Colzer Smart Lock: Simple Yet Effective

An advanced auto locking system which protects your belongings and opens just by your commands.

Colzer Smart Lock Simple Yet Effective -1
  • The Colzer Smart Lock allows the users to lock up their essentials safely and securely with the strong and durable lock.
  • The Colzer Smart Lock can be unlocked through the application or through voice commands so the users do not need to worry about losing their keys anymore.
  • The Colzer Smart Lock can easily be managed through the mobile application so that you know when the lock has been unlocked or locked.

Have you ever wondered of having a lock on your door just like those old science fiction movies for which you would not need any key but it will open at your voice command or just with a simple click of a button on your mobile phone. Colzer brings exactly that. The new Colzer lock can easily lock up your essentials like your travel bags, your rental Airbnb or even your house door. The Colzer lock is an advanced auto locking system which protects your belongings and opens just by your commands. The lock is as secure and durable as it is convenient. With the Colzer you never have to worry about getting your personal items stolen or losing your keys and locking away your personal items forever. You can simply connect the lock to the mobile application and you’re good to go. You can tap unlock or simply say, unlock my door and the lock will open up. The Colzer lock offers many other features like unlock logs, lock status, automatic unlocking, etc.

Problem Solving By The Product


Many people like to travel a lot. But with the fun of travelling also comes the worry of having your essentials stolen or that while you’re away enjoying someone can break into your house. Also many of us like to travel freely and carrying a key around all the time can be dangerous. If you are pick pocketed or you lose your key you will be certainly in a lot of trouble. The Colzer lock takes care of all these problems. This strong and durable lock, protects all your belongings and can easily be controlled through your mobile phone. With this lock even if you lose your key, you have a way in through this advanced device. And it will only open at your commands which makes it secure as no one else can get in to your essentials without you knowing.

Detailed Specifications


The Colzer smart lock can easily be fitted on the door of your house easily and conveniently. The Company offers full support to the people to help them fit the lock safely in their houses. Once fitted, your house is safe and secure with the lock and you can easily set it up using the application provided by the company.

The lock can be unlocked in many ways all of which provide complete security to you. You can simply use keys provided with the lock but if you were to use keys, what would be the use of a smart lock. The keys are just as a backup if you do not have access to any electronic device. Inside the application, you can tap on the unlock button to unlock your device. In a scenario when your hands are full or you want to show off the lock to your friends, you can simply say “Siri, Unlock My Door” and the device would sense your voice and unlock the door to let you in. With this smart lock, you can also manage guest profiles which allow the people close to you to have access of the house without them disturbing you again and again. You can create or delete the profiles anytime you want.

With this many people entering your house, you would wish you knew when someone entered. The Colzer App Smart Lock covers this as well. The mobile application of the device provides you a log which tells you when the door was unlocked or locked and by whom. You can see and manage the profiles and usage of the lock on the door through the log easily. The application also provides you access to know the status of the lock, whether it is locked or unlocked. So if you are in out for some reason and have a sudden feeling that you left your house unlocked, you can check easily.

The Colzer App Smart Lock also has an Automatic Locking system. Holding the Unlock button on your mobile phone for more than 3 seconds continuously will allow the lock to enter the Auto Lock mode. In this mode, the device would lock itself automatically when you go out of range or go inside the house. The Lock uses a Lithium Polymer Battery to power itself. It shows you an alert if the battery on the lock is discharged. You would also be notified through the mobile application. Charging the Smart Lock is also very easy. You can simply connect the lock to a USB charger and the lock would charge itself. The Smart Lock package has the dimensions as 6.1 x 4.17 x 3.39 inches and weighs 1.67 pounds.

Plans For Launch

The Colzer App Smart Lock had been introduced to the world in the fall of 2019. The lock was launched by the Company in January 2020 which allowed it to catch a lot of attention because of the amount of new and innovative features it offers with such a reasonable pricing. The Lock was launched to be bought through several online shopping platforms including Amazon. It was first listen on Amazon on 10th January 2020 and was available to be shipped worldwide. The Lock has been bought by many customers around the globe.

Company Details

The Colzer App Smart Lock has been developed and manufactured by the Colzer Company. The Company is new in the business and has introduced themselves to the world using the Colzer App Smart Lock itself. The Company is currently based in the USA and ships their product all around the globe. It has yet received many positive reviews based on the lock and will surely look forward in providing the people with better devices to help them live a better life.

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