DashPal: 24×7 Protection for Your Car & Driver

DashPal 24x7 Protection for Your Car & Driver - 1
  • DashPal always protects your Car & Driver with real time car tracking with the app and 1700 FOV which ensures the safety in driving with the 1080P recording to capture clear details.
  • DashPal also provide security when you are not there with the Parking monitoring and motion detection and give you alerts.
  • Not only while you are driving your car, DashPal can also communicate with your car by diagnosing that every part is running fine or not for safe drive.

DashPal sends an instant alert every time when the car starts, you can also track the cars route in real time, DashPal camera features a wide field of view of about 1700 and capture every detail in Full HD quality offering you more protection in case of any accident. DashPal also gives the safety tools perfect for young drivers like speed alert and boundary setting, so that when your driver goes over speed or out of the boundaries set by you, you will be the first to know.

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DashPal also stores the car driving history with facts like distance, time traveled and fuel cost, DashPal even saves an animated playback of your trip completely with markers that shows over acceleration and hard braking, DashPal will be always on even when your car is off and with DashPal reliable internal modem you will always be connected to the app.

DashPal communicates directly with your car and runs the vehicle inspection to let you know about any potential problems with giving you real time information.

Problem Solved By This Product

DashPal protect your driver and car 24×7 when you are driving or not and ready to capture any accidents to save you off.

The Crash Sensor in the DashPal is ready to capture the accident and store a footage of what happen exactly to save you when everything from your side is fine.

Parking Monitoring in the DashPal to monitor your surroundings for dent or scratch made by others when you park you care and keep your car safe even when the engine is off.

With the 1700 degrees field of view in the DashPal camera will help to you track up to 5 lanes to make things clear with the HDR video recording to capture more details to keep you safe.

DashPal tracks the live location of the car that keep your car safe and let you know where you left off or when someone stole it, also capable of storing the drive history to show you the average and max seed along with the distance traveled for fuel cost for statistics.

DashPal also gives you a track over the driving behavior to improve the driving experience to beginners about the sharp corners and hard stops.

The Driver safety feature in the DashPal app will allows you to set the speed limit and the boundary limit to restrict the driver to keep them safe and get notified when they break the boundaries.

Auto Diagnostics is the main features in the DashPal that helps you to know about the car condition if anything went wrong by notifying you immediately to fix it over time for safe journey.

Detailed Specification


The auto diagnostic feature in the DashPal will keep you stay safe on the road for those who can’t see when danger occurs. Their OBD sensors plugs into any car’s standard diagnostic port and read over 2000 vehicle code. If anything went wrong in your car DashPal will let you know with an alert with exact is the issue, so that you can fix that right away.

DashPal app gives you the real time tracking of your car, sol you will always know where exactly you left it when you forget or when someone take it away. DashPal records all your trips from the moment when you start the car in the app with all the metrics like average and max speed, distance as well as the fuel cost in that trip.

Driving behavior in the DashPal will help you to be safer on the road by tracking the driving behavior and playback your previous trips on animated way to see the hard stop, quick starts and sharp corners exactly where happened along with the overall score which helps your personal driving experience.

DashPal will make sure that your new driver is safe and with the tracking wherever he goes with the custom speed alerts to let you know how speed he is driving and the custom boundary feature in the DashPal will help to set the boundary and get alert when they are over speed or out of boundary set by you.

Always on protection feature will keep your car and the driver to be safe even when is driving or parked, even when the car is off the camera is always on ready to capture everything with the parking monitoring and motion detection. The built-in crash sensor in the DashPal detects the sudden impact of a crash and automatically saves the footage it captures everything what exactly happen because accidents happens all of sudden in seconds.

Parking Monitoring feature in the DashPal monitors your car surrounding when your car is parked even when the engine is off, its records t surroundings if the camera detects any scratches, fender benders or any suspicious motion to let you know who damaged the car.
DashPal camera record the video in HDR, so that you will be able to see the things clearly with finest details even in the low light conditions with the 1700 field of view that captures most of your surroundings up to 5 lanes of traffic with 1080P.

DashPal protection is priced at 145$(10,730 Rs) for the super early bird sale and for 160$ (11,840 Rs) in early bird sale, two DashPal are available for 245$(18,130 Rs) in the super early bird sale and or early bird sale for 280$(20,720 Rs).


  • Size and weight 72x42x82 mm
  • Screen LCD size 2.0 inch with TFT Screen
  • Viewing Angle 170 degrees Ultra-wide viewing angel
  • Video Resolution 1920x1080P / 1280x720P / 848x480P/ 640Px480P
  • Image Resolution 12M /10M/ 8m/ 5M/ 3M/ 2MHD/ VGA/ 1.3M
  • Loop recording Off/3 minutes/5 minutes/ 10 minutes
  • Memory Card Capacity Max Support 64Gb
  • Crash Sensor Yes Available
  • Memory card Micro SD card
  • Parking Monitoring Off/ low/ medium/ high
  • Motion Detection On/off
  • Power Port DC5V/100MA
  • Power Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output USB 2.0

Plan For Launch

The idea for the DashPal is came in the year 2017 April, then the market research and the feature development is done in May, while the initial product sample is done in June with the OBD & Camera prototype creation along with the testing in September and the manufacturing process planning with the APP wireframe design in December.

The graphic design for the APP and the manufacturing process validation with the development are completed before March, while the ordered products manufacturing along with the shipping will be done in later quarters of the year 2018.

Company Details

This device is developed by a small team of designers and engineers fascinated by two things with the thrill of journey and with the power of technology. They believe that the freedom gives to you to drive on open road carefully avoiding the hazards around the turns and twists.

DashPal is designed from many inspirations of smart car movements, DashPal is their first adventure in leveraging the technology to keep the car protected while driving wherever you go. Their mission is to empower you to enjoy the driving with peace of mind and keep you loved once safe even if you cannot buy a latest technology car, This DashPal is an elegant in design and complete the job perfectly.