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  • Cynaps Open Ear Headset cap is the world first cap that is equipped with bone conducting solid sound transmission technology to make your enjoy ear free music.
  • Cynaps Headset Cap has a headlight mounted on the bill can work as a safety light in nights and with great brightness of 350 Lumens.
  • Cynaps Cap allows to take calls and easily washable, helps to evaporate sweat on your head with the quick dry cooling material.

Many people use the headphone or wireless headsets to listen music, but most of them cover your ears completely without allowing to listen surroundings, what happening around you and causes pain after longer usage.

Cynaps Open Ear Headset Cap is a super comfortable athletic cap that connects to your smartphone, send audio directly to your brain using the bone conducting technology by vibration.

You can enjoy hand free music while you are running, doing exercises, with the minimalistic functionality to answer a call by simply pressing the bill on the cap, while your ears will stay open for alerts in traffic or in roads for saving you from dangers.

Cynaps gives you ear & eye free experience, even has a light to help in night times, the Cynaps ear free cap supports wireless charging by hanging it on charger hook on wall.

Problem Solving By This Product


Cynaps Open Ear Headset Cap is the first cap that use the bone conduction technology to transmit sound to brain with vibrations, to keep you stay focused on surroundings while you’re at your work.

Cynaps has a functionality to pick up calls directly from your cap without picking up your phone, with the button the bill of cap and ear free experience.

The headlight in the Cynaps allows you to see thing clearly in the dark place with great brightness of 350 Lumens and safety light as well, the devices on the Cynaps cap are removable to make your custom own style while wearing them.

Cynaps cap is adjustable and can be fit to everyone with no worries, weighs only 141 grams to carry. The quick dry material used in the Cap will help you to evaporate the sweat quickly to keep you fresh all the time in your workouts.

Offering a great battery life of 12 hours continuous usage to listen music, hanging around calls and uses wall mounted wireless charging that gives you regular cap experience while hanging on wall.

Detailed Specification


Cynaps is not just a cap that covers your head, more advanced and allows you to take calls or listen to music directly to your head in private without covering eyes and ears.

Cynaps eye free headset cap uses the newest technology with long lasting headlight along with the wireless charging integrated in the bill of the cap, just hand it up to the charger on the wall to charge the cap.

Solid sound transmission technology used in the Cynaps open ear headset send music audio directly to your inner ear with small vibrations that your brain can recognize, don’t have any speakers or earphones. So, that your eyes & ears will remain open free from distractions while enjoying music.

The same phenomenon can be experienced by closing your eyes and by gently clacking your teeth together, the sound that reaches your brain with the solid sound technology is super clear, others near you cannot hear that, they have designed the Cynaps to look similar to other caps. But integrated with the electronics that matches the bill, mounting the audio drivers on the long elastic inner band which encircled most part of your cap with sweat wicking band.

Cynaps offers you great comfort and reduced noise with uninterrupted fitting for all young adults from below size S 50cm / 20 inches to all large head adults 65cm/ 25.5 inches, this comfortable and quick dry cooling system is also available in 24 cap styles, you can pick the perfect match for your style and head.

Also, they are only available during the campaign, they have crafted the Cynaps cap to fit into our daily routine of hanging them on wall hooks, so they designed docks to charge Cynaps by hanging them on the walls when you walk into the door.

Washing the Cynaps caps are also very easy, since they are made with the very light, quick dry material which allows to complete dry and reuse them under one hour.

The Cynaps open ear headset cap has integrated headlights with adjustable brightness and strobe, use as safety light in lowest brightness mode and the highest brightness of 350 Lumens to help your eyes to see even in the darkest areas, also there is Cynaps cap without headlights if you want sleek and professional look like cap while you wearing them.

The battery life of the Cynaps is 950mAh to listen music for 12 hours continuously or for several day in standby mode when you don’t use Cynaps cap, the Cynaps only weighs about 5 ounces and light enough to be carried anywhere and wearing them like normal caps.


The Cynaps Quick Dry Cooling cap is priced at $15 which comes with the secret pocket made with the sweat wicking material which pulls all your sweat away from your head and help to evaporate quickly. The Cynaps cap with headlights and wireless charging is priced at $59 to be chosen from 27 models that glows brightly with 350 Lumens.

The Cynaps Cap with removable headset along with the three switchable cap is priced at $69 comes with three different colors black, white and grey. You can easily remove the electronics while washing and install them again this comes with the USB cable for charging.

The Cynaps cap with all features like music and call handling with headlight is priced at $79 and also available in 27 styles, you can also send your custom cap for customization and they will integrate all the feature and send you back for $129 and two caps with all features for $159.

Plan For Launch

With the high level of customization in the Cynaps Open Ear headset cap with assembling their products in the campaign USA, with shipping in international countries by partnering with the to make offer free shipping to everyone ordered this Cynaps headset cap. This Cynaps Open Ear Headset Cap is made available in the market 2020 April.

Company Details

This Cynaps Open Ear Headset Cap is developed by the company called Max Virtual which is located in Newark. They have developed many devices that can be integrated in cap, magnetic disc and Bluetooth kit and many more.

Max Virtual is known for building world’s first bone conduction headset, Max Virtual is a hardware and innovation software company with headquarters located in greater Philadelphia in southern US.

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