelon Row-a fitness machine that is being created to substitute natural rowing
  • Echelon Row-benefits of rowing right from their house, all at an affordable price
  • Echelon Row-packed full of high- tech features and the super high quality parts

Echelon Row Smart Rowing Machine is a fitness machine that is being created to replace or substitute natural rowing. Rowing is a great exercise for improving stamina and building strength. It is also a low- impact workout. But for those who do not have access to water bodies nearby to perform rowing, the Echelon Row Smart Rowing Machine provides an excellent substitute.

A person can get all the benefits of rowing right from their house, all at an affordable price. It comes with its own tablet or is customisable to the user’s own tablet devices, that has numerous pre-programmed rowing locations such as the rivers of Thailand. It also has resistance control buttons close to the handles itself so that the need not stop rowing to alter the resistance offered by the machine.

Echelon New Smart Rower

Problem solving by this product

The Echelon Row Smart Rowing Machine acts as a perfect substitute for rowing, which is a strengthening sport for the human body. It comes in 2 models, a headless version where the user has to connect his/ her own tablet device and a version that includes a built- in 22-inch HD touch screen display. It is packed full of high- tech features and the parts used are also of super high quality to prevent wear and tear of the moving parts due to continuous and prolonged use.

The rowing machine has a compact footprint with comfortable grip, adjustable foot platform and also boasts a sleek design. It has a nylon belt that helps users with the rowing and can also be used to perform other upper- body exercises. It has two buttons close to the handles, that control the resistance offered by the machine to the user.

These buttons are strategically placed so that users need not pause or stop their workout to alter the resistance. It has comfortable seats that prevent any injury during the workout sessions. It provides smooth and jerk- free rowing due to the magnetic resistance. The rowing machine has easy storage and is made to an easy- fold design.

Customers can purchase a touch screen that is optional with this device. This touch screen comes with numerous pre- programmed rowing locations that provides a relaxing workout to its users. It provides users with complete access to live and on demand workouts of some of the best fitness instructors in the world, all for a minimal cost, through the Echelon App.

This means that users can take part in live rowing classes or browse through their vast library of recorded workouts from the comfort of the user’s home or office. To make this possible, the machine has a tablet mount where the electronic devices or tablets can be mounted for easier viewing. The rowing workouts are offered by Echelon in 3 different categories: – beginning, intermediate and advanced. Users can choose between quick workouts that last for only about 20 minutes or increase the level and toughness and workout for 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Echelon New Smart Rower

Numerous options are available to the users, users can choose the most appropriate workout option for them. Users can also access Bike workouts and Mirror workouts by purchasing a few additional gears for the rowing machine.

Detailed Features

The Echelon Row Smart Rowing Machine has footprint of dimensions 86″ x 21″ x 48″. It has a rail angle of 1.7 degrees. The machine has a 21.5″ touch screen that can be purchased if required. The screen can flip by 180 degrees and swivel by 90 degrees. It has an adjustable tablet holder that can hold touch screens used for streaming video lessons.


The rowing machine comes with 32 levels of magnetic resistance, i.e. 32 different levels of toughness for the rowing workout. It has a comfortable and ergonomic seat that puts the user in the prime rowing posture. Echelon Row is not an air rower, but a mechanical one, with mechanical resistance, that is provided by a grab that is connected by a woven nylon strap. Echelon also offers easy financing options for those who are interested in purchasing the rowing machine.

The rowing machine comes with a one- year warranty, It also includes a 30 days return policy, where the rowing machine can be returned for a refund or replacement within 30 days of purchase if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product.

Echelon Row Smart Rowing Machine

Company Details

Echelon Corporation is an American company which was founded in February 1988 in California. The company specializes in the development, marketing and sales of embedded components, modules and software. The company provides a wide range of control networking solutions that include wired and wireless control nodes.

Its products also include smart gateways for interconnecting control nodes and a software- based Central Management System that is used for start up, commissioning, management and monitoring of the lighting network. Echelon boasts of a grand range of fitness products ranging from $100 to $1600.

The company is said to sell its products at a price lesser compared to its competitors of the same segment, and its revenue is expected to grow more than nine- fold in the upcoming year. Echelon has a strong combination of both the required hardware and software to attract the current trend of people who follow the workout at home methodology.

While the current people like to work out at home, they are still eager to get feedback and track their performance and progress against themselves and other competitors. Echelon is harnessing its power in this connected fitness market by providing tablets or touch screen devices along with their workout machines, so that their users can continuously be able to track their progress.

Echelon is currently producing about 200 to 300 classes a month, but plans to increase it to about 500 to 600 classes a month by increasing the number of recording studios used for recording the classes. Echelon Corporation was bought by Adesto Technologies in June 2018.