Cycling Power Meter – Useful Power Measuring Tool For Cyclists, Athletes

Cycling Power Meter at a Breakthrough Price - 1
  • Cycling Power Meter is easy to install and can be swapped between multiple bikes
  • Cycling Power Meter are sought by the professional cyclists only
  • Cycling Power Meter is appealing to anyone who loves cycling

For all the cycling professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts, IQ2 is in the market with a unique Cycle Power Meter which will surely prove to be an advantageous cycling tool at an affordable pricing. The price point of the device makes it stand out in a market where power Meters are sought by the professional cyclists only. The power Meter is the go-to measuring tool for studying the power produced by the legs of the cyclist which is a paramount parameter which helps greatly in assessing and improving the performance of the cyclist.

Cycling Power Meter at a Breakthrough Price

A product appealing to anyone who loves cycling, from a humble enthusiast to a professional has been developed by a dedicated team of cycle lovers. The Power Meter can be a very handy tool for measuring the Power vs Heart-Rate condition i.e. Faster the response, Better the performance. The Power Meter by IQ2 will surely help you tune your performance and also be light on the pocket at the same time.

Problem solving by this product

Power Meters, though aren’t a new concept but the products available in the market have a starting price tag of $ 400, hence, have always been sought after and used by the professional cyclist and racers as it helps to study and therefore improve the performance over time. The power Meter by IQ2 is the product for the masses, which brings the positive effects of using a power Meter to each and every cycling enthusiast at give-away prices.

Detailed Features


Developed by a team of passionate cyclists, you can be sure of the product being curated with utmost care and professionalism. The product available at a breakthrough price, is also very easy to install and can be swapped between multiple bikes. Following are its salient features:

1. Both, left and right units are available separately which can be used to track left and right leg power independently.
2. It is a very easy to install device, with just a simple screw holding the power Meter together between the crank arm and pedal. Hence, not only it can be swapped across various cycles but also, it is very low maintenance with no high-priced replacements required.
3. It is compatible with all types of cycles including all race and mountain bikes.
4. The Power Meter is a waterproof and dust proof making it a perfect companion to the Dirt terrain and the Mud terrain bikes.
5. The precision of the Power Meter and its durability is best in the class. The strain gauge is directly deposited to the surface of the part and trimmed by laser, this prepares it for zero error tolerance such as in medical, military and harsh environments.
6. It comes packed with a battery, a Bluetooth and ANT+ technology chip.
7. The battery is compact yet very powerful with an average lasting time of 200 hours and can also, be easily replaced when it runs out of the juice. The Bluetooth and ANT+ technology makes sure that the Power Meter is compatible with the applications like Garmin and Strava making your training a seamless and quick experience.
Weighing at 29.7 g, it is built up making use of the strong yet light titanium and durable plastic.

How It Works


The Power Meter measures the strain on an object or a surface. Whenever a force is applied to the gauge, it bends slightly which changes the length of the gauge and hence the corresponding power is calculated and is sent to the Meter. It is basically a three- step process: Pressure – Bending – Stretching.

The operation of the Power Meter is very easy. It consists of an easy install wherein the adapter is placed in the crank arm and held on by a screw. The adapter measures the pressure put by the leg. Then, the adapter must be paired with the support apps by the company which make the experience seamless and help you gauge the power generated.

The Bluetooth and ANT+ mechanism help the adapter to share the information with the trusted apps and bike computers.

The product is covered under a 2-year warranty and is built to operate within the temperature range of -20 to 85 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it has been made waterproof as the adapter is fully sealed through low pressure moulding. Hence, it come with the IP67 ratings.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Specification: up to 2600W
  • Power accuracy: 1%
  • Sensor: Thin film strain gauge, bonded to titanium.
  • Battery: 3V CR2032 Lithium coin cell with LED for low battery warning.
  • Size: 64.9 x 31.0 x 29.0 mm
  • Pedal and Crank threading: 9/16” – 20 tpi

Plan to Launch

The Power Meter by IQ2 went into research in the year 2016 and was prototype and listed for crowdfunding on Indiegogo in 2018. The product has available for sale from November 2018.
The Left only and Right only power Meter is priced at 159 Euros each while the power set is priced at 259 Euros. Discounts are available for bulk buyers buying 5 or more sets together.

The company has raised an amount of Rs. 148,527,659 and is backed by a huge pool of backer amounting to 6642.

Company details

IQ2, Founded by Keesjan Klant and Woud Vluegel, has taken various cycles of theorizing, designing and testing before coming out with this product. The company’s motto is “We are driven and passionate individuals who are good at what they do”. Joris van Opstal has done a fantastic job as the Art Director designing this elegant looking adapter for all the cycling enthusiasts.
Moreover, the company has customer-centric approach. An Example of the same is seen in the case of the company making an alteration of injection moulding for a smooth fit and a much better right.