Dexquisite Self Charging e-Bike

Versatile, eco-friendly and affordable eBike.

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  • Dexquisite eBikes are self-chargeable eBikes converting the physical energy with the hidden battery inside the eBikes frame with the sturdy locking mechanism.
  • Dexquisite e-bike as the Smart LCD display that monitors the data with the Anti-theft locking system and has a USB port to charge your devices.
  • Dexquisite can be folded into half in under 7 seconds and made with the high quality 60601 Aircraft grade aluminum alloy with 7 speed Shimano gears and 9 level pedal assistance.

Dexquisite Bike which is versatile, eco-friendly and affordable, this is the only electric mountain bike with multiple features and a self-recharging integrated system. Dexquisite is foldable and portable too easy to get for action all the time with the foldable pedals and adjustable seat post. Dexquisite is durable strong construction and sleek design which will be the best transport choice with the high performance with many custom colors that suits your taste. Dexquisite is made with the material which will stand for all terrains and conditions which will be perfect choice for longer rides.

The battery is hidden in the frame of the Dexquisite with the Shimano gears which will saves the energy of your body at the right moments and built with the best quality parts, the Dexquisite suspension can bear the load up to 300 pounds which do heavy duty with full suspension with the hydraulic suspension both front and back.

Dexquisite is packed with the cutting edge technology and accessories which are easy to use and the Bike can go up to 20 MPH speed with pedal assistant for uphill rides and a built in USB to charge your phone batteries keeping you always connected, made from the electric bike experts and manufactures with the best 6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

Problem Solving By This Product


Dexquisite eBike comes with the self-charging motor, no need to charge the battery separately, the batter will be automatically charged while you pedaling.

The smart LCD display on the Dexquisite eBikes will monitor the data embedded with the anti-theft password locking system to preventing the eBike to be stolen, even the battery is hidden inside the main frame with the sturdy locking system.

The USB port on the Dexquisite eBike will help you in charming your devices on ride and the eBike is foldable made with the high quality 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum alloy to be quickly folded in under 7 seconds.

The 9-level pedal assistant with the 7 speed Shimano gears with the throttle helps you in traveling all through the city without breaking a sweat and the eBike is available in customizable color option to fit your perfect taste.

The hydraulic suspension and Tektro hydraulic disc braking system with the adjustable seat offers you the great comfort while riding the eBike and the pedal of the Dexquisite are also foldable for saving more space.

Detailed Specification


The Dexquisite eBikes are the self-rechargeable which is the most astounding feature that they are proving with the energy regeneration technology which allows the riders to recharge their hidden eBike battery in two simple ways either riding the eBike downslope or simply pedaling the eBike recharges the battery which is the self-sufficient technology for longer rides.

The DX self-charging motor hub is the world’s first self-charging motor hub which will never ran out of juice , with the most durable and strong material construction with the cutting edge sleek design DX eBike will make you enjoy the ride with the Shimano 7 speed gears and perfect companion wherever you go with a speed of 20 mph/ 32 Km/h with the two different powered motor hubs 250W and 500W with the battery which will long last for 45Km/ 27 miles of 10.4Ah, you can also upgrade to 13.6Ah battery which rides you for 65 Km/ 40 miles effortlessly without any strain.

The built in USB port will help you charge all of your electronic gadgets that you carry for your ride without power, the DX+ and DX 500 models of the Dexquisite has the throttle which allows you accelerate your eBike for maximum speed and all the DX eBikes has the pedal assistant feature with 0-9 speed levels which will really helpful to riders while workouts.

The coolest thing about the Dexquisite eBikes is that they are color customizable with 1 or 2 tone finishing and the DX eBikes are foldable for real transport convenience to fold the eBike under 7 seconds. The self-charging motor hub with the 9 level pedal assist along with the throttle grip will make you feel like roaming at lightning speed through the city without breaking a drop of sweat, if you want you can ride the eBike like a normal bicycle using the 7 speed Shimano gear system.


The battery is made with the high quality Korean lithium-ion that is hidden inside the eBike frame with the sturdy lock mechanism which allows you to remove the battery and charge directly charge over there, the high quality front and rear disc brakes with the suspension will enhance the cycling experience to ride effortlessly on all terrains and hills.

The DX eBikes are packed with the waterproof & password protected LCD display to show the information during the ride and monitors data like speed, distance and battery life with built in anti- theft password lock. The frame is made with the aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy which makes the total eBike to weight about 27.5 Kg.

The suspension of the Dexquisite are mode with the high quality material for smooth riding with the pre-loaded speed adjuster lockout which matches the weights and riding style and build to handle the off road adventures, with the back suspension which can hold the load up to 300lbs with mechanical lockout for riding on smooth roads.

The pedals are made with anti-slip design and can be folded to save space, the right handlebar of the Dexquisite has the gear shifting mechanism to seamlessly change the gears with the 7 speed Shimano gears and throttle grip to use the motor hub power to accelerate the eBike, while the left handle bar is designed for clean look with the power assist speed level adjustment with the optional lighting button if you need.

The ergonomic seat design which is very easy to adjust with simple lever flip and the seat is made with waterproof PU leather, they have used Tektro Mechanical and Hydraulic disc brakes with expert modulation for full control, the basic version of the battery is 36V 10.4Ah battery ranges 28 miles or 45 Km you can even upgrade the battery and the battery charging time is about 4 to 6 hours and key lock mechanism for battery.

Model & Pricing

These DX eBikes comes in Matte Black color by standard you can customize the color if you want, the Dexquisite DX eBike is priced at $999 while the DX+ is priced at $1199 and the DX 500 is priced at $1499.

Plan For Launch

These Dexquisite self-charging futuristic eBikes are launched and made available to the market in the year 2019 June after the launch event in the CES 2019 with three models with slight modification over them.

Company Details

This self-charging electric bike is developed by the Dexquisite team which in the name signifies magnificent and excellent. Team started in 2018 to build the eBikes when they are obsessed with the price and outdated models in the eBike industry. Bringing the first self-chargeable eBike DX from their team with 5 years of the research and development started with the brand Dexquisite. They redefined the eBikes design and functionality which meant to be versatile, eco-friendly and affordable, with providing the customers to let them have their own taste in picking up the custom color, designed the eBike with the cutting-edge technology and made adventurous.

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