Diesel Fadelite Smart watch Powered By Qualcomm Snapdragon, Fast Charging Capability

Diesel Fadelite Smart watch
  • Diesel Fadelite features like heart rate monitoring, NFC etc.
  • Diesel Fadelite-has the latest snapdragon wear 3100 system on chip (Soc)
  • Diesel Fadelite-has 4 GB ram of on-board storage for music and for apps

Everyone in the market will be in a dilemma whether to go with band or watch, the bands has little features and doesn’t give you the look, that you have worn a watch people who likely to use only watches are to go with the smartwatches that gives you a bounty of customization and many more features than a watch does to you, the smartwatch market is a little bit boring since, they doesn’t progress like the smartphones in the market, diesel made a smartwatch that likely to be used by men and women, rather than focusing on one.

The most fascinating feature is the OS used in this which is the google one not the customized one from other companies. Which is available for low price & offers great features like heart rate monitoring, NFC etc.

Diesel Fadelite Smart watch


1. Fadelite has the latest snapdragon wear 3100 system on chip (Soc). Which has the maximum clock speed 1.2 GHZ which is more than to run the OS in the smart watch.

2. The name Fadelite reflects not only the watch but also the strap which is transparent which makes the watch more elegant to wear.

3. It has 4 GB ram of on-board storage for music and for apps that you download in the device.

4. The Ram is just 512 MB which is half of the other well powering wear OS watches.

5. The Fadelite has 43 mm case, which look pretty on hands, even for the smaller wrists, since they used the straps which are more likely transparent the watch looks nice.

6. Coming to the design & display of the watch it is very cool to the touch nature of metal frame. Smooth in touch and light in weight due to its nylon body which provide a less serious look.

7. The straps they mentioned are faded from one color to another color with three options red to black, blue to clear, black to clear.

8. There are full transparent straps also available you can choose which one you want.

9. The strap is printed with the diesel logo which is large, the thickness of the strap is also good enough to not be teared or bend easily.

10. The watch body contains the small nob on the right side which can be rotated to scroll the screen menus.

11. The nob also includes a button which allows you to launch apps when you press it and then it also acts as a back button as you move through various menus and apps.

12. The touch screen is bright even visible in the sunlight and reasonably sized which makes it easier to read.

13. The Diesel is packed with many features like GPPS for location tracking so that you need not to take your phone along with you.

14. The device also has NFC for payment and heart rate monitor sensor like the other devices in the market.

15. This device can be paired to a Bluetooth headset if you want to listen music.

16. This device is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 3100 chip set is in charge of running Google Wear OS Software with exclusive Diesel watch faces.

17. It is also waterproof and comes with Google Assistant in built, along with the support for google pay and Google fit while the Spotify comes with the device pre-installed on it.Fast charging is supported by the device.

Diesel Fadelite Smart watch


    • Chipset  : Qualcomm’s snapdragon 3100 Soc
    • OS  : Google Wear OS
    • RAM :  512 MB
    • Internal Storage  : 4 GB
    • NFC : Available
    • Colours :  Red to Black, Blue to Clear, Black to Clear
    • Watch Size : 43mm
    • Sensors : Hear rate sensor, GPS
    • Communication : Bluetooth pairing Available to listen music on Bluetooth headsets
    • Built Material : Metal, nylon body
    • Fast Charging :  Supported
    • Dial Shape :  Round


Editor’s Pick

The RAM of this model seems to be low than that of the previous one, we will have to wait and see if the performance of the live product takes a hit because of ram. Since the product is not yet released, the strap they used is not the most comfortable material against to your skin. Generally plastic loses up and becomes softer over time.

One thing it misses is that it doesn’t have is speaker. The display type whether it is amoled or LCD and the battery capacity and all other details.

Out of Box

They haven’t mentioned what comes along with the smart watch inside the box like charger, but for the Mad Dog Jones edition you will get a cloth of his art


The price of the product is $275 (Rs 19,700 approx.…) which is low in the market for the smart watches but the complete specs are not yet available to make its judgment.

Plan of launch

This device is going to be available in March 2019 in the diesel stores and in the website and all other retailer stores. There is a special version named as Mad Dog Jones one which is the coolest version of new Diesel on Fadelite will come after the standard one.

It is collaborated with the artist Mad Dog Jones who is a Toronto-based illustrator creates stunning cyberpunk-styles and this one comes in a presentation box, the watch case is the same as the standard one it has the colorful rainbow effect finish around the bezel and the nob too, while the strap is completely different. Which is decorated with unique art which gives a 3D look for your eyes.

The box also included the soft cloth which is also decorated with Mad Dog Jones art. The charger inside the box is fast charger or the time it takes to charge the device.

About the Company

This watch is designed & developed by Diesel which is a sub-brand of the Fossil group, they are home to a collection of global brands connecting people to what matter’s the most… time. They think differently and they see goof things in every detail, there are many brands under this like BMW, Chaps, MISFIT, and Diesel etc. They started as a humble wholesale business in the world class brands, creating traditional watches, Accessories, Leathers, Jewellery, they mostly take care of watches.