Cubbit Cloud: Free To Use Cloud Service

Convenience of not having to renew the cloud storage service every month.

Cubbit Cloud: Free To Use Cloud Service
  • The Cubbit Cloud Service provides the users with a free cloud service with easy and free expansions when needed.
  • The Cubbit Cloud Service uses peer-to-peer collaborative networking to store the data in packets in the Cells across the globe.
  • The Cubbit Cloud Service provides complete safety and privacy of the data because of its advanced and innovative software code design.

The Cubbit Cloud Storage device offers the people with a more stable and a more eco-friendly way of saving up their data on a cloud server. The Cloud Server provided by the company distributes the files in several encrypted packages across the Cubbit devices all over the world. This makes the files much more secure and the company also ensures that no one other than the user can view the files. The Cubbit also allows you to easily expand your hard drive space for free so you can manage your needs for data storage, now and in the future. The users just have to pay once to start using Cubbit Cloud rather than paying a fixed fee monthly. The Cubbit lets you manage your data with many different features and is easy to use. The peer-to-peer technology also adds up to the security and the privacy of the data.

Problem Solving By The Product

There are many cloud services currently available in the market. Almost all of those services are rental. You have to keep paying a fee to access the services for a particular amount of time. And if in the future, you need to expand the storage you have been allotted by them, you need to pay extra. But with the Cubbit Cloud Storage Service, you can get rid of all those problems. With the Cubbit Cloud, the users have to pay the fee only once at the time of buying the device. And storage expansion is also easy and free of cost. The users can simply attach another drive and enjoy the expanded storage. The Cloud server distributes your files in different encrypted forms maintaining the security and privacy of those files at the same time keeping them safe and in the reach of the users.

Detailed Specifications


The Cubbit Cloud Service provides its users with the convenience of not having to renew the cloud storage service every month. The users only need to pay for the Cubbit Cell and they can enjoy the cloud service for lifetime. The expansion of the cloud storage is also very easy and free of cost. All the Cubbit Cells are connected and work together to provide the peer-to-peer comfort and unlocks a whole new level of compatibility and features which secure the data of the users keeping it easily accessible. The Cubbit Cell once bought can provide up to 4 accounts. All these accounts can be operated separately through the application. The Cell itself provides the users with 512 GB or 1 TB of memory storage capacity depending upon the model and can be expanded up to 4 TB in cloud storage.

The Company had spent years trying to perfect the software to keep the files safe and discreet. No one other than the owner of the files can access them. The Cubbit Cloud Service compresses the files and stores it on Cubbit servers across the globe safely. All the files are encrypted and can only be accessed by the users themselves.

The Storage expansion for the Cloud service is also very easy. You are initially provided with as much storage as your Cubbit Cell has. To expand the storage on your cloud service, you simply have to connect an external hard drive to the Cubbit Cell through USB and the cloud capacity will be increased by 50 percent of the capacity of the storage drive you had attached.

Since, the Cloud Service stores the data you feed it to external Cells all over the world, you can simply never lose it. Even if the Cubbit Cell gets destroyed or malfunctions for some reasons you no longer need to worry about the hardships of data recovery. Since the data was never stored on the Cubbit Cell, it can be retrieved easily. The server will simply collect all the data from sources all around the world and give it to you.

The Cubbit Cell uses up to 1.2 GHz Dual ARM Cortex A53 processor and 1 GB of DDR4 RAM. The device has an Ethernet port and a USB port along with a power supply unit of 12 V DC. The device allows the users with Instant uploads to quickly secure their data on the cloud. Every setting and small aspect of the device can easily be controlled with the mobile application which is supported by almost all smartphones. You data is in your own hands, only you can manage it, no one else.

Plan For Launch


The Cubbit Company had been working on the development of the Cubbit Cloud since July 2016 when the company was first founded. The Company initially focused on the base coding of the cloud service making it stronger and secure. The Company spent almost 2 years for coding when they finally started to design the Cubbit Cell. First prototype of the completed system was prepared by July 2018 and the Company began testing it. The tests went on for the rest of the year with the finalization of software. The company launched the Kickstarter campaign for the product in February 2019. Shipping of the product was completed by August 2019. Even after the shipping was completed, the Company constantly keeps on improving the software allowing the users with new and interesting features.

Company Details

The Cubbit Cloud Cell is a product of the Cubbit Internet Services. The Cubbit Internet Services is an innovative startup idea which focuses on providing the users the best, most efficient, most secure, reliable and eco-friendly cloud service. The Company always had the aim to build more with less resources utilizing the resources in an effective way to minimize the cost on the Company as well as on the users. The Company finally is able to provide cloud service which does not have a monthly fee. The users have to buy the cells and have the flexibility to expand the storage when they need them free of cost.

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