CleverMade LockBox Package Locker Helps You Recieve Packages While Not in Home

  • CleverMade Lockbox ensures the safety of packages from weather as well as package theft making it a reliable safety measure for your online orders.
  • CleverMade Lockbox made up of sturdy heavy-duty steel and programmable all-weather digital lock to ensure security of packages. It is anchored to ground for its safety using safety screws.
  • CleverMade Lockbox unique code-based access to various shipping company drivers and shareable code for shared package with friends and family.

Are you the one who is constantly worried about your packages lying around only to be found damaged by weather or stolen? Well, to take away all your worries CleverMade has launched a coming of age CleverMade LockBox Package Locker enforcing industry standard safety for your packages. It can be paired with the leading shipping companies for safe delivery of the packages at your doorstep.

The CleverMade LockBox Package Locker also makes it possible to share the access code with friends and family for easy access. It is a sturdy built box that is modern in design and has sufficient space to fit all standard sized parcels in it.

All in all, CleverMade LockBox Package Locker is a new age solution for all your package worries and takes care of its safety and quality from the likes of thieves and weather.


Problem solving by this product

Package theft and Package damage due to the weather is one of the major concerns that grip a person, especially during the holiday season when there is a spike in online orders. Studies have shown that being at home during day does not prevent package theft ( 1 in 4 people have fallen victim to package theft mostly in metropolitan cities), and given now expensive and critical packages like that of mobile phones, fragile artifacts etc. being ordered online, it makes it even more necessary to ensure the safety of the package.


CleverMade LockBox Package Locker is a one stop solution for all your package safety worries. It was designed to sit right outside of your front door to protect your valuable deliveries. We know that some of you aren’t comfortable with strangers inside of your home so we designed this product to sit firmly right outside of your home in a convenient spot for package drop offs. Moreover, it being a cross shipping company initiative makes lives a lot easier.

Detailed specification

CleverMade LockBox Package Locker is an easy to setup package safety solution which has industry standard safety enforced also contains a set of fabulous features as follows:
1. Unique Code: Using the UAC (unique access code) for each of the prominent shipping company, it makes for safe receipt of online delivery from the mail man and carrier delivery drivers. Shipping companies like UPS, FedEx and USPS have partnered on this. The code can be entered using the illuminating digital keypad which also helps in programming your code. Once you are home punch in your personal code and watch the hydraulic struts smoothly pop open the lid to reveal your packages.
a. You can share the code with your friends and family in case of shared packages.

2. Physical Safety: CleverMade LockBox Package Locker is accompanied with an anchoring system that safely and securely mounts the unit to the ground. It also contains hydraulic struts to help create a safe close of the metal locker. Just lift the lid and find the 4 holes designated for the anchor screws. You can make use of masonry drill bit, anchor screws and head drill bit.

3. Weather Protection: Made up of reinforced steel, it shelters your packages from weather elements like a pro. Be it rain, wind, snow or Hailstorm, the CleverMade LockBox Package Locker has got you covered. Lithium batteries are advised to be used in regions with extreme low temperatures as they can function at as low as -40-degree Celsius. This also facilitates delivery at your business as the package remains securely locked over the weekend.

How It Works?

  • Initially, you assemble the CleverMade LockBox Package Locker and program or reprogram the code step by step.
  • You can connect to the carries by updating your profile, shipping instruction or talking to the delivery driver.
  • Using that shared code, the delivery driver can place your package securely in the CleverMade LockBox Package Locker.
  • Later, you can retrieve your package

LockBox Specifications

  • Dimension: Once assembled, 17.5 x 17.5 x 22.5 inches
  • Largest Package that can be contained: 20.5″ x 14.5″ x 14″
  • Weight: 37 pounds.
  • In the Box: 6 Steel Panels, 1 Digital Lock, 2 G-Lid Struts, 27 Screws, 4 AAA Batteries, 4 Anchoring Screws, 1 Masonry Bit, 1 Head Bit.
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Colors: It is available in 2 colors; cream and grey.

Plan for launch

The CleverMade LockBox Package Locker was first made available on Amazon in September of 2019. It is currently priced at $ 149.00

Company details

CleverMade is a pioneer in making products of tomorrow. They help eliminate the stress of everyday life with products designed for functionality and ease. Their goal is to bring you space-saving solutions that you can incorporate into your busy schedules. CleverMade is making smarter products for easier living. The company is based in Carlsbad, California and you can reach out to them for your queries and grievances here:

It is headed by Tom Quinn who setup the company based on the mantra of Sustainability through innovation back in the year 2016.