Clicbot: New Educational Robot with 200 Reactions

Clicbot: New Educational Robot with 200 Reactions-1
  • Clicbot is advanced modularized robot that can be built in more than 1000 models that can climb, run, drive, crawl, serve you snacks to have fun and learn.
  • Clicbot has more than 200 reactions and uses the latest stem learning which doesn’t involves any code for starters.
  • Clicbot face auto tracking technology can recognize face and change it reactions reaction accordingly to person and you can also code it by drag & drop or using Python.

Every parent always thinks about their child education and want them to learn coding, which will teach them analyzing the real time problems and algorithmic strategies which gives them ability to master the coding easily while they are growing up. Clicbot is a family robot which is different, Clicbot expression and characteristics are designed by Carlos Baena an award-winning designer. Clicbot has over 200 interaction that make you feel natural and fall in love like dance, compete and can play with you like your companion with ton of games.

Clicbot is a universe act like different robots which can crawl, climb, run, drive and can serve snacks, they are not several robots they are Clicbot, a great modular robot comes with 50 modular pre-designed models and not end there, you can create more than 10 thousand with your imaginations. Clicbot uses the new approach called stem and learning code from the super basic to real world coding.

Clicbot: New Educational Robot with 200 Reactions-3

You can build the Clicbot by sampling clicking pieces together, no need to code just start record and move the Clicbot and start playing with it, when you are level upped with the friendly drag and drop coding with blocky by Google, you can have community and share your code and classes, so you never ran out of ideas always learn new things. Clicbot is compatible with python, when you are grown up to create more complex actions.

Problem Solving By This Product

Clicbot: New Educational Robot with 200 Reactions-2

Clicbot is like a family member that can dance, crawl, climb and do more things with more than 50 predefined models out of box that make you enthusiastic to learn.

With the Clicbot universe and the community app you will be always learning a new models and actions and explore with your imaginations.

Clicbot has face recognition technology that will change its reactions accordingly to person and can play games with kids and grasp things.

Clicbot has more than 200 reactions to different emotions acting differently for each reaction like humans without coding, with the stem learning Clicbot can recognize the movements you have recorded and do the same with no code.

With the drag and drop code and python compatible when you are grown up to master the complex code and the camera in the Clicbot serves as the real time FPV control, so you can see through the camera in real time with the app.

The modularization technology in the Clicbot helps you design different models that can climb, crawl, race and grab things.

Detailed Specification

Clicbot is like a family robot which can listen, think and reacts to our action, Clicbot personality and characteristics are designed by an award-winning designer Carlos Baena, the personality will adjust automatically on how do you build and code Clicbot.

Clicbot is like an entire universe with more than 1000 different models you can build which makes the Clicbot to climb, run, drive, crawl or even give you snacks. Clicbot comes more than 50 predefined models out of the box like walking, climbing, dancing, racing and drawing.blank

Clicbot has face auto tracking system that responds to your facial expressions and recognize persons to play with, Clicbot can play games with you and can capable of holding things, with 6 games out of the box like Trivia, Red Light Green Light, Go to the Center spot, Ghost Catcher, Ball chaser and Distance Keeper.

You can always get competed with the Clicbot with your code and challenge a race, Clicbot has more than 200 reactions like nuzzling at you when you pet him, trying to find out when you covered Clicbot eye, you don’t need to code Clicbot will react according to the personalities to their specific setup.

Clicbot is using the new approach and can teach you with the stem and known as the no coding robot, you can start with building your own Clicbot by clicking the piece together and you can assign movement directions by moving the Clicbot by recording the sequence after hitting record and move the bot, now you are ready to play the same sequence over again without code.

Clicbot is also fully programmable with the drag and drop coding interface provided by the Google Blocky with tons of sensors and you can make anything you want. The Clicbot academy offers video courses to make you master in all levels, in app-course are developed to teach core concepts and are fun to watch and follow.

You can also fully code the Clicbot when you are grown up, Clicbot is also compatible with python, so you can create even more complicated ones for your kids, with the Clicbot community you can upload your model videos or you can get the others videos to be fascinated always.

Clicbot parts are modularized for intuitive building to be smart and efficient enough that are super easy and super fun to build from Clicbot universe.


The brain of the Clicbot is a powerful piece of technology that enables Clicbot to hear, see, think, react and more with touch sensors and gesture sensors along with screen to see, cameras light, battery light and camera & face recognition technology, on the back of the Clicbot there is microphone, Type-C port and on/off button. The camera in the Clicbot is designed for FPV control so you can see real time, there are many modules like Joint, Skeleton, Wheel, distance Sensor, foot Pressure sensor, suction Cup, Grasper, Phone Holder and Mount.


The Clicbot starters kit is priced at $299 for early bird sale whereas the standard kit comes for $399 and the Clicbot Full kit comes for $499 and the makers kit for $699 in the early bird sale as well.

Plan For Launch

This Clicbot journey is started in January 2014 where Beijing KEYi TECH is founded and in the year 2016 August the first generation product of the CellRobot is launched, in July 2017 CellRobot EDU is launched, whereas the Clicbot concept begun in January 2018 with entering more than 100 schools with the first prototype in January 2019 with the tooling begins along with the manufacturing in December, while the campaign and mass production with the App V.10 for online and shipping will be done in later quarters of the year 2019.

Company Details

This Clicbot is developed by the company called KEYi which is founded in the year 2014, KEYi is an innovation company with strong foundation in designing and developing robots in China.

Their first-generation product is CellRobot which is featured on Forbes and BBC and chosen as best in CES by BBC, their team of top engineers and designers from the Pixar, Samsung, Intel and many top companies. Clicbot is their second-generation product that they have been developing since last year with industrial level algorithms that enable smoother and more natural functionality movements and 200 reactions with great personality.